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Mars is going to transit in sagittarius .  Being a fiery planet in a fiery sign, one should not expect much goodness but the sign lord will not aspect him anymore and saturn will aspect Mars from his third aspect. So we are sure to have some more lethal happenings around the world. This diwali may see a lot many firecracker shops burnt to ashes and cold storages malfunctioning. There could be severe clashes in the world which may involve mass lives being lost. Intellectuals and thinkers may see their end in this transit. There will be fall of bridges and buldings and possibly small earthquakes can also hit various part of the planet. Mars will transit in stars of ketu, venus, sun during this transit. This is based on ascendant and not on moon sign, the affect will be most to the natives running DBA of mars or the dasa lord is connected with mars in star or sub level. Others will not have much to gain or loose. On various nativities the affect of this transit will be : 1)