twelfth house lord in other houses

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1)      FIRST HOUSE: The native will have a weak body though he will be attractive and soft spoken. If the sign is dual then he will be always travelling. If sixth lord is in ascendant with twelfth lord then the native has a long life but if eighth house is afflicted then the life span is short. If there is an exchange of signs between the ascendant lord and twelfth lord then the native will be miser, fool and will be hated by one and all.
2)      SECOND HOUSE: The native will be in debts, he will suffer monetary losses, he will have weak eyes, he will not eat food timely. If the 12th lord is a benefic then there will be decrease in the ill effects and the native will be well disposed financially.
3)      THIRD HOUSE: He will be calm and will be afraid. He will wear old and torn clothes. If the planet is afflicted then he will have diseases of the ear. He will have to make expenses on his younger siblings. He will be a failed writer. He will have less income comparatively. He will work in a public place. If second lord is placed with the 12th lord and aspected by 9th lord or Jupiter then there will be two wives.
4)      FOURTH HOUSE: He will lose his mother early. He will have useless tensions. He may have bad relations or enmity with his relatives. He will live in foreign lands. He will have trouble from his landlord. He will live in simple houses. If the 12th lord is well placed then there will be less malefic effects on the native. If Venus is strong then he will have own vehicle but will always be troubled by it.
5)      FIFTH HOUSE: He will have difficulty in progeny. He will be of religious mindset and will do pilgrimages. He will have weak brain and thinking power. He will fail in agriculturist. He will not have self-esteem.
6)      SIXTH HOUSE: The native will be rich and well to do. He will have long life span. He will possess many luxuries. This is very good vipreet raja yoga. He will dominate his enemies but may have losses due to court cases. If the lord is afflicted then he will abhor his own mother, there will no happiness from his children and he will face disrepute due to females.
7)      SEVENTH HOUSE: The wife of the native will be from poor family. There are chances of divorce and he may become a “sanyasi” or ascetic later on. He will suffer from excess phlegm in his body. There will be many difficulties in education.
8)      EIGHTH HOUSE: The native will be very rich and will have many servants. This is very powerful vipreet raja yoga.He will get money from inheritance. He may gain from black magic, occult or magical tricks. He will be a devotee of lord Vishnu. He will be truthful and famous.
9)      NINTH HOUSE: He will live in foreign lands, he will have properties in foreign lands, and he will be honest and kind hearted. He will not like his wife friends and guru. His father may pass early in his life.
10)   TENTH HOUSE: He will be hard working and could have job in jails, nursing homes and may live near graveyards or in it. He will have no happiness from his children.
11)   ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will have more enemies than friends; he will not be rewarded properly ever. Brother may be handicapped; he will have to spend on his brothers and will get frustrated due to this. He may make money by selling precious gem stones.
12)   TWELFTH HOUSE: He will have beautiful eyes; he will be religious and will spend on right causes. He will have many bed pleasures, if afflicted then he will be always wandering and troubled.

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