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When will one get a full time job: A KP system Analysis

When will one get a full time job: A KP system Analysis government job in horoscope watch now It is always difficult to find a job and when on is starting a career tjhen it is of utmost importance to begin with a winning streak. This native who is 2000 born got a job as he is a master in ethical hacking and is doing many presentations Premium certified Neelam from Amazon Buy Now and classes for ethical hacking. He is from New Delhi. Ethical hacking has become a very growing stream to learn and people are doing great things in it. However, he was not on a full-time job roll earlier. Many companies and now many kind of private and government agencies want hackers to find a bug in their app or website. Thus no wonder if you learn it early then you will be doing great things in your later life in this stream. The more you will know the more money you will make. Here the native is Libra ascendant and Aries moon sign. He is currently running the mahadasha of Venus till 11-05-2020 a

Will lata mangeshkar ji come out of the hospital alive? KP Analysis

I asked a fan of lata Mangeshkar ji whether she will be coming out safe and sound or not and told her to give a number. She gave 42 and said lata Mangeshkar will not be coming out alive. Below is the horoscope. The ascendant sub lord is Mercury. It is placed in the 5 th bhava. 5 TH house is cure of disease. Mercury is in the star of Rahu and it is retrograde. As per KP, we have to omit the star lord of the sub lord if it is retrograde not the sub lord itself.   Rahu is in the Lagna. It is conjunct moon today. It is in the star of Rahu and in the Sub of Venus. Rahu is aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. Thus Rahu is the significator of houses 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 1, 2, 5. Moon at the time of Judgement is in the star of Jupiter and in the sub of Venus. It is in the second bhava in the cusp chart. Moon is in the maraka bhava and in the star of Jupiter in a maraka bhava.  For horoscope consultation wattsapp only 7566384193. Charges Apply. Free predictions not availabl

Fixation of Marriage: Prediction BY KP System

Fixation of Marriage: Prediction BY KP System kp system sikne ke liye yahan click kijiye I got this horoscope from an online app. I told him a few things about his life etc and asked him what he is willing to ask me. He said he is having a problem in getting his marriage fixed. After seeing his horoscope I told him that his marriage will be fixed by 5 th of November 2019. Below is the horoscope: Native-born on 22 August 1992, 6:50, 74E45- 22N12 love marriage or arranged yahan click kijiye He is currently running the mahadasha of Rahu till 11-02-2025 and the Antara is of Venus till 03-09-2021, Venus, Jupiter, Sun are aspecting his 7 th bhava. His 7 th cusp sub lord is Mercury. It is placed in the sign of cancer. Mercury is in the star of Mercury and in sub of Mercury.  Mercury is the ruler of 2-11 houses and thus Marriage is promised in the horoscope. Also, KP Astrologers are aware that the chart is also on for divorce due to the presence of Mercury so strongly. Also, th

Ayodhya Verdict - Ram Mandir - Babri Masjid controversy case court decision astrology prediction

The 6th cusp sub lord is Jupiter in the star of Mercury. Mercury is ruling 10th house and is also aspected by the Moon the lord of 11th house. The horary number is 111 NOT in favour of Ram Mandir, The number given is by a person seeking the astrological prediction about the case of Ram Mandir Babri Masjid controversy. #ayodhyaverdict Here the 6th cusp sub lord is the significator of 10-11 houses. Thus the court decision will be in favour of Ram Mandir. Hope sense prevails in the country after the court judgement and it is not politicised further for filthy political gains by any party whether BJP or CONGRESS. 

CANADA VISA Application got approved at given time

On 25TH August I got a call from a native. She had filed a  VISA for CANADA . She told me that it got rejected for no reason at all!!!! The papers were fine and there was nothing negative about the whole thing but it got rejected. I saw the ongoing dasa: She is running Jupiter mahadasha and the antara was of Saturn till 04-11-2020. Premium certified NEELAM STONE from Amazon Buy Now the pratyantara dasa was of venus till 22-08-2019 and Sun was about to start. Venus in the horoscope is placed in the star of Saturn and in the sub of mars. Mars is in the 4th bhava in the horoscope in the cusp chart. Thus the application was to be rejected because 4th Premium certified NEELAM STONE from Amazon Buy Now house is not the house positive for abroad connection. Sun, on the other hand, is in the star sub and Premium certified NEELAM STONE from Amazon Buy Now sub-sub of Sun itself and is placed in the 9th bhava in the cusp chart. 9th house is the house of foreign travel. I told her that

all about the nakshatras

NAKSHATRA                                  PLANET         PURPOSE            ANIMAL                DEITY 1. Ashwini – Twin Horses                Ketu               Dharma                             Horse               Kumar 2. Bharani – Bearer-woman           Venus                   Arth                         Elephant               Yama 3. Krittika – Cutting woman               Sun                    Kaam                   Goat                            Agni 4. Rohini – Red woman    Moon     Moksha Serpent Brahma 5. Mrigasira – Head of a deer        Mars       Moksha Serpent Soma 6. Ardra – Moist One        Ranu       Kaam      Dog         Rudra 7. Punarvasu – Return of the Light              Jupiter    Arth        Cat          Aditi 8. Pushya – Nourishing     Saturn    Dharma Goat       Brihaspati 9. Ashlesha – The embracer           Mercury                Dharma Cat          Ahi 10. Magha – The great one            Ketu        Artha      Rat         

Benefits of astrological yantra

Vedic astrology is supposed as the part of vedas. In astrology there are many remedeis subscribed for the planets and yantras is one of them. There is   a very long description of yantras in the scriptures and by using them in the right way one can get rid of his or her many problems. The entire process is given in the scriptures and one should follow them religiously to attain his desired result. The yantras are of various shapes like circles, vertical triangles, downward triangles, squares that represent the five elements(sky, air, fire, water and earth). I am giving few important yantras with the vidhi(procedure) to establish them. Vyapaar vriddhi yantra or the profit increasing yantra This is a very powerful yantra meant for people doing business. This yantra makes one get more profits from his business activities. This not only paves way for better profits but also gives the natuve new ideas to get money from other sources as well. It also protects the busienss from evi

नवरात्री पूजा विधि

माँ दुर्गा की कृपा और आशीर्वाद पाने के लिए यह ९ दिन सबसे लाभकारी माने गए हैं . पूरे विश्व में हिन्दू लोगों द्वारा नवरात्री में माँ दुर्गा का आह्वाहन करा जाता है . पश्चिम बंगाल में इसको सबसे मुख्य त्यौहार माना जाता है . माँ ही सबका कल्याण करती हैं और मनुष्य के दुःख पाप आदि का नाश करके उसको मुक्ति दिलाती हैं . हम आपको बता रहे है वह सुगम विधि जिसके द्वारा आप माता की कृपा प्राप्त कर सकते हैं और जीवन को सुखमय बना सकते हैं . पूजा काल के दौरान अथवा कभी भी पूजन में आपसे कोई त्रुटी हो जाए तो मन में यह जपिए “ कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता न भवति ” और माँ से क्षमा मांग लीजिये . पूजन सामग्री : Ø माता का सुंदर सा चित्र , Ø चुनरी , Ø गीता प्रेस द्वारा प्रकाशित “ दुर्गा सप्तशती ”, Ø गंगाजल , Ø आम्रपत्र , घास , Ø चन्दन , नारियल , रोली , लाल   धागा ( मौली ), Ø हवन कुंड तथा हवन सामग्री ( यदि आप हवन करना चाहते हैं तो ) Ø कच्चे चावल , Ø पान , सुपारी , लौंग , इलाइची , कुमकुम , गुलाल , Ø अगरबती , धूपबत्ती , अखंड ज्योत के लिए दीपक Ø गुलाब , कनेर अथवा चमेली के ताज़े फूल

शुक्र की शांति के उपाय मन्त्र और रत्न

Remedies for Venus Best Quality Opal. Amazon assured and delivered. Buy now. : Feed sugar to black ants. Feed a white cow on Friday Best Quality Opal. Amazon assured and delivered. Buy now. . Donate white sweets and clothes to a person with one eye. White stone must be fitted in home. Touch feet of a girl less than 10 years Best Quality Opal. Amazon assured and delivered. Buy now. . Take bath with cow milk on Friday. If you get a chance to do “kanyadaan” then don’t say no to it Best Quality Opal. Amazon assured and delivered. Buy now. . शांति के उपाय -: - काली चींटियों को चीनी खिलानी चाहिए। - शुक्रवार के दिन सफेद गाय को आटा खिलाएं। - किसी काने व्यक्ति को सफेद वस्त्र एवं सफेद मिष्ठान का दान करना चाहिए Best Quality Opal. Amazon assured and delivered. Buy now. । - किसी महत्त्वपूर्ण कार्य के लिए जाते समय १० वर्ष से कम आयु की कन्या का चरण स्पर्श करके Best Quality Opal. Amazon assured and delivered. Buy now. आशीर्वाद लेना चाहिए। - अपने घर में सफेद पत्थर लगव