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SUN IN GEMINI  Sun will transit into Gemini on 15 th June 2014 and will be transiting in the contellations of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter during this period. We can see following effects on the natives in general, applicable mostly to people having DBA of sun or connection with sun in their DBA:- 1)       ARIES: There will be problems in your communication gadgets, your verbal and non verbal communication will not be much effective for some time, you may have heated arguments with your siblings and neighbors. There will be health risks also and you will have expenses lowering your bank balance. Do not speculate in this time. 2)       TAURUS: Mild headaches, eye problems will be there. You will use foul language for your own people. There will be a break in your romantic life. She/He can go out for some time. There could be some hidden earnings and accomplishments of old tasks in this month. 3)       GEMINI: THERE will be win over opposition, gain from legal matters, your maternal


TRANSIT OF JUPITER IN CANCER  Every planet debilitates in the seventh sign counted from its sign of exaltation and vice versa. Jupiter creates one of the panch mahapurush yogas called “Hamsa” yoga when he is in his sign of exaltation, own or mooltrikona sign IN an angle from the ascendant. Jupiter takes around a year to complete its transit in a sign , this is the reason that when astrologers foresee an incident happening in a year, they take the transit of Jupiter as its basis for timing of the event many times Best Yellow Sapphire. Buy Now. Amazon Delivered. . Cancer is a watery movable sign consisting of constellations punarvasu, pushya and ashlesha ruled by Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Moon is friendly to Jupiter and vice versa but the rest two are not friendly to moon or Jupiter. The general effects on the natives would be: 1)       ARIES: There are chances of gains of property, vehicles. You will be having religious activities at your home, there will be long and wastefu