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LGBT Homosexuals Transgenders Lesbians: Astrological Perspective

Homosexuality is the act of sex with the native of same gender. Lesbian, Gay, Bi sexual, Transgenders, Heterosexuals, Role players, and what not are becoming very common these days and are having their own world in which they live and do not allow normal people or straight people to come in.  The liking towards the natives of same sex to have sex with them and pass the time with them is homosexuality. What makes one a homosexual?Amazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality Why does one become homosexual? Does the person is having a deep desire to have sex and does it with whom so ever he or she finds? Or there are planets involved here also in making the thought process of a human to like the human of same-sex or gender.
In India with the efforts of many people and organisations finally homosexuality was lifted away from the crime list and IPC 377 was abolished. In many countries Gay marriages are also now legal and one can find the “transgender” column in the Indian railway reservation form online.Amazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality It is no more a crime but what initiates it, we try o understand it with few example horoscopes which I have of homosexuals, which I gathered during several consultations on various platforms.

This is the horoscope of a 1983 born native who is a homosexual based in the USA. Moon is aspected by the eunuch planet Saturn. Moon is in the Ketu star. Jupiter is afflicted with ketu and is palced in a feminine sign. Saturn is exalted but in rahu star placed in feminine sign.Amazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality Sun is in feminine sign. Venus and Mars are again in the star of ketu which is in a feminine sign. Ketu is deposited in the star of Mercury another eunuch planet. Thus we see that most of the planets are either connected with eunuch planets or female sign. The lagna is in the star of Venus which is in turn in the star of ketu in feminine sign.

In this horoscope which is of a 1981 born native, Moon is hemmed between the malefic planets. Mars aspects it from a female sign. Moon is in Venus star which is in a female sign and afflicted by Rahu. Venus rahu affliction many times gives multisexual habits in a native. Saturn and Jupiter are again in a feminine sign.Amazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality Jupiter is in Sun star which is conjunct eunuch planet Mercury and is aspect by another eunuch planet Saturn. Ketu is in Sun star but it is aspected by Jupiter from a feminine sign and is conjunct eunuch planet Saturn. Again the lagna is in the star of ketu.

In this chart Moon is in female sign conjunct Mercury and Sun. Saturn is in Sagittarius which is half human half animal sign. Saturn is in Venus star and sub which is afflicted by Mars and Ketu. Jupiter is in a dual sign in Mars star but is aspcted by Saturn, Saturn is also aspecting rahu here. Here again the majority of the planets are either connected with feminine signs or connected with eunuch planets or are afflicted by Rahu or ketu.The lagna is in the star of Sun which is in a female sign and conjunct female planet Moon. This native is actually having a feminine body.    

This is again Sagittarius ascendant native born in 1990. Moon is in a dual sign. Mars is in a dual and feminine sign. Sun and Mercury are in a feminine sign. Ketu is in feminine sign. Saturn is afflicted with rahu.Amazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality Saturn aspects ketu, and Mars. Moon is in Ketu star. Venus is hemmed between malefic planets. Mars is in Saturn star, Rahu is in Moon star. The ascendant itself is in the star of ketu.

This is horoscope of a 1991 born transgender native. The native is completely feminine in looks. Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Saturn are in feminine signs. The ascendant is in the star of Mars which is again afflicted by Ketu and is conjunct Venus. Moon is in own star, Saturn is in the star of Moon, here again Saturn aspects JupiterAmazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality from a feminine sign to a feminine sign. Mercury is in the star of ketu. He is planning for his operation to become a proper female.

This is 1992 born transgender native. The lagna is in the star of eunuch Saturn in feminine sign. The native is completely feminine. Venus is in Saturn star, Moon is in Venus star, Saturn is aspecting Mercury and Sun. The lagna is in Scorpio a feminine sign. Venus occupies lagna making it more sort of feminine. Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are in feminine sign.Amazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality Mars is again afflicted by Ketu.

This is a lesbian female born in 1985 and has had multiple sex partners in her life, female partners.Amazon choice for Male Stamina and Vitality Moon, Saturn, Jupiter Mars, Mercury, Venus are all placed in the feminine sign.  Jupiter and Mars are both aspected by Saturn. The lagna is in the star of Mercury, another eunuch planet. No planet is in Ketu star or Sub. Exalted Sun is afflicted by Rahu. Venus is in Saturn star and conjunct Mercury. A neech bhanga for Mercury is happening here. 

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nakshatra yoni chakra

केमद्रुम दोष कुंडली सहित व्याख्य

जब जन्म के समय कुंडली में चंद्रमा के आगे पीछे और साथ में कोई गृह नहीं होता और न ही उस पर किसी की द्रष्टि होती है तब #केमद्रुम दोष का सृजन होता है | इस दोष के बारे में कहा जाता है की जिसकी कुंडली में यह योग /दोष होता है वह राजा होकर भी भिखारी की मृत्यु को प्राप्त होता है | ऐसा वस्तुतः सत्य नहीं है किन्तु इसका सामान्य सा मतलब यह है की ऐसे जातक के पास धन नहीं रुकता है |
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कुंडली से तलाक होगा की नहीं कैसे देखें

#तलाक देने की तैय्यारी में पत्नी , नीच का #गुरु , #शनि की सप्तम लाभ और कुटुंब भाव पर द्रष्टि ,#मांगलिक पत्रिका #शुक्र #चंद्रमा दोनों #राहू #केतु से ग्रस्त , तलाक हुआ भी नहीं है और दूसरा आदमी पसंद भी कर लिया है |
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#तलाकशुदा जातक की कुंडली सप्तमेश पर मंगल की द्रष्टि , गुरु षष्टेश की द्रष्टि , स्वयं शनि अष्टमेश और सप्तम लाभ कुटुंब को देखता हुआ , दोनों ही कर्क लग्न की कुंडलियाँ सबसे खराब विवाहित जीवन वाली लग्न 

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