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                                                                 MERCURY IN LIBRA  Planet mercury has arrived in libra. The sign ruler is his friend and the conjunction is with saturn which is his another friend. Mercury will remain in Libra till 24 th november 2014. This is a long time because in between it will get retrograde and move back to Virgo. Generally mercury moves in to another sign in 15-16 days as it is a very fast moving planet. Some people will have loss of cellphones, some will have whistles in the ear, itching in the skin. Some will have sudden damage of memory cards. Some will have very disturbed internet speeds. There will be a problem in speech to some and may utter wrong words in hurry. Some will have quarrel with friends and some will buy new cells and laptops. The effects on various nativities will be: 1)       ARIES:  Personal life will be good. You will enjoy the time. you will have success through communication in business and meetings. THERE could be

Do you have combinations to acquire diabetes

                                  Do you have combinations to acquire diabetes Dear readers, India apart from a huge market for many things is also a big market for pharma -manufacturing drugs and gadgets for diabetes. We are a fast-growing nation adding up many patients each day mostly due to our negligence and making the doctors richer every month. Still, we die and never get any credit from doctors for their big cars and offices which they owe to diabetic patients. And the prevention are so simple, I read somewhere…all we need to do is remain sane and keep doing workout or morning walks and inhale fresh air. Less alcohol is also advised. I will not go into the medical aspect of getting diabetic as it is not my sphere. And I wish that Indian becomes a diabetes-free country and the medical bills get lesser. Guruji Shree KSK says 12 th house is for defect, 6 th disease and 8 th danger. Buy Best Diabetic food Amazon Delivered KP READER-4 P-100.2006 EDITION. The 6th cusp su


                                               MARS TRANSIT TO SCORPIO  Mars has moved to Scorpio  . Scorpio is the negative sign of mars, where it simply means a female sign. In this sojourn it is expected that mars will be giving relief to many natives as there is no destructive influence on him. It will pass through the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury during this time. Thus if these planets are benefic for the native in his personal horoscope then it will be giving good results provided the native is running through mars pratyantara or antara or the lord is connected with mars at stellar level in his chart. 1)       ARIES: There will be minor health issues; there will be unwanted losses and delays in your work. You will be using a lot of technical gadgets to convey yourself. You may face defamation. But things will get better in midway. Your evil acts will remain hidden mostly. 2)       TAURUS: Mild marital discord is there; control your anger and language. Backbone m