Monday, August 2, 2021

Will India win gold in Tokyo Japan Olympics 2021: KP Horary analysis

Will India win Gold in Tokyo Japan Olympics 2021: KP Horary analysis 

Acharya Raman +917566384193I am writing this with folded hands pranams to my guruji Maharaj ji, ksk, sahasne ji with a wish that India should win a gold in this Olympics 2021 Tokyo Japan. I took a random number 117 and below is the horoscope. I do not know how to predict this but the 6th 11th and the Lagna cusps should connect with the 11th house, sun, and 10th house is what I am presuming. Let’s see what the chart unfolds:

India winning Gold or not in Tokyo Olympics 2021

The Lagna is in the mercury sign moon star and mercury sub. Mercury is in the 10th house. Mercury is conjoined sun in the 10th house in the sign Cancer. The 6th cusp sub lord is Jupiter. It is retrograde but is in the star of Mars. Mars is in the 11th house. The 11th cusp sub lord is Venus. It is in its own star and in the 11th house. Jupiter is in the sub of the Sun in the 10th house. Thus, we see that there is a proper connection of the 6th cusp with 10-11 houses and a very strong connection.

If we see the ruling planets they are:

Asc star: Moon

ascendant: Mercury

Moon star: sun

Moon sign lord: Venus

Day Lord: Moon

I am very much sure that India will bag at least 1 Gold medal in this Tokyo Japan Olympics 2021. Let`s see what happens.





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