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                                                      I was reading a book – My Experiences in Astrology by Late Shree B.V.Raman. It is one of those books which I have gone through more than 20-25 times and every time I find something new to ponder about astrology and astrologers. What is astrology all about basically? To me it is about giving timing of events – if they are promised in the horoscope and suggest Remedial measures if the chart says that things can be cured by remedial measures. In ancient classics there are many traits given for a person to be an astrologer which vary from his personal life to ethics and social responsibilities. An astrologer should practice a disciplined life and be free from greed and have faith in God seems to be most important. He should be a sattvic person altogether. He should not demand money but remain happy in whatever the asker pays him. But we see so many people doing astrology worldwide whose lives do not fall in the criteria of “satt


Mars has transited to Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. Capricorn is a earthy sign and Mars too represents immovable assets of a native. It also represents heavy machinery and heavy vehicles. Capricorn is ruled by saturn along with aquarius. Mars will be transiting in the stars of sun, moon and Mars. Lets see what effects it may bring in general. Those who are running dasa, bhukti or antra of mars will be more affected, others not like that. 1)       ARIES: your ego will be boosted and so will be your quarreling tendencies and aggresiveness. You will feel yourself better than others. Your love affiars will get a setback. There will be hidden gains to some. Mostly in the last phase there will be many unforeseen hindrances in your life. 2)       TAURUS: There will be increase in expenses. Your father may have bad health. There could be gains from kiths and kins. Your blood pressure will trouble you. There will be health issues related to blood in the last phase. 3)       GEM