Monday, November 3, 2014


The most disliked and misunderstood planet saturn is going to change to scorpio on 2nd november 2014. Everywhere there are talks on related to this on almost every print electronic and social media. This is indeed an important transit as saturn will stay for 2 and half years in scorpio and then move to sagittarius on 26th January 2017. The major events that were triggered in its Libra transit in India were gigantic rise and pathetic fall of Arvind Kejriwal for one. BJP coming to power on its own in Loksabha. Many politicians, High officials, babus, going to jail and getting cought in trap of law, and many other things – the list will be endless.  So what to expect next is the question in every astrologers mind and also in the mind of the natives and readers of astrosage. Let me give you my point of view about the things that will happen your lives in this transit. As usual this is based on ascendant and those who are running the mahadasha of saturn or antara or pratyantra will be most affected, and those also who are having their running dasa lord connnected with saturn in stellar way. Saturn will be transiting in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in this transit.This article is based on ascendant and not on rashi or sun sign and is for natives running dasa of saturn or saturn is connected with the dasa antara pratyantara lord in stellar pattern.
1)      ARIES: For you this transit will be giving losses, delays, hurdles of all kinds as it will be in 8th house and will be in star of Jupiter, ruling your 9th and 12th house. Then it will go to own star and saturn rules 10th and 11th house and then it will move into star of mercury which rules your 3rd and 6th house.Thus when it will be in own star that time will be much better than the other two.In the coming two and half years you will face legal issues, health problems related to liver, kidney, food pipe,acidity,skin and eye problems, hospitalisation, foreign travels, break in love affair, success after lot of pains and irritation,problems to your parents, career enhancement of your father, loss of mobile- computer- communication gadgets. You will feel many times that Luck has forgot your address. Those who will run saturn –saturn, saturn- venus, saturn-sun,moon ,will not see much bad in this duration but others will have problems for sure.
The best part is that there will be hidden gains, some of you may develop interest in occult activities and knowledge.You may get wealth from your inlaws, ancestral properties, some old policies may mature in this time, and you may find some of your lost valuable documents and articles.whenever saturn will be in own sub in its own dasa in transit, it may give you all the good news you wanted to hear as it is planet ruling your 11th house.
2)       TAURUS: Personal life may feel a setback for a while, there are very much chances of having platonic love incidents in this period which may become the cause of the former. There will be initial problems and you may face defamation also. Love marriages will be celebrated in this time, you will have good communication and goodness in general. There will be new friends and new circles. You may meet some old friends also in this time. there will be gain of new articles, wealth etc. your bank balance will increase surely. Many of you will have sad endings of your love matters but many will take it to its logical end – Marriage.Remember – saturn is the badhaka planet for you so don’t expect fast earnings, just be patient and let things roll on their own. There will be material gains to your father. Health of mother may give will become popular and famous in your circles.If you are an astrologer then your prediction may simply fall flat in saturn star jupiter sub period. There is not much related to health but you should be careful as if something will happen, it will be on a large scale. Your brother in law may become a source of strife for you Those having dashas of saturn-jupiter, mercury,  moon will have better experience then others.

3)      GEMINI: Saturn will be travelling In your 6th house and it rules your 8th and 9th house. Jupiter rules 10th and mercury is the ascendant lord. There will be problems from foes, you will have bad luck on many occassions, health will be a concern in the time to come. You will have to tackle labor issues in your organisation, your pets may also become source of harrasment. Your maternal uncle will have good times ahead. Work progress will be there and personal life will be normal. You will rise to the occasion in the last phase. There will issues related to immovable property. Your father may see a job change for a better one. Those who are running dasha of Saturn – Mars, Sun, Moon, Jupiter will have better experience than others.

4)      CANCER: Saturn will be in your 5th house. 5th house is prime house of progeny, wit, meditation, chanting mantras, speculation etc. Being the Lord of 8th it will cause delay in aforesaid things and will give losses in speculation. It will be in the star of Jupiter initially which is transiting in your ascendant, thus there will not be much to gain or lose initially but when it will enter its own star and then later in star of mercury, these two phases will be troublesome in almost every aspect. Though, when it will transit it own star it will cause trouble in the lives of your parents, luck of your father will elude him, your mother will have financial losses and health will be a factor to take care of. Your expenses will increase and there will be many unwanted delays and denials too in this transit. Those who are looking to get married or are waiting for the result of their efforts will face irritating delays at the last moment. There will be decrease in the financial stature and mind will be full of confusion. In own star it will allow love affairs to prosper as it is also the lord of 7th in 5th but they will not survive. You will have differences with your younger co-born.  There are chances of legal issues coming up. It will also prove good with respect to your foes as you will have a better edge over them and you will win over them. Those who are running dasa of Saturn-venus, Saturn-sun,Saturn-mars will be least affected.
5)      LEO: Saturn will be in your 4th house and will be transiting in stars of Jupiter(5,8) Saturn(6,7) mercury(2,11). You may have a change of residence; health of elders may suffer temporarily. You will have misunderstandings with your family members. There will be speculative losses, there will be differences in personal life, legal matters will be delayed, but when Saturn will enter in mercury star it will give many good things but that will be the last phase. As mercury rules the most important houses 2 and 11, this period will be very good. Otherwise also when Saturn will be in mercury sub you will have many things happening in your favor. Your competitors will also have a good time as they will progress too in this period. You wife may get a job or a change of job for a better one. This transit will favor you in the last phase and others first initially. You will be highly prone to take wrong decisions thus think twice before reaching any conclusion. Your younger brother will have delays and rift in the family and elder brother may face legal matters or problems from workers. The natives who are running dasa of Saturn- venus,mercury,mars will be least affected.
6)      VIRGO:  3,6,11 houses are considered good for evil planets like rahu Saturn mars etc. In your third house Saturn will come giving you relief from the personal issues you have been facing since last 2 and half years. Those in media will be most benefited by this transit if they are running dasa of Saturn. Virgo gives many media persons. Though in star of Jupiter there will not be much happening for you but when it will transit in own star and then into star of mercury you will have real good happenings. But the negative point is that Saturn rules 6th house also thus you will be prone to have a miscarriage, abortion etc and end of love matters and speculative losses. So do things carefully. You will have an edge over the other in legal matters; there will be lots of travels to do in the coming time. Those having 12th csl as Saturn will do many foreign travels for short terms. You will have some ideological differences with your brothers, sisters. Your kids will have progress in their fields of study/ work. They may see a change in job also for better one. Your younger brother /sister will have afflicted personal lives , they may get lethargic and develop the syndrome of delaying today`s work to tomorrow. In a later phase your mother in law will cause problems in your family. Natives running dasa of Saturn- moon,mercury,venus will be least affected.
7)      LIBRA: After a long time you will finally get the things rolling.  Separation, change of place, bad luck are all going to happen for you. Financial losses and wrong decisions will take you aback. Saturn rules 4th and 5th house which are the houses of gain of opponent and his karma sthana. Thus instead of you getting the benefit, they will have a better time. Obviously, it will depend upon their charts too. Second house is the house of “END OF MARRIAGE” as per KP, reader IV and also the house to judge for second marriage, same book. As it is the 8th house from seventh. So those people who were having a bad personal life will now finally say bye to each other legally as long as Saturn transits in Jupiter star then it will go in own star and will be good for your kids and religious practices etc. You will see bad health of your parents. There will be losses to your father in law. He may be hospitalized. Romance will bloom in your lives; you may find a life partner. Health and education of your kids will be fine and prospering. Your mother may have financial gains. When Saturn will transit in mercury star, your father may face chronic state of health. This transit will be good for your elder brother/sister. For your younger brother it may give losses and increased expenses. Those who are running dasa of Saturn-moon, sun will be least affected.
8)      SCORPIO: Jupiter, Saturn, mercury all rules more or less good houses. Thus this transit will be good except for a few things. You will have financial gains, romance, long term affairs, speculative gains, success by own efforts, outcompeting others, dominating enemies. Many of your wishes will be fulfilled in the coming time if you are running dasa of Saturn or it is connected with your dasa lord in some or other way by occupation of star. There are chances of your getting a partner of other religion. Those married will have some small disturbances in their married life as Saturn will bestow its own effect too apart from its stellar significations. Your relations with your brothers/sisters will get better, your mother may get promoted in her job or her business venture will become successful. Your father may have some problems in his professional life. Those running Saturn- sun,moon,Jupiter dasa will have the best of it.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: There will be increased expenses, you may move away from home. There will be sudden obstacles in your path to success. You may suffer bad health. Defamation also cannot be ruled out. Some of you may be prisoned. Personal life will suffer. There will be lot of travels which will prove wasteful. You may have eye and throat problems. Your younger brother will become popular; your mother will have divine blessings and gains from speculation. Your father will have domestic disturbances. Your spouse may have a better job change. She may otherwise have trouble from her maternal family. Your family will be supportive towards you. Those running Saturn – sun,venus,Jupiter will have the better of this transit.
10)   CAPRICORN: your ascendant lord is transiting to 11th house of gains. It is the best phase for you if you are running dasa of Saturn. You will have new friends, works will be accomplished earlier than  expected. Your fame will rise to new heights. You will be the centre of attraction in your circle, if Saturn is not connected to your 12th or 8th house at star or sub level. If Saturn is connected with 8th then all will be in vain. There could be illness to your mother. Your father will have good time. You will see your wife getting more expensive to handle. There will be positive news from legal cases for you. You will have good relations with your seniors. There will be birth of a baby boy to your younger brother. You will amass huge wealth as per your social stature. Natives running Saturn-moon,sun,Jupiter will not have the best of this transit.
11)   AQUARIUS: Since long things have been pending for you, now your good time will begin, but if Saturn is a significator of 8th or 12th house, not much will happen. You will rise in your profession, there will be better job opportunities, you will become famous in your circle. The coming 5 years will be prove life changing for you if Saturn dasa is on and it is not connected with negative houses. Jupiter Saturn and mercury are all good planets for you. If there is a personal crunch going on then you will see its end in a better way during this transit. You may have an affair with an elderly woman. It will not last for long until unless there are other supports to it. Irrespective of the ongoing antras, if Saturn dasa is on , you will have many benefits in coming 4-5 years. Just be patient as Saturn also rules your 12th house, so don’t over expect, and don’t hurry.
12)   PISCES: If you have just begun the Saturn dasa then a lot of good things await you. Though Saturn is the 12th lord but as per sage parasara, the 12th lords give the result of their other sign, which in your case becomes 11th house. You will have good gains and there are very chances that you will become a consultant to a famous personality or you may have friendship with a person who will guide you through. There will be lot of long travels, pilgrimages to watery areas during this period. Purchase of house is also there, new vehicle will also come. Rich natives may contribute in construction of a temple. Personal life also will get smooth in the last phase.

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