Thursday, January 29, 2015

Which Name Will Suit You?

Dear readers, Astrology is such a vast science and has so many branches that it is not possible for one to be an expert of all of them. Numerology and Astrology are sciences which are very deep and I have been experimenting a lot in these two since a long time now. So I will share my opinion on what name will suit you the most. Hope you will benefit from it.
In our day to day life we see many people falling from a big position and gaining new heights in their personal & professional life. Is our name one of the factor affecting the destiny, or it is the otherway round­ one will have a particular name totalling to a particular number irrespective of religion country etc. In Hindu Shastras it is mentioned at many places that one should not be named on the names of rivers, mountains, constellations, Gods and Goddesses etc. I have observed that some names bring misfortune usually, though I will not share them, as it may demoralise the readers with those names.
When Lord Rama was born all the planets, Yogas, stars, nature etc. came in a harmonious symmetry. Similarly, these positions of stars, planets, and constellations at the time of birth decide our fate and vice versa. We are born with a destiny and become existent in the world due to a particular combination of these factors.
Can we change our fate by changing our name? No, then what is the purpose of writing this article? We cannot change our destiny, but we can decrease the negativities to a certain extent. We can definitely change the effects of negativities surrounding us resulting in lesser misfortunes and pains.
You should first know the numbers associated with each alphabet:

Alphabets And Numbers Associated With Them

A, I, J, Q, Y1
B, K, R2
C, G, L, S3
D, M, T4
E, H, N, X5
U, V, W6
O, Z7
F, P8
Here, we noticed that 9 is not associated with any number.

Numbers Assigned To Weekdays

Planets and Numbers as per Cheiro

Numbers Assigned To Planets

1) Sourav Ganguly was born on July 8, 1972.
Let us see what made him a great person numerologically:
8+7+1+9+7+2 = 34 =7
About the number 34 it is said that it is a lucky number when it is seen in connection with future. It also shows gain of strength through experience and success comes after hardships. Numbers 25 and 34 means the same. We see that Sourav totals to 25.
S o u r a v G a n g u l y
3+7+6+2+1+6 = 25 3+1+5+3+6+3+1 = 22
25+22 = 47
47 is the full total of his name which comes down to 11 and then to 2 when adding up. We know that about 47 it is said that it shows “grief and deception caused by opposite sex”. The other things showed by this number are “uncertainties, deception, trials and tribulations”. We know that Sourav had a great career as a Captain, but he was always involved in some or the other newsmaking stuff.
2) Amitabh Bachchan was born on October 11, 1942.
A m i t a b h B a c h c h a n
1+ 4 +1 + 4 + 1+ 2+ 5 = 18 2 + 1 + 3+ 5 + 3 +5 +1+ 5 = 25
18+25 = 43
1, 19, 18, 25, 43 = About 19 it is said that it is a very fortunate number which produces good luck, and brings success, esteem & honor in ones life.
For 18 it is said that “materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of nature” and it is not a good number as per Chaldean Numerology propounded by Cheiro.
43 is an unfortunate number as said, it shows failures, upheavals, strife etc. 25 as told earlier is a very good number. 1 is the beginning number and is represented by Sun .
Readers must know about the fatal accident he had in the shooting of his film Coolie, his constant failures, losses in ABCL, failure in politics and grand comeback by KBC.
It was his endurance, will­power which kept him going and today he is the unquestionable superstar of the millenium. Number 1 is the prime saviour for him.
Now we cannot change his numbers but certainly those readers who are willing to do a practical can try changing the alphabets of their names for a positive result. But, the fact remains that we cannot change our date of birth so there will be relief but to some extent only.

Suppose your date of birth totals to 8 and your date alone is also 8 then, it is very unfortunate as it is represented by Saturn . Like July 26, 1982, the day on which Amitabh Bachchan got injured during the shooting of Coolie, is a date which totals to 8 and 35. Both are evil numbers as per Chaldean Numerology.
One cannot change his date of birth but, can certainly change some alphabets in his name to lessen the evil effects. Remember, they can not be completely mitigated but can be lessened to some extent.
So to do that one should make his name total to that of Jupiter which is 3. Only that name should be changed which is most commonly used for the native and not the legal name. Suppose one’s name is Ghanshyam Das Pamnani. But, his friends and coworkers etc. call him GD and this number is not favorable for the native due to his date of birth then he can add an “E” after G or D to change the effects.
One needs to keep experimenting if he is not familiar with numerology or can take experts
opinion if he feels that a name change will bring auspicious times in his life.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Venus Transit In Aquarius

Venus is a benefic sign and will enter into sign of his very good friend. Venus loves travelling, beauty, cinema, show-off, attitude, lavishness and Aquarius is an airy sign of knowledge. Air spreads what ever comes into contact with her. Thus people running Bhakuti - Antara of Venus will feel good during this time, they will mostly be having a romantic musical feeling. It will pass through Dhanishtha Satabhisha and Poorvabhadrapada constellations.

The effects of Venus transit in Aquarius on various ascendants will be:


You might try to have pleasure of the union secretly. There could be some health hazards but, those would be temporary ones. Spendings will occur on lavish things. You will consume heavy food. An attraction will be there toward natives of opposite sex. You will use a variety of sprays and deodorants this time. Women will use their beauty products in a great amount. You may also do some beautification restoration and repair of your home during this period. You may perform some religious acts and a pilgrimage is possible with family. Expenses will be on a higher side.


Your spouse will make new friends and enjoy some new happenings. He/She will gain money too. Your professional sphere will get better and you will come into limelight in your circle. Many short trips are possible to nearby places for excursions, amusements or for work. You will enjoy a good time with kids and family. You will share good terms with your cousins and communications with them will also remain good. You may show an aggressive attitude and become successful in getting your goals.


You will visit to temples of different goddesses. You will get some new responsibilities in job or get promoted or may get some increment during this period. You may also go for a change for higher paying job. You will accumulate money and will buy new things related to technology like mobiles, memory cards, cameras, multi playability systems etc. Your spouse will cooperate and help in purchasing things. You may think to sell out your paternal property. Positive news will come from court cases if there are any.


There could be some genitals related disease for men and fluid discharges to women. You will do some meditation, try to improve your eating habits and change lifestyle. Some short journeys are also possible in this time. You will be having a good feeling throughout the transit and will try to accompany your partner whenever it is possible in case you are unmarried. Married people will enjoy the usual happiness of married life. You will consume many sweet soft drinks from colas to shakes at costly places. You may develop some secret platonic relationships.


You will enjoy your love life – personal life at large. There will be harmony between you and your spouse. You will spare time for him/her. You might indulge in various experimental acts of union and relearn Kamasutra. Expenditures might increase but will be on useful things. You will also do charity but, to show off. There are chances of wrong speculations. There will be chances of theft in your home. Electronic gadgets may give some trouble. You will consume a lot of sweets. You may party a lot in this time.


You may bring home a new pet. Your housekeeping staff will be helpful. You might do bad deeds secretly and behind the back of those whom you hate or jealous of. There will be chances of defamation also. You might face problems due to your written communication. Be careful using it. Myriad thoughts will revolve in your mind related to opposite sex. Married people will enjoy marital bliss for the time being. Your vehicle will work properly and you may think to upgrade or modify it.


Legal matters are going to be unfavorable for you. You may have disputes with co-workers for short time. You will excel in your work sphere. Personal life will remain good. You may develop new love affair or liking for someone in this period of time. You will spend a good amount of time with family and kids. You may have to go out of town for work related issues. Take care of your eating habits otherwise you may land in some stomach related issues.


Venus will transit in your 4 th house which is the house of Moon in Kaalpurush Kundali and it (Moon) is friendly to Venus. You may change your sleeping habits for good. Either your spouse’s responsibility will increase at workplace or he/she may get a promotion. But, something is happening behind his/her back. She/He may scold the kids a lot many times because of having problem with the way they speak. A sudden good news is coming your way, almost unexpected things will easily be done for you.


This is a fiery sign of Jupiter and is a dual sign. Venus is transiting in your third house. In this transit you might go away from your beloved but, it will be temporary. Some financial losses are possible. You will do a lot of walking in parks during this transit. You will read many books and try to gain knowledge on different subjects. You may develop thoughts of writing articles or a book. You might face hurdles in your work sphere and there might be sudden setbacks.


You will become systematic in your approach towards opposite sex, you won’t let your feelings come on your face despite a deeper liking. You will listen to old songs and may keep humming some old tunes. Your behaviour will turn a bit soft towards everyone. You will like sense of humor and wit. Married couple will enjoy this time as things will be cool in general. You will make some extravagant purchases to impress others. Your expenses may outrun your income, so take care.


You have to remain cautious about your health this year. In this period also you may acquire diabetes so your love for sweetness may turn sour for you. Try to control it. Work front will be good and you will make new friends. There will be discussions with new people and your communication skills will get better. You will earn few quick bucks by luck, not all of you but those in speculative trades. You may try to get the pleasure of the union through unscrupulous ways. Your pet may get sick. Your housemaid may take off for some days.


You will enjoy a good time during this transit. You will see that your inclination is getting deeper towards spirituality but, it will not last for long. Personal life will be good and so will be professional life. Many good family functions may take place in this time. You will travel to some beautiful places. You may have to move out of town due to work. You might develop strange views about people for some days and there could be some minor issues related to sexual organs. You get infections very soon so, better avoid getting into dirt.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mercury Retrograde in capricorn

Mercury is getting retrograde in Capricorn today, i.e. on January 21, 2015 and will remain like this till February 11, 2015. Mercury is not a cruel planet and takes the attributes of planets conjoined with it.

The general effects of Retrogression of Mercury on the natives could be :


Luck factor will not be bright and things will be delayed in coming to fruition. You may face delay in legal matters and they can go against you. Strife with friends and younger siblings is possible. Some extra expenses are coming your way. Servants and pets may irritate you. Some problem is possible in your communication gadgets. It is also possible that you may lose your cellphone somewhere by mistake, so be careful. Your pc will hang and internet speed will fluctuate. You may make some erroneous decisions this time.


Possibility of loss of money is there, don’t speculate or trust close ones also. Invest after thorough consideration. The windows of your house may need some kind of repair. Children may fell ill for a while and perform bad in exams during this time. Love matters will take a dive and you may feel emotionally disturbed for a while. There will be lack of communication between you and your loved ones. There are possibilities of things coming to an end on that front. You may suffer from nerves related pain in lower back.


Lack of decisiveness will become more prominent. You will become popular though. You may experience some skin itching problems for a while. Good deeds will be performed by you. But you may not get the rewards for them and there could be a reverse effect. Those for whom you wanted to do good may fall against you on some things. Take care of your words while speaking because slip of tongue is possible. You may dial wrong numbers in your cell phone more than usual. You may feel restless and indecisive.


Expenses may occur on useless things. Your spouse will become the major source of spending. You may have to suffer sudden losses. Friends will be hopeless. You will lose interest in family activities. Sudden gain of weight is possible. Sometimes there will be difference of opinion between you and your spouse during this transit. You may face defamation or wrong charges for things you haven’t done.


You may become somewhat irritating due to the hurriedness you will show. You will become short tempered and rash. Your finances will be delayed in realizing. Friends may also not act that friendly and you may have scuffle with them. Your girlfriend may ask for expensive gadgets. You may enjoy pleasure of union. You will try to borrow money but will face delay in the process.


Your spouse will get some good news. He/She will not cooperate much with you rather she may try to dominate you in getting her wishes fulfilled. There could be some problem to kids. Some setbacks are possible in personal life. You would like to spend time in amusement activities. Kids will perform good in studies. You may feel confused or dubious because all matters will go beyond your control.


This is a good time for you, If you are into entertainment & media industry. Your personal life will also be good. Luck will not help much though. You may face duality in your mind in choosing your future steps. A long trip is possible this time. Your teeth and cheeks may get hurt due to eating junk food etc, so take care. Your arms and shoulders may get tired soon.


Work progress will be slow. You will go for many short term travels. A slowness will come in almost every sphere of your life. There are chances of losing of money also. Your spouse may get into petty quarrels with neighbours. He/She may also suffer from minor fever. You will become lazy and things will get delayed from your end also.


Losses in travels are possible. Work front will not remain appropriate. But, it will not last for long so, there is no need to. You may misspell words while writing or speaking. There could be some funny situations. You will remain confused and lose temper soon. That may further worsen the matters.


You may lend money to others, but legally complete all the paperwork in doing so. You may suffer from headache, pain in the eyes or blurred vision. There will be problems in personal life also and you may take some serious steps to get rid of the issues disturbing you in day to day life. Long journeys should be avoided. You should stay away from speculation etc.


Speculation should be avoided completely. There are chances of sudden gains but not through speculation. You will be aggressive in your work front but results will not be satisfactory. You will consume heavy food and gain weight. You may spend on technical gadgets. There could be strife with your kids and spouse over petty issues.


There are chances of theft while travelling. You may face issues related to your communication gadgets. Your kids may fall sick. Your work may be changed or you may think to change the job itself. You may be having issues at workplace and in personal life. Try to be adjusting and understanding. You should give value to others’ opinion also like you want for yourself.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hindu society since long -long ago has been using match making process of Hindu astrology, which is primarily based on constellation of moon at the time of birth. Match making is a methodology by which we choose the right girl for the boy and vice versa, who will not only will bring luck in family but overall prosperity and will serve the family like own one. Our traditional values were very high and norms were very strict, even 30-40 years ago. Females used to do parda in front of elders of family and in front of other males and used to eat lastly, when all the members including children have finished their food. In south India, the cultural bond is still very strong than in northern part. Because of a very strong and strict value system, there were fewer divorces, extramarital affairs, clashes in husband-wife etc. Now days the scenario is completely different and we all know where it is heading. We can blame it on tv serials and on the run after western culture etc but the fact is that there is a very high ratio of divorces these days in all religions, unhappy married life is the story of most of the couples, not only in metros but in remote towns also. Extramarital affairs of both are on high rise and all the things which are undesirable are happening openly in the name of job, work, business etc. The funny part is that most of these marriages are based on Match Making system which was created to ensure that such things will not happen. So what went wrong? Is the system still relevant or are we needing something more now?

The traditional system, which is ashtkoot, is based on the birth constellation, rashi and rashi lord of moon and characteristics of each constelltion and its positional aspect with respect to other. In south dashkoot methodology is used which is a further extension of the same.

The points which are taken into consideration, in ashtkoot method, are :

1)      Varna: It is the classification of community of rashis, just like we have Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and shoodra same goes with rashis. The best combination is when both are of same varna.

2)      Vashya: It is the division of rashi`s on the basis of their nature i.e. two legged, four legged, and jala(watery). Here also it is best to have both with same vashya.

3)      Tara: It is based on constellation and specific position of birth stars of both are considered to match each other. They are total 9 in number .

4)      Yoni: This is seen for sexual compatibility between the boy and girl. All constellations are assigned certain animals for male and female constellations and the match is based on it. Marriage between nakshatras of same class of yoni and between male and female constellation of that yoni is considered best.

5)      Grahmaitri: The sign lord of moon at birth is seen, moon is the karak for mind and its lord is takes for reference to gauge the mental compatability between the two. If the lords are good friends then full points are allotted.

6)      Gan: All the 27 constellations are divided into 3 types of intrinsic characteristics called as DEV, MANUSHYA AND RAKSHASA. Rakshasa can only marry a rakshasa and rest of the two can marry each other but the best combination is when both are same.

7)      Bhakoot: It is the distance between the janma rashi of the boy and girl and the result is derived after considering it.

8)      Nadi: This aspect signifies the pulse or the nervous energy indicating the physiological and some hereditary factors. The boy and girl should not have same nadi.

Apart from this there is Mangal Dosha to be considered very seriously for a prosperous marriage. This one factor can eliminate all the good factors present in a match result.

There are free and paid softwares available in the market which can calculate all this in a fraction and tell the result. But the result is not satisfactory…all the 8 points I mentioned above are based on moon and its constellation at time of birth.

In this method, the most important are yoni, grahmaitri, gan match. These three should be having full marks or atleast next to full marks otherwise one should not go ahead.

But a person always grows up and dies one day, he or she does not remain in that constellation for the all their lives and this is the biggest drawback of this matchmaking. In my opinion, the prevailing dasha of both, the position of ascendants, the position of sun, Jupiter, Saturn, venus is of more importance than this ashtkoot or dashkoot method which is based upon something that happened years ago in the life of a native.

The position of these planets should not be 6-8 or 2-12 to each other, the ascendant and 7th house should have least or none malefic aspect and 2nd house should be well enough. These houses should not be in paapkartari and the prevailing and the next dasha lords should be friends or atleast neutral to each other and in good position in chart with respect to each other.

On stellar level, the ascendant should not be connected to 6,8,12 houses in any way so should 2nd 7th 5th and 11th  houses.

बुरी नज़र काला जादू से रक्षा के सरल टोटके

Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye
यह संकलित है ..मेरा अनुभूत नहीं है ....आप स्वतंत्र हैं यदि करना चाहते हैं तो ....
१) धन हानि से बचाव : Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye (अ )पीले कनेर के फूल ,पीले कपडे तथा पीला भोजन सात्विक वृद्ध ब्राह्मण को गुरूवार को देने से अकस्मात धन हानि से रक्षा होती रहती है .
(बी ) Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye प्रत्येक रविवार की रात को सोते समय अपने सिरहाने लोटे या जग में पानी भर के रख लें और उसमें थोडा सा दूध दाल लें .किसी को Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye टोकना नहीं चहिये और ये फैलना भी नहीं चहिये .
सोमवार को नित्य कर्मों से फारिग होकर इस पानी को बबूल के वृक्ष में चढा दिया करें और इसकी चर्चा कहीं नहीं करें .
२) अनिष्ट से बचने के लिए : Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye साबुत मूंग एक मुट्ठी अपने ऊपर से उतारा करके चिड़ियों को खिला दिया करें .
सोमवार के दिन दर्पण में बार बार अपना मुह देखने से कफ पित्त का प्रकोप कम होता है और खांसी में भी लाभ होता है Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye .
पुरानी खांसी के लिए देवास में Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye स्थित तुलजा भवानी माता के समीप ही खो खो माता हैं जिनके ताबीज को पहन कर देखें और प्रभाव सभी के साथ साझा करें .
हनुमान चालीसा का नित्य पाठ दोनों समय अति लाभकारी है .अवश्य करें .
३ ) कन्या के सुखी विवाहिक जीवन के लिए : Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye एक लोटे में गंगाजल भर के उसमें पीसी हुई हल्दी और ताम्बे का पीला सिक्का कन्या के ऊपर से उतार के उसके Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye आगे गिरा दें और इसका उद्देश्य किसी से न कहें .
४)नवनिर्मित मकान से आनंद प्राप्ति हेतु : Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye चांदी के नाग नागिन चांदी के एक पत्रे पर रखें ,पांच पूजा की सुपारी और सात अखंडित हल्दी की साफ़ गान्ठे ,ताम्बे की लुटिया में थोडा सा गंगाजलBuri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye भरकर सभी वस्तुएँ उसमें दाल दें .इस पर चांदी का पत्रा ढँक कर मुख्या द्वार की पश्चिम दिशा में गहरा गड्ढा खुदवा कर दबा दें और भूल जाएँ .
५) शराबी का शराब पीना बंद करवाना : Buri nazar se bachayein ye chhote se upaay abhi click kariye यदि व्यक्ति स्वयं पीने से दुखी हो चूका हो तो उसके मनोबल की वृद्धि के लिए शुक्ल पक्ष के शनिवार को ११ साबुत हल्दी की गांठे ले और उन पर कलावा लपेट दें .इसको व्यक्ति के ऊपर से ११ बार उतार कर किसी पोखर ,बावडी या तालाब में डाल दें .ऐसा लगातार ७ दिन तक करें .फायदा हो सकता है ....

Ascendants and general precautions for them

Precaution is better than cure. We all are very well aware of it. In astrology, Humans are divided into twelve types, which we call as sign, rashi, ascendant etc. There are further sub divisions on several other basis but these are basic. All these signs are having some peculiarities and some drawbacks with them, which is natural as a coin always has two sides. In today`s world health has become a major concern also a major industry. With some precautions, one can avoid health risks and do some savings also. Let us go through the small precautions one should be aware in general:

1)      Aries: You should take extra sleep and if not extra atleast natural sleep cycle should not be broken. Brain is the organ, which need utmost care. Yoga and morning walks should be part of regular life to infuse fresh natural air daily. Anger management classes will also be a good idea for you.

2)      Taurus: You should not ignore even common cough and cold. You should avoid spicy foods. Throat and lungs need most care and food intake should always be slightly lesser than the hunger. You should avoid hurriedness and excitements. A regular lifestyle is necessary for you. After 50, you are highly prone to diseases.

3)      Gemini: Nervous system and Lungs related problems grab you generally. You should take care of these two things mainly. In addition, you should avoid intoxications of any type, do not fall for opposite sex easily, and eat less. Fresh air is nectar for you so always try to have it maximum.

4)      Cancer: One of the emotional signs, you should be strong mentally and should not carry low feel about you. Do not exaggerate small illnesses to big ones. You should be very cautious in taking any medicines and prevent yourself from cold and winters. You should eat properly cooked food and avoid heavy and fast foods. Digestive system is what you should take care of mainly.

5)      Leo: You need to keep away from alcohols, Drugs, excitements. Blood is your weak point and you should always take care in feeding yourself right diets to maintain RBC and WBC. In small fevers also you should take proper care and do not be negligible. Spicy foods are the things to be avoided.

6)      Virgo: Any small thing around you disturbs you soon. Digestive system and mind need extra care and attention. Do not overwork and do not get over disturbed. You should do running on regular basis to keep your body fit throughout your life. Kapalbhaati and ardhchakrasan will be very good for your health.

7)      Libra: You have to take care of your urinary tract, Liver, and backbone. You should always drink fresh water and keep clean and colorful environment around you. Jealousy and such feelings should not incorporate your regular activities. You should talk less and avoid bragging.

8)      Scorpio: You should be precautious about your throat and heart. You should keep away from intoxications. You are prone to get small afflictions soon so you need to be aware of it. You should maintain proper cleanliness in your toilet and be hygienic in all your daily habits.

9)      Sagittarius: Limited exercise and walks will give you a lot of benefit. Blood impurities need attention and you should be beware of small accidents,. You should protect yourself from horses and small cuts and wounds on your body. Lungs require attention after 50 as you are prone to vaat (air) diseases.

10)  Capricorn: Constipation and Skin ailments are your major drawbacks. You should also keep away from excess cold. Melancholia is another problem, from which these natives suffer many times. The cure is pranayaam, anulomvilom, kapaalbhaati and surya namaskaar on regular basis.

11)  Aquarius: All Aquarians should always take care of their eyes. Many of you have the tendency to get well sooner or you have a lifelong disease by birth. Blood impurities are also a concern for you and you should at any cost avoid mental tensions. Morning walk and exercise in an open ground will keep you healthy and fit for long.

12)  Pisces: You should be careful always about your health as usually are not. Places where there is not cleanliness and hygiene are not for you. You should keep your legs covered as you can get fever by cold in your legs. Smoking, Liquor, Intoxicants are your enemies of first grade, so you should try to avoid them. Do not drink water more than required and do not keep thinking and weaving your own castles of thoughts.

Pointers to profession by navansha lord of 10th house lord .

This is not be judged as it is as there are many other factors affecting the profession(s) of a native .

1)If SUN be the d-9(wil be used for navanasha lord)lord  of 10th lord of d-1 the possible vocations could be –dealing in gold ,works in gold mines ,buy sale of wollen clothes,medicines,doctors,medical shop,minister to a CM or PM ,secretary to a minister,contractorship.This native either works for government or works on his own usually.

2)If MOON – dealing in precious gem stones ,agriculture,garments shop,water manufacturing and sales,relations ship with a female giving money .

3)If MARS – dealing in metals,fire arms,mechanica parts,machines,works involving fire ,engineer,overseer,police,military,surgeon,dacoity,loot,computer hardware

4)If MERCURY – Poet,mathematician,astrologer,preacher,mantrik,software,painter.

5) If JUPITER – works releated to LAW,Religion,history,Surveyor of religious monuments,organisations

6)If VENUS – Jeweller,milk-butter sales purchase,dairies,vehicle sale purchase,premium liquor sales purchase,hotel industry,sales of flowers,Relation with rich women usually illicit ones.

7)If SATURN – sale of wooden articles,menial labour,head of labours,labour contractor,lawyer,lower type of works .

MISFORTUNE YOGAS IN HOROSCOPE—कुंडली में भाग्यहीनता के योग

Kindly do not take as it is ….there are many things to be considered other than yogas .This is for general Information purposes only.

1)If saturn occupies 9th house ,asc lord and moon ar debilitated then the native is as a beggar .यदि शनि नवं भाव में हो ,लग्नेश और चन्द्रमा नीच हों तो मनुष्य भिक्षुक के जैसा जीवन यापन करता है .

२)यदि सूर्य और चन्द्रमा नीच हों अथवा नीचाभिलाशी हों तो अनेक भाग्य योगों को नष्ट करते हैं .If sun and moon are debilitated or neechabhilashi (planet going from its exalted sign towards its debilitation sign ) then they cause cancellation of many fortunate yogas.

3)Afflicted 9th lord causes many problems in life in its DBA ,भाग्येश का  खराब होना जीवन में कई विसंगतियां प्रस्तुत करता है अपनी दशा भुक्ति अंतर में .

४)यदि अष्टम में मंगल ,त्रिकोण में सूर्य और दशम में चन्द्रमा हो तो जातक भिखारी होता है .If mars is in 8th ,sun is in trine and moon in 10th makes one a beggar or like a beggar.

5)If 4th lord is combust,debilitated,in paapkartari,with natural malefics,having malefic aspects ,in enemy`s sign causes loss of property to the native .यदि चतुर्थेश नीच हो ,अस्त हो ,शत्रुक्षेत्री हो ,पाप द्रष्ट हो ,पापकर्तरी में हो तो जातक की भू सम्पात्ति को नष्ट कर सकता है .

६)यदि चतुर्थेश नीच का होकर द्वितियास्थ हो और उसके साथ पाप गृह हो तो भू संपत्ति का नाश कर सकता है .If 4th lord is debilitated and in 2nd house with natural malefic can cause complete loss of property to the native .

7)Even if 4th lord is in own sign but in 8th house with natural malefic will cause loss of property.यदि चतुर्थेश स्वग्रही होकर भी अष्टम में पाप ग्रहों के साथ हो तो संपत्ति का नाश करने में सक्षम होता है .

८)यदि सूर्य मेष का भी होकर तुला के नवांश में हो तो जातक को लक्ष्मी विहीन कर देता है .Sun even if exalted in asc but in libra navansha causes poverty to the native .

9)If sun and moon are in 7th and are aspected by saturn also cause pennyless ness to the native .यदि सूर्य और चंद्रमा सप्तम में हों और शनि से द्रष्ट हों तो भी जातक को मुद्रा विहीन कर सकते हैं .

१०)यदि शुक्र कन्या का ही राशी और नवांश में हो .If venus is in virgo in asc and navansha .

11)If saturn is in angle,moon in ascendant and jupiter in 12th house also causes poverty .यदि शनि केंद्र में हो ,चन्द्रमा लग्न में और ब्रहस्पति द्वादश में तो भी जातक को गरीबी देखनी पद सकती है .

उपरोक्त वर्णित सामान्य योग है जो की अपने अपने दशा इत्यादि में फलित होते है यदि जन्म कुंडली में अन्य कोई अच्छे योग न हों तो .आज कल ज्योतिष उप उप नक्षत्र स्वामी के परीक्षण तक चला गया है न की मात्र जन्म समय के योगों पर .अतएव यदि आपकी पत्रिका में ऐसा कोई योग हो भी तो चिंता न कीजिये .और न ही अनावश्यक पूजा पाठ के चक्कर में पढ़िए .धैर्य और इश श्रद्धा बहुत शक्तिशाली गुण होते हैं जो सब दोषों को मिटाने में पूर्ण सक्षम होते हैं .

Bhava Lords in Houses