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Second House Lord in Other Houses


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1)      FIRST HOUSE: The native will be well disposed. He will dislike his own family. He will have aggressive nature and will make his own fortune. If sun or 9th lord is supportive for him then he will inherit paternal properties.
2)      SECOND HOUSE: He will be very egoistic and may have to live without his children. He may have multiple marriages.
3)      THIRD HOUSE: The native will be brave and clever. He will be ambitious and will have the resources to reach his goals. He will be cruel and will have benefits from his sister. He will be interested in dance, music, arts and may benefit from them.
4)      FOURTH HOUSE: The native will be miserly, will spend on himself only. If it is well placed then he will earn from commissions from the lands or vehicles. He will be a successful agriculturist and will have benefits from his maternal uncle.
5)      FIFTH HOUSE: He will dislike his family, he will be oversexed, he will lack good qualities but will gain sudden wealth due to his relations with the government.
6)      SIXTH HOUSE: He will have the diseases of the anus or the thighs, he will do monetary transactions with his enemies also, he will be suspicious, and will earn through cheating, forgery or black-marketing. If it is afflicted then he will go to jail.
7)      SEVENTH HOUSE: The couple will lack ethics and morality, they will spend on bed pleasures, and if the lord of the second house is with the lord of the seventh house in seventh house then the native will have many foreign travels and businesses. If the lord of the second house is in a female sign, star and navansha then he will have benefits from females.
8)      EIGHTH HOUSE: He will destroy his inheritances, he will have conflicts with elder brother, and the couple will not have a happy life at all.
9)      NINTH HOUSE: He will have bad disposition in his youth but will recover and get fine in the later years. If it is well disposed and the lord of ninth house is in ascendant then he will inherit huge properties.
10)   TENTH HOUSE: He will make his own fortune; he will do multiple works or businesses. If the planet is afflicted badly then there will be huge losses also. The works will be decided by the star lord, sign and the navansha of the planet.
11)   ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will suffer from bad health in is childhood, he will become characterless in the years to come. He will make earnings by giving money on loans, banking etc.
12)   TWELFTH HOUSE: He becomes a respected person, and may get a government Job. He is devoid of the happiness from elder brother.



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किसी कार्य को प्रारम्भ करने के सबसे संभावित अच्छा दिन

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Fixation of Marriage: Prediction BY KP System

Fixation of Marriage: Prediction BY KP System kp system sikne ke liye yahan click kijiye I got this horoscope from an online app. I told him a few things about his life etc and asked him what he is willing to ask me. He said he is having a problem in getting his marriage fixed. After seeing his horoscope I told him that his marriage will be fixed by 5 th of November 2019. Below is the horoscope: Native-born on 22 August 1992, 6:50, 74E45- 22N12 love marriage or arranged yahan click kijiye He is currently running the mahadasha of Rahu till 11-02-2025 and the Antara is of Venus till 03-09-2021, Venus, Jupiter, Sun are aspecting his 7 th bhava. His 7 th cusp sub lord is Mercury. It is placed in the sign of cancer. Mercury is in the star of Mercury and in sub of Mercury.  Mercury is the ruler of 2-11 houses and thus Marriage is promised in the horoscope. Also, KP Astrologers are aware that the chart is also on for divorce due to the presence of Mercury so strongly. Also, th