Fifth house lord in other houses

                                   FIFTH HOUSE LORD IN 12 HOUSES

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1)      FIRST HOUSE: The native is a judge or a minister. He has many servants at his disposal. He will have fewer issues. If the lord is afflicted then the person will be issueless, he will worship low class deities, he will have evil nature and will lead or become a leader of bad people. He will be a cheat.
2)      SECOND HOUSE: If the lord is beneficially disposed then the native gets a beautiful wife. His children are well behaved. He gets wealth or money from the government. He can be a very good and knowledgeable astrologer. If the second house lord is afflicted then the situation will be opposite.
3)      THIRD HOUSE: He will have many kids and many brothers but if the third lord is afflicted or the 5th lord is afflicted then the result will be not so good.
4)       FOURTH HOUSE: He will have fewer issues, he will have a long lived mother and he can be a consultant to a ruler – minister- or some influential person and also may be a teacher. If the planet is afflicted then his children may be short lived. If fourth house lord is amply strong then gives daughters.
5)      FIFTH HOUSE: If it is beneficially posited then the native begets many sons. He is expert in mantra shastra. He has a very influential circle. He may be an expert in math or he may be head of an religious institution.If the planet is afflicted then the progeny of the native may be short-lived. He will not keep his word. He will have a flickering mind and will be cruel.
6)      SIXTH HOUSE: If posited beneficially then the maternal uncle of the native is a famous personality. He may have enmity with his own son. He may remain issueless if the planet is not beneficially posited and he will have to adopt someone from his maternal uncle`s family.
7)      SEVENTH HOUSE: His son lives in a foreign land. They are rich and famous; he is himself very famous and knowledgeable and obedient person. He will have attractive personality. If the seventh house lord is afflicted then the native may remain issueless.
8)      EIGHTH HOUSE: His paternal property will be ruined due to debts, his family life will be destroyed, he will have diseases of the lungs and he will be unhappy irritable but he will not be poor.
9)      NINTH HOUSE: He will become a teacher or professor, he will construct many wells, ponds, temples, parks, free shelters, and one of his sons will be a writer or a speaker. If the ninth house lord is badly disposed then the native will be ruined due to act of God.
10)   TENTH HOUSE: If the tenth house lord is favorable then very powerful raja yoga is formed. The native is blessed with the friendship of rulers and gets lands or properties due to their help. One of the sons is a jeweler and if the tenth house is aspected by sun then the person joins CID.
11)   ELEVENTH HOUSE: He will have gains from his son and will be successful in general in all his initiatives. He may become a writer, knowledgeable, rich and he helps many people in his life.
12)   TWELFTH HOUSE: He will try to find the real truth of life. He will live a saintly life and will attain final goal of life which is moksha.

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