Monday, July 26, 2021

Question in mind- KP Horary Astrology unfolds the mystery

 Question in mind- KP Horary Astrology unfolds the mystery

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जातक के मन में सवाल क्या है

I am Panel Astrologer at There are talks with many people every day and sometimes very funny stories also happen. Similarly, once a questioner asked, tell me what is the question in my mind, then I said that astrology is not for testing, it is completely forbidden to test any knowledge with the intention of making fun of it.

There are exceptions to the laws of physics as well, but it is forbidden in all the predictive sciences because you want to know about the future and astrologer is not giving the answer, astrology is giving you the answer - an astrologer can be wrong or right. but astrology is not.

Still, I told him that okay give me any number between 1 to 249 and he gave the number 16. While talking to him, I felt that he has called me before and is a heartbroken hotel. I saw the horoscope which is given below.

Till now I had remembered who he was, but I could not say anything apart from what the horoscope would say.

I started looking at the horoscope -

Moon was the lord of the fourth house and was in the constellation and sub-nakshatra of Rahu. Rahu was in the Taurus sign of Venus. Venus was casting full vision on the Moon. Venus was in the fifth house.

It was clearly a matter of love and I told him that you have a question about a girl, then he said that you may have remembered who I am, so I may have said, but I have told you what is in the horoscope. - Any KP astrologer can clearly say from this horoscope what is the question.

That's why the Krishnamurti method is the most accurate because only it can give you the correct answer.

Saturday, July 10, 2021



Who is likely to win the Euro cup in 2021 Italy or England? What does KP astrology say about it?

The tournament has given rise to an increase in corona cases for sure but keeping it aside we have to focus on who could be the possible winner this year, Italy is a team that has won 5 world cups and is taken as the favorite in this tournament also. So I was wondering who will be the winner OF THIS EURO CUP 2021 ITALY OR ENGLAND

Below is the horoscope:

The 6th cusp sub lord is Mars. It is in the star of Mercury. It is in its own sub. The 11th cusp sub lord is mercury and it is in the star of Mars.

The horoscope suggests that Italy is going to do it and England will have to remain happy with the spread of corona.


Thursday, July 8, 2021

It will Rain today or not : KP Horary answers

It will rain today or not: KP Horary answers   

The weather department has announced an orange alert in the newspapers and as per them it is supposed to rain heavily in few areas of Uttarakhand, I being situated in one of those mentioned, was reading the Amar Ujala e-news where I read this update. 

I was thinking about whether can we predict the rains today or not by KP astrology and I started to think about a number between 1 to 249, 248 flashed in my mind. 

Below is the horoscope:

rainfall prediction for the day by KP Astrology
My prediction was right but maybe the methodology needs to be improved, It has not rained yet and it is 17:21 when I am writing this, our weather forecasts really need to be improved a lot it seems, 
The ascendant is Pisces a watery sign indeed showing that it may rain but the ascendant is in the star of Mercury and in the sub of Jupiter, Mercury is in Gemini- barren sign, Jupiter is in Aquarius- airy sign. Moon is transiting in the Mercury sign Mars star and mercury sub. there was no connection with the water element apart from the ascendant which is watery but the rest of it all was dry and barren. 
A friend asked me whether it is going to rain today and I said I don't think so astrologically it does not look like it is going to pour today. The weather department people of Uttarakhand should come out of the booze which and whatever they are used to and try to use their mind more logically instead of giving alerts and frighten people. 

It has not rained and the heat is scortching. come rain come. 
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