Seventh house lord in other houses

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1)      SEVENTH LORD IN FIRST HOUSE: The native may marry a person he knows since long time. The partner will be good and possess stable mentality. He will be sharp minded and he will have very good analytical skills. If the lord is afflicted along with Venus then the person will be oversexed and he may become a wanderer.
2)      SEVENTH LORD IN SECOND HOUSE: he will get good dowry and other perks from his inlaws. If the lord is very badly afflicted then he may indulge in skin trade and sell his wife also for money. If the second house is a dual sign then there are chances of two marriages. If marakadasha is in operation then the native will die in the period of seventh lord and he will have a wavering mind. He may have to eat food offered at death ceremonies.
3)      SEVENTH LORD IN THIRD HOUSE: His brothers are lucky and live in foreign lands. But if it is afflicted then the native will have sex with brothers or sisters partner. This state of planet will give more female issues to the native. It gives misfortune to the co-born.
4)      SEVENTH LORD IN FOURTH HOUSE:  The couple is happy and their children get higher education. If it is afflicted then native suffers a lot due to his vehicles, his married life gets destroyed due to immaturity of the partner. The character of the partner is very much suspicious if the lord is afflicted with rahu or ketu.
5)      SEVENTH LORD IN FIFTH HOUSE: The marriage happens at an early age, the partner will be from a well to do family. If the lord is afflicted then the native may remain issueless.
6)      SEVENTH LORD IN SIXTH HOUSE:  The native may have two marriages and both will survive. He may marry her cousin. If the lord is afflicted and Venus is also damaged then the native can be an impotent person. The wife of the native will be very cunning, jealous and sickly and will keep the husband deprived of sexual acts.  If Venus is well placed but the 7th lord is afflicted, the native may suffer from piles. If Venus is weak but not afflicted, one may desert or lose one's married partner through some indiscreet act.
7)      SEVENTH LORD IN SEVENTH HOUSE: If the native is well placed then the person will be very handsome and attractive. Women will flock to him for alliance. The partner will be from a very well to do and socially reputed family. If it is afflicted then the native is deprived of marriage and friends. There will be losses through marriage fixations.
8)      SEVENTH LORD IN EIGHTH HOUSE: If the lord is well placed then the native will have marriage with some relative. The partner will be affluent. If afflicted then the native dies in far off lands, he is short lived and may beget a ill-natured wife which leads to separation or divorce.
9)      SEVENTH LORD IN NINTH HOUSE: If the lord is strong then the father of the native lives in foreign lands. He may prosper in foreign lands. He gets a well behaved and cultured wife or partner. If it is afflicted then the result is early death, due to partner one has to do away with religion and rituals. He loses wealth.
10)   SEVENTH LORD IN TENTH HOUSE: The native is successful in foreign lands, he is on travel constantly. He gets a devoted and obedient partner. She will be a working person. She will help in the native`s progress. If afflicted then the wife will be greedy, selfish, oversexed and ambitious but will not be successful easily.
11)   SEVENTH LORD IN ELEVENTH HOUSE: The native will have relations with many women or he may have more than one marriages. If the lord is placed beneficially then the partner will be from a reputed and rich family.
12)   SEVENTH LORD IN TWELFTH HOUSE:  There maybe more than one marriage in the native's life. He may marry a second time clandestinely while the first wife is still alive. Or, if afflicted, he may marry a second time after losing the first wife by death or separation. But if the affliction is severe, the wife or husband may die or separate soon after marriage and there may be no second marriage. Death may occur while travelling or abroad. If both karaka and the 7th lord are weak, the native may only dream of women but never marry. The native's wife may hail from a servant's family. He will be close-fisted and generally poor.

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