Saturday, October 26, 2019

Fixation of Marriage: Prediction BY KP System

Fixation of Marriage: Prediction BY KP System

Acharya Raman

I got this horoscope from an online app. I told him a few things about his life etc and asked him what he is willing to ask me. He said he is having a problem in getting his marriage fixed. After seeing his horoscope I told him that his marriage will be fixed by 5th of November 2019. Below is the horoscope:
Native-born on 22 August 1992, 6:50, 74E45- 22N12
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He is currently running the mahadasha of Rahu till 11-02-2025 and the Antara is of Venus till 03-09-2021, Venus, Jupiter, Sun are aspecting his 7th bhava. His 7th cusp sub lord is Mercury. It is placed in the sign of cancer. Mercury is in the star of Mercury and in sub of Mercury.
 Mercury is the ruler of 2-11 houses and thus Marriage is promised in the horoscope. Also, KP Astrologers are aware that the chart is also on for divorce due to the presence of Mercury so strongly. Also, the 7th is in the 12th house is not a welcome sign.
Rahu, The mahadasha Lord is in the sign of Jupiter taking away his power to do good for the native. Here Rahu becomes more important. Rahu is in Ketu star and in the sub of Moon. Ketu is in Mercury sign and thus is an agent of Mercury. Mercury is also the 7th cusp sub lord. Ketu is in Mars star and in the sub of Venus.
Venus is aspecting the 7th bhava and is placed in the star of Venus itself and in the Sub of Mercury.
Thus they are were getting connected with the 7th house or the 7th csl. Marriage was sure to get fixed or celebrated in the Antara of Venus. But when? Rahu is not only in the sign of Jupiter but is also aspected by it. Thus Rahu is very strong to give marriage because of its signification of Jupiter. So I told him that by 5th of November your marriage will get fixed I am having this strong feeling based upon your horoscope. Rahu pratyantara was till 10-03-2020 and the Jupiter sookshma dasa was till 16th November.
A few days back I got his message that his marriage got fixed a few days before the 5th of November in the Rahu pratyantara itself. My actual reason to give me 5th of November was by this time Sun will cross Rahu star in Libra and I usually give a time frame 15-20 days to 30 days ahead. This is why when the sun was in Libra and in Rahu star his marriage got fixed.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ayodhya Verdict - Ram Mandir - Babri Masjid controversy case court decision astrology prediction

The 6th cusp sub lord is Jupiter in the star of Mercury. Mercury is ruling 10th house and is also aspected by the Moon the lord of 11th house. The horary number is 111 NOT in favour of Ram Mandir, The number given is by a person seeking the astrological prediction about the case of Ram Mandir Babri Masjid controversy. #ayodhyaverdict
Here the 6th cusp sub lord is the significator of 10-11 houses. Thus the court decision will be in favour of Ram Mandir. Hope sense prevails in the country after the court judgement and it is not politicised further for filthy political gains by any party whether BJP or CONGRESS. 

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