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The demise of sulabh Shrivastava ABP Ganga reporter: accident or murder: kp perspective

हिंदी में पढ़ें क्लिक करें 

Today morning I was just watching ABP news and they showed a piece of news about their reporter of ABP Ganga who died yesterday. The media is claiming that it could be a murder on the following basis:

1.      The ABP Ganga reporter had given a letter to the police that he is suspecting that he and his family are in danger and can be killed as he is investigating the liquor mafia in the region.

2.      Just after the letter is given the next day while on road his bike slips

3.      The injuries are not like one gets when a bike slips

4.      His clothes were torn as per the media report This is what they showed in the media

The police said that it is just a bike slipping case but we know the police of this country and particularly the highly expert and competent Police of UP and Bihar, so the whole incident calls for a serious investigation. But the question came to my mind whether it is an accident or murder and I also asked my friend astrosageastrologer VGR Pavan to share his suggestions. You can speak to him by clicking the link directly.

sulabh Shrivastava ABP GANGA reporter death accident or Murder

sulabh shrivastaba ABP GANGA reporter death accident or murder

Below is the gist of what we discussed:

1.      The 8th cusp sub lord   in the given horoscope is Venus.

2.      The 7th cusp sub lord is also Venus.

3.      Venus is in the 12th house of the chart and in the sign of Mercury. Mercury is conjoined Rahu and Sun, sub being the maraca for the ascendant.

4.      The Lagna lord is conjoined Mars and is aspected by Saturn, the 8th house lord.

5.      In the cusp chart, Jupiter has shifted to 7th the house which is a maraka house

6.      The Lagna lord moon and Mars are both in the 12th house in the cuspal chart.

7.      Moon is in the star of Saturn and in the sub of the sun. there is a complete connection of planned brutal killing in the horoscope as per our analysis. This is just an attempt to find the truth by KP astrology which may or may not be correct as it is very difficult to judge such incidents but we are sure that in time to the truth will come to the surface and will win. 7566384193 Raman




Sunday, June 6, 2021

Black Fungus and covid cases deaths – KP Astrological Perspective

Black Fungus and covid cases deaths – KP Astrological                                                         Perspective

I had written in my article on about the possible reasons or the planetary combinations which are causing the deadly black fungus in the covid patient's pre or post-recovery. You can read it here:

I had stressed on the affliction to the planet Venus. Below is the horoscope:

death by black fungus 

The native has Venus in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio. The native died on the 10th of May 2021. The dasha was of Venus- Venus-Mars.

horoscope consultation- 7566384193

Venus is in the star of the Moon and in the sub of Jupiter. Mars is in the star of Saturn and in the sub of Venus.

Venus is in the 6th house in the bhava chakra. Moon is in the 8th house and Venus is ruling the 12th house and is maraca planet for the same.  Jupiter is in conjunction with Ketu.

Those who are running the venus dasha and are going through covid or post covid should take care and do not go for those steroids and other things without the proper consultation with an expert doctor otherwise you may put your life in danger unknowingly.

The problem of black fungus is often seen in patients recovering from corona infection. There have been many such patients who have recovered from corona, but have lost their lives due to being a victim of black fungus. At the same time, there are also a large number of people who lost their eyesight due to this infection. The Rajasthan government has declared black fungus as an epidemic. Meanwhile, the central government has issued guidelines regarding the identification, prevention and treatment of black fungus.

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes and people who question steroids during treatment with corona infection have to face this problem more.

- Corona patients living on oxygen. Apart from this, people taking respiratory diseases and anti-cancer treatment have this problem.

People taking high doses of steroids are also at risk of black fungus.

How to find out if you are a victim of black fungus

Bleeding from the nose or discharge of some black substance.

bhava placement of the concerned planets:

Bhava Lords in Houses