Lagna Lord In Other Houses


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1)      LAGNA LORD IN FIRST HOUSE: The native survives by his own efforts; he has a free spirit and thinking. He may have two wives- one legal and another keep. If the lord is well posited then the native becomes a famous personality in his region.
2)      LAGNA LORD IN SECOND HOUSE: He will have good profits. He will be troubled by his enemies and will be in anxiety. He will have good nature and will be charitable. He will have beautiful eyes and he will perform his duties towards his relatives very religiously. He will be possessed with good intuition.
3)      LAGNA LORD IN THIRD HOUSE: He will have two wives, he will be brave and courageous, and he will have sharp brains and may become a singer or a mathematician which will depend upon other factors also.
4)      LAGNA LORD IN FOURTH HOUSE: He will have happiness from parents, he will have more brothers, and he will like material happiness and will be healthy and fit. He will accumulate immovable assets from his maternal uncle.  He will have many vehicles and will enjoy his life.
5)      LAGNA LORD IN FIFTH HOUSE: His first child will not survive; he will not have happiness from kids. He will serve others. If the lord is in good position then he will have gains from the government. If the 5th lord is well disposed then he will be a good mantric and acquire many siddhis. In business he will be very successful.
6)      LAGNA LORD IN SIXTH HOUSE: He will be having many debts, but he will clear the debts in the mahadasha of the ascendant lord – if he gets it in his life time. If the 6th house lord is well disposed then the native may become a commander in chief of an army or head of doctors, surgeons, medical services.
7)      LAGNA LORD IN SEVENTH HOUSE: His wife will be short-lived or he may have multiple marriages, he will do many travels. He will spend a lot of time in foreign countries and will live an independent life – if the lagna lord is well disposed in the 7th house. Or he will become a puppet in the hands of his father in law and mother in law if it is very afflicted.
8)      LAGNA LORD IN EIGHTH HOUSE: He will be very knowledgeable, may become a tantric or black magician or an occult practitioner, he will perform bad deeds. If the 8th house lord is well disposed and strong then the native will have sudden and peaceful death.
9)      LAGNA LORD IN NINTH HOUSE: The native will be lucky, religious, very good orator and will have a loving and caring family. If the ninth lord is well disposed then he will inherit paternal property.
10)   LAGNA LORD IN TENTH HOUSE: He will acquire name and fame; he will become a researcher and very respected personality. He will become a successful businessman if into business.
11)   LAGNA LORD IN ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will have very good success in all his endeavors and will be famous.
12)   LAGNA LORD IN TWELFTH HOUSE: There will be ample loss of money, loss in businesses, he will do many pilgrimages.  He will become a social worker and will devote his life for the welfare of the mankind.


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