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SUN TRANSIT IN TAURUS On around midnight of 14 th May sun will enter into taurus, a bullish fixed sign having constellations of Sun moon and Mars. The constellation of moon – Rohini falls in this sign which causes “nautapa” the nine days of extreme heat, when sun enters this constellation. This transit will witness the formation of the new government at New Delhi and the possibility of “achhe din” coming for India. But apart from this we humans are going to be affected as usual in some or the other way as all planetary transits do affect in some or other way. Sun will move away from ketu- Rahu axis and aspects of Saturn and Mars,this will be a good factor for all. 1)       ARIES: There will be happiness from offspring’s, spouse and younger relatives. There will be some relief in personal life and gains from speculative acts is also promised. There will be relief in old diseases. 2)       TAURUS: There will be some disputes with the elders on ideas. You will have inclination


Homosexuality is sexual attraction, act of sex with a person of your own gender. This term is not at all new and there are countries where marriage between people of same sex is legitimate. In west, homosexuality is considered normal. In many countries, it is considered unsocial and inhuman. And, while the world is still debating about homosexuality, people belonging to the community are enjoying their new found identity. The international community is talking about the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights. Different organizations are working to help these people live a normal life. Even in India, the court in an epic judgment has ruled that Homosexuality is not a crime. In this article, we will analyze Kundlis of two men who are homosexuals. Is there any relation between the placement of the stars in your Kundli and your sexual behavior? Lets find out more with the help of an example. Astrology is a vast science and has reasons for all things that touch hu


MERCURY IN TAURUS Mercury will move to taurus, sign ruled by his friend who is going exalted in pisces these days. Lets see what could be the possible outcome of this transit in constellations of Sun, Moon and Mars. Since It moves very fast is a sign so its effects will also be for a very limited duration usually. 1)      ARIES: There will good family atmosphere, you may shed a little weight, there will be liking for music,you may borrow monsy from someone. 2)      TARUS: Take care of your health, you will have good time in general, there will be short travels. 3)      GEMINI: You may make a foreign trip, there will be sudden losses, the outcome of legal matters will be positive. 4)      CANCER: This transit will prove to be costly, happiness will be there but things will take more to time to accomplish. 5)      LEO: Religious activities will be done by you, there will good earnings, work front will be good. 6)      VIRGO: Acute health problem may surface, you will hav