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Which Name Will Suit You?

Dear readers, Astrology is such a vast science and has so many branches that it is not possible for one to be an expert of all of them. Numerology and Astrology are sciences which are very deep and I have been experimenting a lot in these two since a long time now. So I will share my opinion on what name will suit you the most. Hope you will benefit from it. In our day to day life we see many people falling from a big position and gaining new heights in their personal & professional life. Is our name one of the factor affecting the destiny, or it is the otherway round­ one will have a particular name totalling to a particular number irrespective of religion country etc. In Hindu Shastras it is mentioned at many places that one should not be named on the names of rivers, mountains, constellations, Gods and Goddesses etc. I have observed that some names bring misfortune usually, though I will not share them, as it may demoralise the readers with those names. When  Lord Rama  

Venus Transit In Aquarius

Venus is a benefic sign and will enter into sign of his very good friend. Venus loves travelling, beauty, cinema, show-off, attitude, lavishness and Aquarius is an airy sign of knowledge. Air spreads what ever comes into contact with her. Thus people running Bhakuti - Antara of Venus will feel good during this time, they will mostly be having a romantic musical feeling. It will pass through Dhanishtha Satabhisha and Poorvabhadrapada constellations. The effects of Venus transit in Aquarius on various ascendants will be: Aries You might try to have pleasure of the union secretly. There could be some health hazards but, those would be temporary ones. Spendings will occur on lavish things. You will consume heavy food. An attraction will be there toward natives of opposite sex. You will use a variety of sprays and deodorants this time. Women will use their beauty products in a great amount. You may also do some beautification restoration and repair of your home during this perio

Mercury Retrograde in capricorn

Mercury  is getting retrograde in  Capricorn  today, i.e. on January 21, 2015 and will remain like this till February 11, 2015. Mercury is not a cruel planet and takes the attributes of planets conjoined with it. The general effects of Retrogression of Mercury on the natives could be : Aries Luck factor will not be bright and things will be delayed in coming to fruition. You may face delay in legal matters and they can go against you. Strife with friends and younger siblings is possible. Some extra expenses are coming your way. Servants and pets may irritate you. Some problem is possible in your communication gadgets. It is also possible that you may lose your cellphone somewhere by mistake, so be careful. Your pc will hang and internet speed will fluctuate. You may make some erroneous decisions this time. Taurus Possibility of loss of money is there, don’t speculate or trust close ones also. Invest after thorough consideration. The windows of your house may need some k


Hindu society since long -long ago has been using match making process of Hindu astrology, which is primarily based on constellation of moon at the time of birth. Match making is a methodology by which we choose the right girl for the boy and vice versa, who will not only will bring luck in family but overall prosperity and will serve the family like own one. Our traditional values were very high and norms were very strict, even 30-40 years ago. Females used to do parda in front of elders of family and in front of other males and used to eat lastly, when all the members including children have finished their food. In south India, the cultural bond is still very strong than in northern part. Because of a very strong and strict value system, there were fewer divorces, extramarital affairs, clashes in husband-wife etc. Now days the scenario is completely different and we all know where it is heading. We can blame it on tv serials and on the run after western culture etc but the fact is t

बुरी नज़र काला जादू से रक्षा के सरल टोटके

Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye यह संकलित है ..मेरा अनुभूत नहीं है ....आप स्वतंत्र हैं यदि करना चाहते हैं तो .... १) धन हानि से बचाव : Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye (अ )पीले कनेर के फूल ,पीले कपडे तथा पीला भोजन सात्विक वृद्ध ब्राह्मण को गुरूवार को देने से अकस्मात धन हानि से रक्षा होती रहती है . (बी ) Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye प्रत्येक रविवार की रात को सोते समय अपने सिरहाने लोटे या जग में पानी भर के रख लें और उसमें थोडा सा दूध दाल लें .किसी को Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye टोकना नहीं चहिये और ये फैलना भी नहीं चहिये . सोमवार को नित्य कर्मों से फारिग होकर इस पानी को बबूल के वृक्ष में चढा दिया करें और इसकी चर्चा कहीं नहीं करें . २) अनिष्ट से बचने के लिए : Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye साबुत मूंग एक मुट्ठी अपने ऊपर से उतारा करके चिड़ियों को खिला दिया करें . सोमवार के दिन दर्पण में बार बार अपना मुह देखने से कफ पित्त का प्रकोप कम

Ascendants and general precautions for them

Precaution is better than cure. We all are very well aware of it. In astrology, Humans are divided into twelve types, which we call as sign, rashi, ascendant etc. There are further sub divisions on several other basis but these are basic. All these signs are having some peculiarities and some drawbacks with them, which is natural as a coin always has two sides. In today`s world health has become a major concern also a major industry. With some precautions, one can avoid health risks and do some savings also. Let us go through the small precautions one should be aware in general: 1)      Aries: You should take extra sleep and if not extra atleast natural sleep cycle should not be broken. Brain is the organ, which need utmost care. Yoga and morning walks should be part of regular life to infuse fresh natural air daily. Anger management classes will also be a good idea for you. 2)      Taurus: You should not ignore even common cough and cold. You should avoid spicy foods. Throat

Pointers to profession by navansha lord of 10th house lord .

This is not be judged as it is as there are many other factors affecting the profession(s) of a native . 1)If SUN be the d-9(wil be used for navanasha lord)lord  of 10th lord of d-1 the possible vocations could be –dealing in gold ,works in gold mines ,buy sale of wollen clothes,medicines,doctors,medical shop,minister to a CM or PM ,secretary to a minister,contractorship.This native either works for government or works on his own usually. 2)If MOON – dealing in precious gem stones ,agriculture,garments shop,water manufacturing and sales,relations ship with a female giving money . 3)If MARS – dealing in metals,fire arms,mechanica parts,machines,works involving fire ,engineer,overseer,police,military,surgeon,dacoity,loot,computer hardware 4)If MERCURY – Poet,mathematician,astrologer,preacher,mantrik,software,painter. 5) If JUPITER – works releated to LAW,Religion,history,Surveyor of religious monuments,organisations 6)If VENUS – Jeweller,milk-butter sales purchase,dairies,

MISFORTUNE YOGAS IN HOROSCOPE—कुंडली में भाग्यहीनता के योग

Kindly do not take as it is ….there are many things to be considered other than yogas .This is for general Information purposes only. 1)If saturn occupies 9th house ,asc lord and moon ar debilitated then the native is as a beggar .यदि शनि नवं भाव में हो ,लग्नेश और चन्द्रमा नीच हों तो मनुष्य भिक्षुक के जैसा जीवन यापन करता है . २)यदि सूर्य और चन्द्रमा नीच हों अथवा नीचाभिलाशी हों तो अनेक भाग्य योगों को नष्ट करते हैं .If sun and moon are debilitated or neechabhilashi (planet going from its exalted sign towards its debilitation sign ) then they cause cancellation of many fortunate yogas. 3)Afflicted 9th lord causes many problems in life in its DBA ,भाग्येश का  खराब होना जीवन में कई विसंगतियां प्रस्तुत करता है अपनी दशा भुक्ति अंतर में . ४)यदि अष्टम में मंगल ,त्रिकोण में सूर्य और दशम में चन्द्रमा हो तो जातक भिखारी होता है .If mars is in 8th ,sun is in trine and moon in 10th makes one a beggar or like a beggar. 5)If 4th lord is combust,debilitated,in paapkartari,with natural mal