Sunday, October 19, 2014


Mars is going to transit in sagittarius .  Being a fiery planet in a fiery sign, one should not expect much goodness but the sign lord will not aspect him anymore and saturn will aspect Mars from his third aspect. So we are sure to have some more lethal happenings around the world. This diwali may see a lot many firecracker shops burnt to ashes and cold storages malfunctioning. There could be severe clashes in the world which may involve mass lives being lost. Intellectuals and thinkers may see their end in this transit. There will be fall of bridges and buldings and possibly small earthquakes can also hit various part of the planet. Mars will transit in stars of ketu, venus, sun during this transit. This is based on ascendant and not on moon sign, the affect will be most to the natives running DBA of mars or the dasa lord is connected with mars in star or sub level. Others will not have much to gain or loose.
On various nativities the affect of this transit will be :
1)      ARIES: This will be a positive transit as the ascendant lord will transit in a trine and you will have luck favoring you, good things happening in personal life and abroad travels, pilgrimmage and good health to your parents etc will happen. Rest assured in time to come much of your bad times will pass away.
2)      TAURUS: Marital discord is seen but will fade away slowly so instead of arguing and quarreling rather wait for the time to pass away on its own. There will be problems from opponents and some issues realted to ancestral property, vehicle, people in general may come up to disturb you.
3)      GEMINI: End of love affairs is what it will bring first of all, next the problems will come in your learning process and personal life. Your many tasks will get delayed unnecessarily and you will get irritated. Expenses will come up suddenly. Your communication with the family and friends will improve.
4)      CANCER: Good progress will be there in worksphere. You will have to devote much time towards your work and love and family will feel neglected. There will be good gains and your bank balance will also be increasing . What will be affected is your love life which will give you emotional setbacks.
5)      LEO: At planetary level 9th lord in 5th house promotes love matters, but it will be transiting in the stars of ketu venus and sun itself. Thus there will be end of matters related to love in time to come , not for all but for many it will happen. There will be earnings through your good behaviour, earning of name fame popularity and goodwill apart from money. Over all a good transit for you in many dimensions.
6)      VIRGO: Mars is worst for this ascendant as it is the 8th lord, and is very benefic also by being third lord. Thus we see many virgo working in media print or electronic and now social one also but having drastic changes in life due to the 8th house effect. There will be progress in work, personal life will be affected, there will be  name fame for you and some problems to elders in the family will be there.
7)      LIBRA: Very soon libra is going to be freed from the clutches of saturn, Mars will go into the third house. Legal matters will bounce back on you, if at all they are going on. You will have the edge in other matters except legal ones, you will have many things get done in this time and work front will be great for you. Overall this will be a good transit for work and not so good for personal life and romantic incidents.
8)      SCORPIO: Good times are ahead as ascendant lord will transit in house of money, family so you may earn few , buy things and may also have small quarrels with the family members. Initially things will be great but later there will be disturbances and and then all will be well. This is indeed a good transit for those scorpio natives who are runnning mars DBA in their horoscopes.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: YOU will loose your cool more often than usual. You will have good time as far as your work is concerned but the atmosphere at home will be disturbed due to increased expenses and fevers and bruises to you and or to the family members. Mars is aspecting Jupiter which is transiting in your 8th house. Thus you will have to put in extra efforts to get things done.
10)   CAPRICORN: Mars will be in 12th house being lord of 11th it will delay your matters related to almost everything. Thus instead of getting irritated, it will be better to wait for things to happen positively as they will happen but after some time. you will travel outstations for your work. The end of the transit will be most disappointing and there could be some injury and insult waiting for you. Be cautious in the month of november.
11)   AQUARIUS: Aquarians will have 10th lord in 11th house, thus there will be work progress indeed and there will be popularity coming for them,New friends will be added in their list. They may have new relations with opposites. Overall this will be a good transit.
12)   PISCES: This transit will be best for Pisces and aquarius it seems as the lord of 9th and 2nd will be in 10th improving the prospects of 10th and second house thus making you gain money and fame. But the negative aspect is that you may suddenly feel quite elevated and may take wrong steps. Some may change their jobs for a better oppurtunity. There will be some hurdles in between but overall by the time Mars will reach capricorn, it will bestow many good things on you.

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