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Sixth house lord in other houses

                              SIXTH HOUSE (RIN BHAVA)LORD IN 12 HOUSES
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1)      FIRST HOUSE: If the sixth lord is well placed then the person can be a commander in army or soldier according to the condition of sixth lord. He can be a defense minister also or a jailor. He may have to live in his maternal uncle`s home. If the sixth lord is weak then he may become a leader of a criminal gang.
2)      SECOND HOUSE: There will be loss of wealth due to enemies, if the karaka planets of the sixth house are aspecting this planet then there will be problems in the family life of the native, he may have weak vision and teeth’s, he may have problem of stammering. If the sixth lord is weak or afflicted in second house then the native loses his wife in the dasha-bhukti of maraka planet. If Venus is weak then the native will be poor and will not be able to manage one time food also.
3)      THIRD HOUSE: If the lord is strong then it produces enmity with the brothers, or his maternal uncle causes trouble by provoking the younger brother of the native against him, or the brother of the native is sickly. If the sixth lord is afflicted then the native does not have any younger brother.
4)      FOURTH HOUSE: There will be problems in education, he will live away from his mother and his maternal uncle may be a farmer or into business of agriculture or lands. If the lord is weak then the native will have quarrel with his own mother, his paternal property will be in debt and he will do menial works and live a poor life.
5)      FIFTH HOUSE: His children will be sickly and he may be adopted by his maternal uncle.
6)      SIXTH HOUSE: His maternal uncle will become very famous, he will have many cousins, if the lord is conjunct with weak ascendant lord then the native will have incurable disease and will have enmity with his relatives.
7)      SEVENTH HOUSE: He may have an affair with the daughter of his mother`s brother or father`s sister`s daughter or may marry her. His maternal uncle lives in foreign lands and his wife will have dubious character. If the 6th lord is afflicted then the native will give divorce to his wife very soon after marriage or she will be short-lived. If it is in hermaphrodite rasi and navansha then he will get a barren wife. If the ascendant lord joins this sixth lord in seventh house which is hermaphrodite sign then the native is a eunuch and is unable to perform sexual act. There will be problems with low class women.
8)      EIGHTH HOUSE: If the sixth lord is in ashtamabhava then the native will have very grisly disease and he will be after other women. His married life will be hell. He will be in debts.
9)      NINTH HOUSE: If the sixth lord is strong in ninth house then the father of the native becomes a judge. His maternal uncle is lucky. He will have differences with his father; he will be benefited by his paternal cousins. If this lord is afflicted then the native will remain poor, will have misfortune due to his relatives, he will disrespect his teachers and will be involved in bad deeds.
10)   TENTH HOUSE: In this case the native is having destructive mentality, he will not do good for others, he will be a non-believer, if the tenth lord is weak then the native will be terminated form his job, he will have powerful enemies, will lead a beggarly life.
11)   ELEVENTH HOUSE: His elder brother will become a judge, if in normal position the brother will be in that position for some time, and if it is weak or afflicted then the person will be poor, unfortunate and will be jailed.
12)   TWELFTH HOUSE: He will have troubles due to his own destructive attitude and deeds; he will harm others and will enjoy it. If it is weak or afflicted then the native will be poor, will have a miserable life and unfortunate.

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