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Astrology Prediction on IPL 2021

IPL is coming soon with its new season and people are willing to know the winner of the IPL title for this season. Everyone wants to see their team winning and have the fun of cricket. This season of the IPL will be thrilling and entertaining.

India Premier League 2021

As we know that the whole world is the biggest fan of cricket and India has the huge fan following for cricket. IPL is the biggest sport game widely spread in India and world and Vivo is back as a sponsor with IPL season 14. Vivo company had taken the sponsorship agreement of IPL for 5 years in 2015. PIL full form is  Indian Premier League. This is a professional Twenty20 cricket league which was announced by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in 2007 and BCCI started the first season of IPL in 2008. Founder of this league was Lalit Modi. There are eight teams in IPL who debuted in 2008, in the first season of IPL.

IPL will be played between 8 teams and all teams will remain the same. After coronavirus, maybe this league will bring smiles and joy on people's faces. First match of this season will be played between last season champion and the runner-up. IPL is going very famous and getting interest among the people season by season. There are 8 teams and they have huge fan following.

इस विडियो से सीखिए हिंदी में

IPL Team’s Name:

Chennai Super King

Mumbai Indians

Delhi Capitals

Kolkata Knight Riders

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Rajasthan Royals

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Kings XI Punjab (Now name is changed as ”Punjab Kings”)

Craz of the IPL is spread on a large scale of audience. New season of IPL starts with enthusiasm among the audience of cricket lovers. This league is very popular because not only for cricket, It is popular among the world because this league is not related to any particular country. Except this, there are players of cricket in teams from every country and a team play against seven opponent teams like them. The IPL has 13 seasons and the 14th season is going to be started from April and will end in June. But, this is  not confirmed yet.

Format of IPL League:

Indian Premier League is played between 8 teams. They are divided into two teams and each team plays the 2 matches against every team for qualifying in top 4 for Playoff. According to the points table, the team will get position ahead and the top two teams play with each other for the final. The losing team goes for qualifier 2 and the winner reaches for the final match. Now, number 3 and 4 teams play with each other for the next qualifier match and the winner of this match plays against the losing team of qualifier 2 then they both play with each other and the winner of them play for the final match.

Performance of teams:

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai indian are the very strongest teams among the other teams. CSK has won the three seasons of IPL and Mumbai Indians won the IPL title four times. Mumbai Indians won the last season of IPL. Other teams of IPL have also won the IPL trophy and they have very strong players in the team. Last season all the teams had the same performances and played very well.

Prediction on IPL 2021:

We can predict the match winning team by many ways. As we do this by astrology prediction method.

First Way: You can predict the winner of a match, but it is not all the time correct. Take an astrology chart or you may download a software from the internet. Now, when the match is going to start and toss is done then open a chart and find an octave in horoscope. You can use this method only after tossing for the match.

इस विडियो सी सीखिए हिंदी में

You will find the written numbers on the chart. For prediction, 1 number is your supporting team and the 11th number is its house and from 1st house count the numbers of first, sixth and eleventh houses and sum all the numbers. 6th is the competitor and 7th is its house, from here count the numbers of first, sixth and eleventh houses and sum all the numbers.

If the numbers are higher for your favourite team than your competitor, it means your team will win the match. If it is less than your competitor then it means that you are going to lose. If you are doing this for your selfishness or financial benefits then it will not work and show up the  wrong prediction. If you are desired to know the winner of the match without any greediness and advantages then your prediction can be corrected.


Second Way: In this method, you can predict the winner by finding out the four elements of astrology Lagna, moon star, moon sign and day lord. Now, take out the numbers of these in horoscopes and sum all the numbers. Now merge the both digits of the sum number with each other like, if you get 44 then 4+4=8. Now minute 8 it from 9, (9-8) =1. You get 1 number it means your team  will win, but if you get sum=0 then it means your team will lose. Remember the point, it works only when you do it for realistic purposes, not when you have any financial advantages or benefits. This is not linked with toss, you can use this method any time or every where.

इस विडियो से सीखिए हिंदी में

Third Way: This is based on Hurary Shatra in KP Astrology. You can choose any number from 1 to 249 in Hurary chart. 1st house, 6th and 11th houses mainly related to show the result of match. Find the sub lord of 6th house and linked houses with 6th which shows you the result of the match. Do the same with another team, the strongest number of the team shows the high possibility of winning.











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