1)      VENUS IN ARIES: The native likes to have sex in the morning hours, he has sexual relations with others wives, he is not trustworthy; he is quarrelsome and goes to brothels.
2)      VENUS IN TAURUS: He has knowledge of many scriptures, he is lavish and smart. He is charitable and performs many good deeds in his lifetime.
3)      VENUS IN GEMINI: He is a good painter; cartoonist, he is good in writing, poet, romantic, good natured, philanthropist. He writes and creates good literature.
4)      VENUS IN CANCER: He is very religious, smart and handsome, possesses very deep knowledge, and interested in lavish living.
5)      VENUS IN LEO: He is not very happy person, performs charity, he is always anxious and likes artworks.
6)      VENUS IN VIRGO:  He is very oversexed, he is a head of his tribe, and he is happy but lacks the ability to have progeny. He is sickly due to his sexual habits. Loses money in gambling.
7)      VENUS IN LIBRA: The native likes to live a lavish life, he is a spendthrift. He has good business acumen, he is interested in all materialistic pleasures, and he is adept in arts and becomes famous personality.
8)      VENUS IN SCORPIO: He is a non-believer, He is into all sorts of bad deeds, he dislikes women, he as diseases of the private parts, he is poor and has many debts.
9)      VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS: The native is very happy, he creates his own wealth and feeds many people by it, and he is handsome and gets respected by many. He is a knowledgeable person.
10)   VENUS IN CAPRICORN: He is weak and powerless, miser, heart patient, sad, gloomy and egoistic.
11)   VENUS IN AQUARIUS: He is ever worrying, sickly, does not follow any ethics, interested in other women, dirty and unhygienic.
12)   VENUS IN PISCES: He is a sculptor, cool n calm personality, rich and famous, he is a big agriculturist or industrialist, and he may be a big jeweler.

1)      SUN IN ARIES: The native is very self-confident, egoistic, short tempered, clever, ambitious, serious, and charitable and has problems of high acidity.
2)      SUN IN TAURUS: Sun in Taurus makes one self-reliant, amicable, and good natured, dislikes women, has problems of mouth- like teeth, gums, pimples etc. He has calm natured.
3)      SUN IN GEMINI:  The native is good in astrology, astronomy, intelligent, clever, soft hearted, likes history as a subject.
4)      SUN IN CANCER: He may become a historian, he becomes very famous, has problems related to cough, he is hardworking, charitable and performs many good deeds in life.
5)      SUN IN LEO: The natives practices yoga regularly, if not a Hindu then he may practice some physical exercise regularly. He has good company; he is constantly trying to reach hi goals and has a big heart. He likes to wander in the jungles and is a very calm natured person. He is a serious person and short tempered also.
6)      SUN IN VIRGO: The native is good in writing, he is talking rubbish most of the times, and he is having a weak physique and suffers from loss of appetite.
7)      SUN IN LIBRA: Sun in Libra makes one perform ill deeds, he is weak in composition, he is having very low self-esteem and self-confidence. He is having illicit relations and is willing to move away from his native place.
8)      SUN IN SCORPIO: In this sign – it makes a native perform secretly, he has problems of the stomach, he is short tempered, he becomes famous, and he is greedy and may also become a doctor.
9)      SUN IN SAGITTARIUS: Sun in this sign makes on intelligent, a practitioner of yoga, calm and righteous, rich, god fearing, amicable and charitable.
10)   SUN IN CAPRICORN: In this sign, the native becomes greedy, he performs ill deeds, he is not having a stable attitude, and he speaks many languages and is quarrelsome.
11)   SIN IN AQUARIUS: He is apt in his skillset; he is selfish and short tempered.
12)   SUN IN PISCES: The native is interested in yoga, he is a lover of arts and knowledge, he is intelligent and famous, he is a good businessman and gets profits from his father in law.

1)      SATURN IN ARIES: The native has no self-respect, ambition, he is poor and addicted to various bad habits, he is a cheat and performs many bad deeds and he does not respect anyone.
2)      SATURN IN TAURUS: He is a liar, cheat, unreliable personality. He is fool and poor person.
3)      SATURN IN GEMINI: He falls in the trap of debts, he is of bad character, poor and over sexed. He is a dubious personality.
4)      SATURN IN CANCER: The native is sad in his childhood, he is devoid of maternal happiness, he is progressive and knowledgeable.
5)      SATURN IN LEO: He is a writer, teacher, editor and an adept person overall.
6)      SATURN IN VIRGO: He speaks to the point generally, he is healthy, rich, philanthropist, has a steady and stable thought process.
7)      SATURN IN LIBRA: The native is rich, leader, famous, progressive and very self-confident.
8)      SATURN IN SCORPIO: He loses his wife or never gets married, cruel mentality, harsh, violent and greedy person.
9)      SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS: Becomes famous due to the good deeds done by his son, he is amicable, well-wisher, happy in old age.
10)   SATURN IN CAPRICORN: He is a liar, non-believer, hardworking,likes to enjoy material pleasures, likes to draw things.
11)   SATURN IN AQUARIUS: He is addicted to bad habits, non-believer, and hardworking personality.
12)   SATURN IN PISCES: He gets discouraged very soon, he is not able to think much and positive, he is interested in arts and culture.
1)      RAHU IN ARIES: The native is a coward, lazy, and of flickering mentality.
2)      RAHU IN TAURUS: The native is happy, bubbly but ugly also.
3)      RAHU IN GEMINI: The native is a singer, healthy body, yoga practitioner, and long lived.
4)      RAHU IN CANCER: The native is polite, sickly, poor, cheat and a loser.
5)      RAHU IN LEO: The native is clever, ethical, good natured and thinker.
6)      RAHU IN VIRGO: He is famous, soft spoken, poet, writer or a singer.
7)      RAHU IN LIBRA: Short lived, has problems of teeth, good workman, Inherits wealth.
8)      RAHU IN SCORPIO: He is an overall spoiler, loser, and cheat, poor, sickly.
9)      RAHU IN SAGITTARIUS: He is happy in childhood, may be adopted by someone, and betrays friends and well-wishers.
10)   RAHU IN CAPRICORN: He is a liar and cheat; he is fearful and performs bad deeds.
11)   RAHU IN AQUARIUS: He suffers from tooth problems, he has no family, he is a writer and knowledgeable.
12)   RAHU IN PISCES: He is god fearing, calm and gentle; he is a lover of art and skilled person.
1)      MOON IN ARIES: The native is rich, has immovable assets, he does not have many brothers, he is always in anxiety, has fear from water.
2)      MOON IN TAURUS: The native is smart or beautiful, he is happy, oversexed, performs acts of charity, has more female offspring’s, and has problems related to cough.
3)      MOON IN GEMINI: May become an ophthalmologist, he is oversexed and performs the sexual acts well, he is a deep thinker and intelligent.
4)      MOON IN CANCER: Such a native is blessed with children, he becomes a wealthy person, has superior mind, he may become an astrologer, he may get disease of hysteria, he is very sexy and also he respect others.
5)      MOON IN LEO:  In Leo it makes one with strong body, has problems of tooth and stomach, he loves his mother a lot, has fewer issues, serious and charitable.
6)      MOON IN VIRGO: The native is beautiful, soft-spoken, serious and calm, and happy.
7)      MOON IN LIBRA: The native is well to do usually, he is charitable, he is god fearing, he is rich and helps many people earn their living or feeds many people in his life.
8)      MOON IN SCORPIO: He is having sexual relations with other women; he is a non-believer, greedy and has none or very few brothers.
9)      MOON IN SAGITTARIUS: He is a good speaker, he is smart or beautiful, he is a good sculptor, and he is a destroyer of enemies.
10)   MOON IN CAPRICORN: the native is very famous, religious, poet, short tempered and also he may be a musician too.
11)   MOON I AQUARIUS: He is a drinker, has a weak physique, lazy, sad, free minded and full of anxiety, he likes art works and knows about sculptures of different types.
12)   MOON IN PISCES: He is good in drawing, strong body, religious, overly sexed mentality is possessed by him, happy and cheerful.

1)      MERCURY IN ARIES: The native is thin, clever, he is romantic, he likes to speak the truth, and he is a writer and may become a victim of debts. He likes sexual acts very much.
2)      MERCURY IN TAURUS: He is healthy and likes to exercise a lot, he is serious, rich and laureate, and he is sweet spoken and is liked by people around him. He is well versed with the acts of sex.
3)      MERCURY IN GEMINI: The native is soft spoken and very witty. He is very humorous. He is a writer and a good orator. He has fewer issues. He performs good deeds.
4)      MERCURY IN CANCER: The native is very talkative, he is a singer, good in his field of work, he is very oversexed and interested in sexual acts, and he is very hard working.
5)      MERCURY IN LEO: The native is not very trustable, he talks many useless things. He is a cheat and performs many bed deeds in his life. He has many illicit relations.
6)      MERCUR IN VIRGO: He is a good orator, poet, writer, editor and leads a good life in general.
7)      MERCURY IN LIBRA: The native is clever, good spokesperson, has good business acumen, religious, loves his family and he is a person with a big heart.
8)      MERCURY IN SCORPIO: The native is a fool, has many debts, may lead a beggarly life, addicted and leads a miserable life.
9)      MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS: He is respected by the state, he is very knowledgeable, he may become a good editor, writer and orator.
10)   MERCURY IN CAPRICORN: He is a liar, his birth is in a low class family, has many debts, he is fearful and a fool.
11)   MERCURY IN AQUARIUS: He loses his family, he is sad and penniless, Leads a nomadic life.
12)   MERCURY IN PISCES: He is lucky, famous, accumulates lot of wealth, sweet spoken, very tolerant and apt in his field. 

1)      MARS IN ARIES: The native is truthful, straightforward, brave and courageous, he becomes a leader where ever he goes or works, he is respected by the state and masses, and he is affluent.
2)      MARS IN TAURUS: He dislikes his sons, he is not happy and he is very quarrelsome, he is always talking rubbish. He performs many bad deeds and is over sexed.
3)      MARS IN GEMINI: The native is happy in general, he is mostly living in foreign lands, skilled and apt, he does many good deeds for the masses in his life.
4)      MARS IN CANCER: He is aspiring for happiness; he is weak, may be an agriculturist, sickly and performs bad deeds.
5)      MARS IN LEO: The native is very brave and courageous, he is ambitious and bold, he has very aggressive nature, and he is benevolent and good in his field of work.
6)      MARS IN VIRGO: The native is amicable and social, he is respected by his circle, he does not performs bad deeds, he is happy and enjoys work of art and culture.
7)      MARS IN LIBRA: The native is oversexed, eyes others wealth, good speaker and of ill character.
8)      MARS IN SCORPIO: The native is good businessman, he is leader of thieves, he performs many bad deeds, he is a cheat and ill mannered.
9)      MARS IN SAGITTARIUS: The native is harsh, hardworking, works under others, cruel and clever.
10)   MARS IN CAPRICORN: The native becomes famous, he is brave and dynamic, he may become a leader and minister also, he is very ambitious and leads a happy life in general.
11)   MARS IN AQUARIUS: The native is bad mannered, not very social, loses money by gambling, addicted to various drugs or drinks and he is very greedy person.
12)   MARS IN PISCES: The native is sickly, he is a good in “mantra shastra” he dislikes his own family, he is a cheat and very talkative.

1)      KETU IN ARIES: He is a happy person, speaks many languages, very moody personality.
2)      KETU IN TAURUS: He is sad, insincere, very talkative and lazy.
3)      KATU IN GEMINI: The native suffers from “vaata” problems, he is egoistic, short lived, short tempered, unhappy in general.
4)      KETU IN CANCER: Has problems of “vaata”, he is haunted by spirits, he is sad and gloomy.
5)      KETU IN LEO: He may be a victim of snakebite, speaks multiple languages, coward and unsocial, he is good in art works.
6)      KETU IN VIRGO: He is always sickly, fool, and wasteful and suffers from loss of appetite.
7)      KETU IN LIBRA: He may have leprosy, he is over sexed, short tempered and is sad.
8)      KETU IN SCOPRIO: He is short tempered, suffers from leprosy, cheat, talkative, addicted to bad habits.
9)      KETU IN SAGITTARIUS: He is a liar, cheat, unreliable, and fraudulent.
10)   KETU IN CAPRICORN: He is brave, industrious, bright future.
11)   KETU IN AQUARIUS: He suffers from ear problems, sad, wanderer, spendthrift and medium income is gained by him.
12)   KETU IN PISCES: The native suffers from hearing problems, he is devoted employee, he is happy and bubbly.

1)      JUPITER IN ARIES: He is very argumentative, he is a good lawyer, leads a good life and he is very famous personality. He is successful in his life.
2)      JUPITER IN TAURUS: He has toned and healthy body, he is god fearing, rich and intelligent. He may become a doctor, he is clever performs many good deeds in his life.
3)      JUPITER IN GEMINI: He is a good scientist, his technical skills are very wonderful, he get sudden wealth, he is a good writer and a respected figure in society. He is very amicable.
4)      JUPITER IN CANCER: He is good natured personality, he likes to speak the truth, he is very knowledgeable, He is very famous and social worker, and he practices yoga.
5)      JUPITER IN LEO: He is religious, wins over his enemies; he is clever and very good in his field of work.
6)      JUPITER IN VIRGO: He is a good painter; he is happy and enjoys materialistic comforts of all kinds.
7)      JUPITER IN LIBRA: He is clever and intelligent, he has good business sense, he may become a poet, writer, editor and begets many sons. He leads a happy life.
8)      JUPITER IN SCORPIO: He is a minister or gets respected like one. He is very intelligent and knows ancient scriptures well. He possesses a good soul.
9)      JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS: He is a head of religious institution, egoistic, show off, cheat, likes sexual acts very much.
10)   JUPITER IN CAPRICORN: He is poor, penniless, performs wasteful efforts, and a cheat.
11)   JUPITER IN AQUARIUS: He is lazy, cheat, selfish, fearful, sickly.
12)   JUPITER IN PISCES: He is a writer, respected by the state, cool n calm natured, amicable, likes literature and does not possess ego.

Bhava Lords in Houses