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The most disliked and misunderstood planet saturn is going to change to scorpio on 2 nd november 2014. Everywhere there are talks on related to this on almost every print electronic and social media. This is indeed an important transit as saturn will stay for 2 and half years in scorpio and then move to sagittarius on 26 th January 2017. The major events that were triggered in its Libra transit in India were gigantic rise and pathetic fall of Arvind Kejriwal for one. BJP coming to power on its own in Loksabha. Many politicians, High officials, babus, going to jail and getting cought in trap of law, and many other things – the list will be endless.  So what to expect next is the question in every astrologers mind and also in the mind of the natives and readers of astrosage. Let me give you my point of view about the things that will happen your lives in this transit. As usual this is based on ascendant and those who are running the mahadasha of saturn or antara or pratyantra wil