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When will one get a full time job: A KP system Analysis

When will one get a full time job: A KP system Analysis

It is always difficult to find a job and when on is starting a career tjhen it is of utmost importance to begin with a winning streak. This native who is 2000 born got a job as he is a master in ethical hacking and is doing many presentations Premium certified Neelam from Amazon Buy Nowand classes for ethical hacking. He is from New Delhi. Ethical hacking has become a very growing stream to learn and people are doing great things in it. However, he was not on a full-time job roll earlier. Many companies and now many kind of private and government agencies want hackers to find a bug in their app or website. Thus no wonder if you learn it early then you will be doing great things in your later life in this stream. The more you will know the more money you will make.

Here the native is Libra ascendant and Aries moon sign. He is currently running the mahadasha of Venus till 11-05-2020 and the current Antara is of Ketu which is the last antara. Ketu is placed in the third cusp in the star of Sun and in the sub of Venus. I had told the parents of this native a year before that when this Ketu will begin your son will start to do things. He started earning from Ketu Antara onwards but was not having a fulltime job.
On the 7th of December 2020 he faced an interview and was given appointment letter on 9th of December with the joining date to be 16th of December 2020. Jupiter pratyantara is running. 

Jupiter is in the 6th bhava. It is in the star of Ketu and in the sub of Rahu. Ketu is in the third bhava in the cusp chart and Rahu in the 9th. Both Rahu and Ketu are in the Sub of Venus which is in the third house. Ketu is conjunct Sun and Rahu is aspected by it and Sun is the lord of 11th bhava.
He got appointment letter on 9th of December when sun was transiting in the star of Mercury and in the sub of Moon. On 16th  on the day of joining sun was in the star and sub of Ketu the Antara lord. Sun is in the sign of Jupiter Sagittarius. On 7th December 2020 sun was transiting in the star of Mercury and in the sub of Venus. Venus is the maha dasha lord. Thus we see that the whole interview, appointment and joining day sun was connected with either the maha Dasha or the Antara or the pratyantara or the two of them. This is why the transit of Sun is so important in the KP System to pinpoint an event.  
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