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Friday, September 27, 2019

CANADA VISA Application got approved at given time

On 25TH August I got a call from a native. She had filed VISA for CANADA. She told me that it got rejected for no reason at all!!!! The papers were fine and there was nothing negative about the whole thing but it got rejected. I saw the ongoing dasa: She is running Jupiter mahadasha and the antara was of Saturn till 04-11-2020. the pratyantara dasa was of venus till 22-08-2019 and Sun was about to start.

Venus in the horoscope is placed in the star of Saturn and in the sub of mars. Mars is in the 4th bhava in the horoscope in the cusp chart. Thus the application was to be rejected because 4th house is not the house positive for abroad connection.

Sun, on the other hand, is in the star sub and sub-sub of Sun itself and is placed in the 9th bhava in the cusp chart. 9th house is the house of foreign travel. I told her that you apply in this period of Sun and surely there will be positive news. She reapplied on 31st August 2019.

On the 11th of September, her message came that she has got the VISA. Thanks to KP System and Guruji Shri KSK.


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