Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I was reading a book – My Experiences in Astrology by Late Shree B.V.Raman. It is one of those books which I have gone through more than 20-25 times and every time I find something new to ponder about astrology and astrologers. What is astrology all about basically? To me it is about giving timing of events – if they are promised in the horoscope and suggest Remedial measures if the chart says that things can be cured by remedial measures.
In ancient classics there are many traits given for a person to be an astrologer which vary from his personal life to ethics and social responsibilities. An astrologer should practice a disciplined life and be free from greed and have faith in God seems to be most important. He should be a sattvic person altogether. He should not demand money but remain happy in whatever the asker pays him.
But we see so many people doing astrology worldwide whose lives do not fall in the criteria of “sattvik” life style. Then why there predictions are as good as those who follow ethical life? What is the power that give them the edge to foresee future events, and wrong at time and correct at times?
India is a huge nation and in this nation it is not only astrologers who predict future correctly but also saints, siddh purusha, village astrologers, people doing “panch pakshi” vidya etc. the list will be endless.
In present age of so called development  where marriages fall in year or two many times, children throw their parents out of the home, corruption prevailing from highest to the grass root level, dowry deaths increasing and female foeticide on an overall high in our nation – how can we expect people to be as prescribed in our ancient scriptures? We are living in Kaliyuga.
As I am practicing astrology, I follow certain things in my life and I do not follow many. This is what is the case with almost all astrologers. I have seen it as I am from the same field. But I see that everyone is doing predictions and suggesting remedial measures and it is working on some and not working on some. So by and large a person into astrology becomes good for some and becomes quack for others.
The point which Lt. shree B.V.Raman ji has hinted in this book of his is- when he was going through favorable dasa and antras his predictions were going very good and when he was not going through favorable periods – his predictions were not so brilliant. Ofcourse he also said that his accuracy was around 70% in the same book.
This book most likely came in 1985 as it has foreward by A.R.SOMNATH IYER,dated 8-3-1985. A few excerpts from the same book hoping it is not causing copyright infringement, page 296 - “ Unfortunately today, in the name of “progress”, a dangerous term which we have blindly borrowed from west, even the sanctity of marriage is being questioned, thanks to the sponsored programmes and serials of the T.V. and the “progressive” idea publicised in the media by those calling themselves as champions of “women rights”. Life values so fondly cherished for generations and forming the foundations of family life in India are as a result being threatened and disruptive forces given freeplay. Sometimes the couple rush to astrologers just after a few months after getting married to know when they would be able to divorce their partners. Some marriages hardly last even a year.something must be done to halt the sense of alienation gripping the modern indian generation. These remarks are by the way.”
This was written in 1985!!! Imagine the state of affairs of today.
Now a days there are so many occupations one can do, morality level to its lowest…the wrath caused by so called – women empowerment  is so destroying the word – family  in all its meanings and things people are asking to astrologers are so shameful that I cannot even mention, where does the ethics part remain in humans? Are astrologers some other people ? No it is not like that.  
Here I would like to quote from Lt shree K.S.Krishanmurthy, the founder of KP Paddhati, from his book KP READER-II PAGE-54 ,I am not remembering the edition, it is a big issue with the readers - “God will be always be alert and be giving such wonderful guidance to the astrologer,to predict correctly, if those who consult him would have satisfactorily done virtuous deeds in the previous birth. Only those who had committed serious sins in the last birth will be disappointed in this birth in every walk of life. Even able astrologers will have misguiding facts, which they have to use as the basis, so that their calculation will go wrong and their prediction will fail. Probably the chart given to the astrologer may be casted by a quack and may be incorrect. Or the unluckiest querist would have mentioned 16. The astrologer would have misheard it as 60, worked and offered a prediction which failed finally. Mishearing is God`s action which is due to to the querist`s Karma. Thus in everything the divine force will work. God neither gives proper guidance to him nor allows the astrologer to give correct prediction in his case alone,as he was a great sinner and he has to be disappointed in everything, including the prediction of the expert astrologers.”
“One can consult any astrologer. Only when the native and the astrologer have favorable time, the astrologer will be able to give correct prediction to him. But, if their time is unfavorable, everything will go wrong and the party cannot have peace of mind. Good actions alone will yield desirable results. Thus astrology reminds one to do good alone which will surely offer peace of mind. No where in christian scriptures, astrology is disapproved. No where it is forbidden. But it warns us to its proper use.”

It no way means that astrology is not a precise science, even rocket launches have failed miserably – do we question the ability of physics? Famous surgeons forget scisssors in the stomach, are they not able surgeons? Is medical science to be blamed for that ?Even the so esteemed and secure Delhi metro rail bridges fell at few places, few years back ,causing damage to the public- did we questioned the science of engineering then? Planes have crashed and gone missing and not yet found- who is to be blamed ? the science?
Thus concluding from the legends speak, I am of the opinion that all persons doing astrology are good astrologers irrespective of the fact the some are more famous and some are less. It not only depends upon the horoscope of the asker but also on the horoscope of the person giving prediction and the most important thing is , as told by shree KSK the past karmas of the asker which leads him to a person who will offer him right or wrong predictions.
I hope next time when you will meet an astrologer, you will not blame him or anyone in case the prediction failed. Rest assured when your good time will come you will find the correct prediction even from the most naïve astrologer.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Mars has transited to Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. Capricorn is a earthy sign and Mars too represents immovable assets of a native. It also represents heavy machinery and heavy vehicles. Capricorn is ruled by saturn along with aquarius. Mars will be transiting in the stars of sun, moon and Mars. Lets see what effects it may bring in general. Those who are running dasa, bhukti or antra of mars will be more affected, others not like that.
1)      ARIES: your ego will be boosted and so will be your quarreling tendencies and aggresiveness. You will feel yourself better than others. Your love affiars will get a setback. There will be hidden gains to some. Mostly in the last phase there will be many unforeseen hindrances in your life.
2)      TAURUS: There will be increase in expenses. Your father may have bad health. There could be gains from kiths and kins. Your blood pressure will trouble you. There will be health issues related to blood in the last phase.
3)      GEMINI: There will be sudden gains and losses to you. Opponents will disturb you. There could be problems from brothers. Family life will be disturbed. You will gain position which you were not expecting.
4)      CANCER: Love life will be getting in bad shape. Better control things before they go out of hand. Your body temprature will be above normal. You will lose temper soon. Wife will be a source of dispute for some natives.Finances will improve.
5)      LEO: YOU will get irritated soon, there will be mental tensions. You will not be able to decide things properly. Your ascendant is aspected by saturn, mars both thus creating confusion. Elders may have bad health.
6)      VIRGO: Problems to your kids are indicated. They may fall ill or may be injured minorly by a sharp edged thing. Your hidden enemies will try to bounce on you. Stomach problems will surface up.
7)      LIBRA: There will be domestic strife. Loss of money is also indicated and problems in your profession may also arise due to your attitude. There will be health issues in your private parts. Some of you will have professional gains. The last phase will be giving lot of mental anguish.
8)      SCORPIO: Your ascendant lord is exalted. Transiting in your third house. There will be gains from family. You will become popular.   You will have sudden gains. Four planets are transiting in your ascendant. Be judicious when making important decisions.
9)      SAGGITARIUS: Abroad travels are indicated strongly. Your attitude will be a cause of trouble. You will have problems in lower back. Romance will flourish for the time being.
10)   CAPRICORN: Mars is transiting in your ascendant. You should remain cool and calm. Both sun and moon are not good as they are lord of 7th and 8th house. There will be mental stress, expenses etc but the last phase will be good as mars owns 11th house. When going to aquarius it will bestow some goodies to you.
11)   AQUARIUS:  THIS transit will be giving you hindrances in your professional sphere. There will be delays but things will be accomplished. You will have health issues related to stomach.
12)   PISCES: There will be good gains for those running period of mars specifically. You will do charitable deeds. You will become popular and will do long travels.

Monday, November 3, 2014


The most disliked and misunderstood planet saturn is going to change to scorpio on 2nd november 2014. Everywhere there are talks on related to this on almost every print electronic and social media. This is indeed an important transit as saturn will stay for 2 and half years in scorpio and then move to sagittarius on 26th January 2017. The major events that were triggered in its Libra transit in India were gigantic rise and pathetic fall of Arvind Kejriwal for one. BJP coming to power on its own in Loksabha. Many politicians, High officials, babus, going to jail and getting cought in trap of law, and many other things – the list will be endless.  So what to expect next is the question in every astrologers mind and also in the mind of the natives and readers of astrosage. Let me give you my point of view about the things that will happen your lives in this transit. As usual this is based on ascendant and those who are running the mahadasha of saturn or antara or pratyantra will be most affected, and those also who are having their running dasa lord connnected with saturn in stellar way. Saturn will be transiting in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in this transit.This article is based on ascendant and not on rashi or sun sign and is for natives running dasa of saturn or saturn is connected with the dasa antara pratyantara lord in stellar pattern.
1)      ARIES: For you this transit will be giving losses, delays, hurdles of all kinds as it will be in 8th house and will be in star of Jupiter, ruling your 9th and 12th house. Then it will go to own star and saturn rules 10th and 11th house and then it will move into star of mercury which rules your 3rd and 6th house.Thus when it will be in own star that time will be much better than the other two.In the coming two and half years you will face legal issues, health problems related to liver, kidney, food pipe,acidity,skin and eye problems, hospitalisation, foreign travels, break in love affair, success after lot of pains and irritation,problems to your parents, career enhancement of your father, loss of mobile- computer- communication gadgets. You will feel many times that Luck has forgot your address. Those who will run saturn –saturn, saturn- venus, saturn-sun,moon ,will not see much bad in this duration but others will have problems for sure.
The best part is that there will be hidden gains, some of you may develop interest in occult activities and knowledge.You may get wealth from your inlaws, ancestral properties, some old policies may mature in this time, and you may find some of your lost valuable documents and articles.whenever saturn will be in own sub in its own dasa in transit, it may give you all the good news you wanted to hear as it is planet ruling your 11th house.
2)       TAURUS: Personal life may feel a setback for a while, there are very much chances of having platonic love incidents in this period which may become the cause of the former. There will be initial problems and you may face defamation also. Love marriages will be celebrated in this time, you will have good communication and goodness in general. There will be new friends and new circles. You may meet some old friends also in this time. there will be gain of new articles, wealth etc. your bank balance will increase surely. Many of you will have sad endings of your love matters but many will take it to its logical end – Marriage.Remember – saturn is the badhaka planet for you so don’t expect fast earnings, just be patient and let things roll on their own. There will be material gains to your father. Health of mother may give trouble.you will become popular and famous in your circles.If you are an astrologer then your prediction may simply fall flat in saturn star jupiter sub period. There is not much related to health but you should be careful as if something will happen, it will be on a large scale. Your brother in law may become a source of strife for you Those having dashas of saturn-jupiter, mercury,  moon will have better experience then others.

3)      GEMINI: Saturn will be travelling In your 6th house and it rules your 8th and 9th house. Jupiter rules 10th and mercury is the ascendant lord. There will be problems from foes, you will have bad luck on many occassions, health will be a concern in the time to come. You will have to tackle labor issues in your organisation, your pets may also become source of harrasment. Your maternal uncle will have good times ahead. Work progress will be there and personal life will be normal. You will rise to the occasion in the last phase. There will issues related to immovable property. Your father may see a job change for a better one. Those who are running dasha of Saturn – Mars, Sun, Moon, Jupiter will have better experience than others.

4)      CANCER: Saturn will be in your 5th house. 5th house is prime house of progeny, wit, meditation, chanting mantras, speculation etc. Being the Lord of 8th it will cause delay in aforesaid things and will give losses in speculation. It will be in the star of Jupiter initially which is transiting in your ascendant, thus there will not be much to gain or lose initially but when it will enter its own star and then later in star of mercury, these two phases will be troublesome in almost every aspect. Though, when it will transit it own star it will cause trouble in the lives of your parents, luck of your father will elude him, your mother will have financial losses and health will be a factor to take care of. Your expenses will increase and there will be many unwanted delays and denials too in this transit. Those who are looking to get married or are waiting for the result of their efforts will face irritating delays at the last moment. There will be decrease in the financial stature and mind will be full of confusion. In own star it will allow love affairs to prosper as it is also the lord of 7th in 5th but they will not survive. You will have differences with your younger co-born.  There are chances of legal issues coming up. It will also prove good with respect to your foes as you will have a better edge over them and you will win over them. Those who are running dasa of Saturn-venus, Saturn-sun,Saturn-mars will be least affected.
5)      LEO: Saturn will be in your 4th house and will be transiting in stars of Jupiter(5,8) Saturn(6,7) mercury(2,11). You may have a change of residence; health of elders may suffer temporarily. You will have misunderstandings with your family members. There will be speculative losses, there will be differences in personal life, legal matters will be delayed, but when Saturn will enter in mercury star it will give many good things but that will be the last phase. As mercury rules the most important houses 2 and 11, this period will be very good. Otherwise also when Saturn will be in mercury sub you will have many things happening in your favor. Your competitors will also have a good time as they will progress too in this period. You wife may get a job or a change of job for a better one. This transit will favor you in the last phase and others first initially. You will be highly prone to take wrong decisions thus think twice before reaching any conclusion. Your younger brother will have delays and rift in the family and elder brother may face legal matters or problems from workers. The natives who are running dasa of Saturn- venus,mercury,mars will be least affected.
6)      VIRGO:  3,6,11 houses are considered good for evil planets like rahu Saturn mars etc. In your third house Saturn will come giving you relief from the personal issues you have been facing since last 2 and half years. Those in media will be most benefited by this transit if they are running dasa of Saturn. Virgo gives many media persons. Though in star of Jupiter there will not be much happening for you but when it will transit in own star and then into star of mercury you will have real good happenings. But the negative point is that Saturn rules 6th house also thus you will be prone to have a miscarriage, abortion etc and end of love matters and speculative losses. So do things carefully. You will have an edge over the other in legal matters; there will be lots of travels to do in the coming time. Those having 12th csl as Saturn will do many foreign travels for short terms. You will have some ideological differences with your brothers, sisters. Your kids will have progress in their fields of study/ work. They may see a change in job also for better one. Your younger brother /sister will have afflicted personal lives , they may get lethargic and develop the syndrome of delaying today`s work to tomorrow. In a later phase your mother in law will cause problems in your family. Natives running dasa of Saturn- moon,mercury,venus will be least affected.
7)      LIBRA: After a long time you will finally get the things rolling.  Separation, change of place, bad luck are all going to happen for you. Financial losses and wrong decisions will take you aback. Saturn rules 4th and 5th house which are the houses of gain of opponent and his karma sthana. Thus instead of you getting the benefit, they will have a better time. Obviously, it will depend upon their charts too. Second house is the house of “END OF MARRIAGE” as per KP, reader IV and also the house to judge for second marriage, same book. As it is the 8th house from seventh. So those people who were having a bad personal life will now finally say bye to each other legally as long as Saturn transits in Jupiter star then it will go in own star and will be good for your kids and religious practices etc. You will see bad health of your parents. There will be losses to your father in law. He may be hospitalized. Romance will bloom in your lives; you may find a life partner. Health and education of your kids will be fine and prospering. Your mother may have financial gains. When Saturn will transit in mercury star, your father may face chronic state of health. This transit will be good for your elder brother/sister. For your younger brother it may give losses and increased expenses. Those who are running dasa of Saturn-moon, sun will be least affected.
8)      SCORPIO: Jupiter, Saturn, mercury all rules more or less good houses. Thus this transit will be good except for a few things. You will have financial gains, romance, long term affairs, speculative gains, success by own efforts, outcompeting others, dominating enemies. Many of your wishes will be fulfilled in the coming time if you are running dasa of Saturn or it is connected with your dasa lord in some or other way by occupation of star. There are chances of your getting a partner of other religion. Those married will have some small disturbances in their married life as Saturn will bestow its own effect too apart from its stellar significations. Your relations with your brothers/sisters will get better, your mother may get promoted in her job or her business venture will become successful. Your father may have some problems in his professional life. Those running Saturn- sun,moon,Jupiter dasa will have the best of it.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: There will be increased expenses, you may move away from home. There will be sudden obstacles in your path to success. You may suffer bad health. Defamation also cannot be ruled out. Some of you may be prisoned. Personal life will suffer. There will be lot of travels which will prove wasteful. You may have eye and throat problems. Your younger brother will become popular; your mother will have divine blessings and gains from speculation. Your father will have domestic disturbances. Your spouse may have a better job change. She may otherwise have trouble from her maternal family. Your family will be supportive towards you. Those running Saturn – sun,venus,Jupiter will have the better of this transit.
10)   CAPRICORN: your ascendant lord is transiting to 11th house of gains. It is the best phase for you if you are running dasa of Saturn. You will have new friends, works will be accomplished earlier than  expected. Your fame will rise to new heights. You will be the centre of attraction in your circle, if Saturn is not connected to your 12th or 8th house at star or sub level. If Saturn is connected with 8th then all will be in vain. There could be illness to your mother. Your father will have good time. You will see your wife getting more expensive to handle. There will be positive news from legal cases for you. You will have good relations with your seniors. There will be birth of a baby boy to your younger brother. You will amass huge wealth as per your social stature. Natives running Saturn-moon,sun,Jupiter will not have the best of this transit.
11)   AQUARIUS: Since long things have been pending for you, now your good time will begin, but if Saturn is a significator of 8th or 12th house, not much will happen. You will rise in your profession, there will be better job opportunities, you will become famous in your circle. The coming 5 years will be prove life changing for you if Saturn dasa is on and it is not connected with negative houses. Jupiter Saturn and mercury are all good planets for you. If there is a personal crunch going on then you will see its end in a better way during this transit. You may have an affair with an elderly woman. It will not last for long until unless there are other supports to it. Irrespective of the ongoing antras, if Saturn dasa is on , you will have many benefits in coming 4-5 years. Just be patient as Saturn also rules your 12th house, so don’t over expect, and don’t hurry.
12)   PISCES: If you have just begun the Saturn dasa then a lot of good things await you. Though Saturn is the 12th lord but as per sage parasara, the 12th lords give the result of their other sign, which in your case becomes 11th house. You will have good gains and there are very chances that you will become a consultant to a famous personality or you may have friendship with a person who will guide you through. There will be lot of long travels, pilgrimages to watery areas during this period. Purchase of house is also there, new vehicle will also come. Rich natives may contribute in construction of a temple. Personal life also will get smooth in the last phase.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Mars is going to transit in sagittarius .  Being a fiery planet in a fiery sign, one should not expect much goodness but the sign lord will not aspect him anymore and saturn will aspect Mars from his third aspect. So we are sure to have some more lethal happenings around the world. This diwali may see a lot many firecracker shops burnt to ashes and cold storages malfunctioning. There could be severe clashes in the world which may involve mass lives being lost. Intellectuals and thinkers may see their end in this transit. There will be fall of bridges and buldings and possibly small earthquakes can also hit various part of the planet. Mars will transit in stars of ketu, venus, sun during this transit. This is based on ascendant and not on moon sign, the affect will be most to the natives running DBA of mars or the dasa lord is connected with mars in star or sub level. Others will not have much to gain or loose.
On various nativities the affect of this transit will be :
1)      ARIES: This will be a positive transit as the ascendant lord will transit in a trine and you will have luck favoring you, good things happening in personal life and abroad travels, pilgrimmage and good health to your parents etc will happen. Rest assured in time to come much of your bad times will pass away.
2)      TAURUS: Marital discord is seen but will fade away slowly so instead of arguing and quarreling rather wait for the time to pass away on its own. There will be problems from opponents and some issues realted to ancestral property, vehicle, people in general may come up to disturb you.
3)      GEMINI: End of love affairs is what it will bring first of all, next the problems will come in your learning process and personal life. Your many tasks will get delayed unnecessarily and you will get irritated. Expenses will come up suddenly. Your communication with the family and friends will improve.
4)      CANCER: Good progress will be there in worksphere. You will have to devote much time towards your work and love and family will feel neglected. There will be good gains and your bank balance will also be increasing . What will be affected is your love life which will give you emotional setbacks.
5)      LEO: At planetary level 9th lord in 5th house promotes love matters, but it will be transiting in the stars of ketu venus and sun itself. Thus there will be end of matters related to love in time to come , not for all but for many it will happen. There will be earnings through your good behaviour, earning of name fame popularity and goodwill apart from money. Over all a good transit for you in many dimensions.
6)      VIRGO: Mars is worst for this ascendant as it is the 8th lord, and is very benefic also by being third lord. Thus we see many virgo working in media print or electronic and now social one also but having drastic changes in life due to the 8th house effect. There will be progress in work, personal life will be affected, there will be  name fame for you and some problems to elders in the family will be there.
7)      LIBRA: Very soon libra is going to be freed from the clutches of saturn, Mars will go into the third house. Legal matters will bounce back on you, if at all they are going on. You will have the edge in other matters except legal ones, you will have many things get done in this time and work front will be great for you. Overall this will be a good transit for work and not so good for personal life and romantic incidents.
8)      SCORPIO: Good times are ahead as ascendant lord will transit in house of money, family so you may earn few , buy things and may also have small quarrels with the family members. Initially things will be great but later there will be disturbances and and then all will be well. This is indeed a good transit for those scorpio natives who are runnning mars DBA in their horoscopes.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: YOU will loose your cool more often than usual. You will have good time as far as your work is concerned but the atmosphere at home will be disturbed due to increased expenses and fevers and bruises to you and or to the family members. Mars is aspecting Jupiter which is transiting in your 8th house. Thus you will have to put in extra efforts to get things done.
10)   CAPRICORN: Mars will be in 12th house being lord of 11th it will delay your matters related to almost everything. Thus instead of getting irritated, it will be better to wait for things to happen positively as they will happen but after some time. you will travel outstations for your work. The end of the transit will be most disappointing and there could be some injury and insult waiting for you. Be cautious in the month of november.
11)   AQUARIUS: Aquarians will have 10th lord in 11th house, thus there will be work progress indeed and there will be popularity coming for them,New friends will be added in their list. They may have new relations with opposites. Overall this will be a good transit.
12)   PISCES: This transit will be best for Pisces and aquarius it seems as the lord of 9th and 2nd will be in 10th improving the prospects of 10th and second house thus making you gain money and fame. But the negative aspect is that you may suddenly feel quite elevated and may take wrong steps. Some may change their jobs for a better oppurtunity. There will be some hurdles in between but overall by the time Mars will reach capricorn, it will bestow many good things on you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


                                                                 MERCURY IN LIBRA 
Planet mercury has arrived in libra. The sign ruler is his friend and the conjunction is with saturn which is his another friend. Mercury will remain in Libra till 24th november 2014. This is a long time because in between it will get retrograde and move back to Virgo. Generally mercury moves in to another sign in 15-16 days as it is a very fast moving planet. Some people will have loss of cellphones, some will have whistles in the ear, itching in the skin. Some will have sudden damage of memory cards. Some will have very disturbed internet speeds. There will be a problem in speech to some and may utter wrong words in hurry. Some will have quarrel with friends and some will buy new cells and laptops.
The effects on various nativities will be:
1)      ARIES:  Personal life will be good. You will enjoy the time. you will have success through communication in business and meetings. THERE could be some legal problems which will fade off in the time to come.
2)      TAURUS: Love matters will end, with hope of rejuvenating later on. There could be miscarriage to some. There will be personal discords. Medication may eat up expenses. There could be change in job.
3)      GEMINI: Artistic flavours will flourish in your mind. Some platonic relationship with aged person may develop. There could be defamation due to this. You may have trouble in continuing your spiritual progress.
4)      CANCER: Your vehicle may give lesser mileage. Health of mother may become a matter of concern. Expenses will increase abruptly.
5)      LEO: You may develop some intimate relationship with someone in the family related to your kiths and kins. There will be some misunderstandings in the larger family. There are gains also from your relations. So play safe.
6)      VIRGO: There will be sudden gains from speculative acts. Love will grow more. You may finalise the candidate. Work place will give popularity, rewards. Minor health issues may trouble.
7)      LIBRA: Take care of your expenses, long travels as you may have losses. This is high time you fall in love with someone and find your soulmate. You may find a younger native for the purpose.
8)      SCORPIO: You will have losses and delays in your endevors. Some windfall gains are also indicated to some natives. Keep cool and stay calm. Take care of health. You may have to move away from your native place.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: You will gain good friends and will have news of success. Good period for you. You will have some conspiracies against you but will not be shadowed due to them. There will be good family atmosphere and new purchases are also indicated.
10)   CAPRICORN: There will be religious intent in mind. Overall a good period. Don’t be carried away because of your emotions. Socialize more and more and meet people to know their point of view also. Work place will be positive and rewarding.
11)   AQUARIUS: Chances of romatic afflictions are on so if you wish you can try your hand though you are too shy to go for it usually. You will have some good dreams also during this transit. Some old friends etc can meet up. Beware of any acts after intoxication of anykind as it may land you in bigtime trouble.
12)   PISCES: Time will not be favorable though some hidden agendas may be fulfilled. It is better to be cautious. You will have disturbed personal life. But there is nothing to worry as it will be over soon. Be careful with the health of your elders.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do you have combinations to acquire diabetes

                                  Do you have combinations to acquire diabetes

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The 6th cusp sub lord is Mercury, in star of Venus. The ascendant is in star of Mercury and sub of venus. The ascendant is directly connected with 6th cusp and 8th cusp, as Mercury rules 8th cusp. This infant was diagnosed with severe diabetes and is still hospitalised.Buy Best Diabetic food Amazon Delivered The 8th cusp sub lord is Jupiter which is own star and sub and is placed in 8th cusp. Venus Antara was prevailing when she was born.

The disease was diagnosed in Venus Mahadasha - Venus Antara. The 6th cusp sub lord is Mercury in sub of Venus. Venus is aspected by Saturn, the 8th lord. Jupiter, the Badhakapti is aspecting Mercury; as for dual ascendant, the 7th house is the Badhakapti. Venus is in the star of Jupiter, the Badhakapati and in own subBuy Best Diabetic food Amazon Delivered.

The sixth cuspal sub lord is Jupiter. The sixth cusp is in the star of Mars. Ascendant is in the star of Venus and sub of Saturn. Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are conjunct. The disease was detected in Rahu Dasa and Bhukti. Rahu is in star sub of Saturn, which is a Maraka planet and is conjunct Venus, which is in the star of Mars, the lord of 12th house. 12th house is for hospitalisation apart from other things and the native was hospitalised due to it. Rahu is in the sign of Mars, Buy Best Diabetic food Amazon Deliveredaspected by Saturn. 

The ascendant is in the star of Venus, 6th lord and sub of Ketu. The 6th csl is Venus and the star lord is Mars. You will see that Saturn and Venus are conjunct. Saturn is a Maraka for the native. Mars is aspected by Saturn. The native was a diabetic person.

The disease was detected around 5 years back, Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu is conjunct Venus. Venus is again the 6th lord. Venus is in Jupiter and own sub. The 6th cusp is in the star of Mars sub of Saturn. For fixed ascendants, the 9th house lord is Badhakapti, which is Saturn here. Saturn is aspecting Jupiter, the star lord of Venus and Rahu and which is in sub of Rahu himselfBuy Best Diabetic food Amazon Delivered.

Dear readers, there can be a number of horoscopes, but we found that Venus, Mars, and Saturn are playing the main mischief here. Venus rules over sweets and Jupiter rules over fats. Both cause this disease in their capacities, as lord of malefic houses etc.Buy Best Diabetic food Amazon Delivered You can use the brilliant software of AstroSage.com and judge your horoscope to find out whether you are prone to be afflicted by this disease or not. Lastly, I request the patrons to keep at least 30 mins of the busy schedule of your life solely for exercise and inhaling fresh air. Drinks loads of freshwater in the morning.Buy Best Diabetic food Amazon Delivered May you never get this disease.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


                                               MARS TRANSIT TO SCORPIO 
Mars has moved to Scorpio  . Scorpio is the negative sign of mars, where it simply means a female sign. In this sojourn it is expected that mars will be giving relief to many natives as there is no destructive influence on him. It will pass through the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury during this time. Thus if these planets are benefic for the native in his personal horoscope then it will be giving good results provided the native is running through mars pratyantara or antara or the lord is connected with mars at stellar level in his chart.
1)      ARIES: There will be minor health issues; there will be unwanted losses and delays in your work. You will be using a lot of technical gadgets to convey yourself. You may face defamation. But things will get better in midway. Your evil acts will remain hidden mostly.
2)      TAURUS: Mild marital discord is there; control your anger and language. Backbone may give some pains. Good work progress will be there. Long travels are also likely. You may purchase new and costly things of luxury.
3)      GEMINI: Litigation will be favorable; you will find a source to move ahead on it. Work front will be good. You may start new things related to work. You will want to take more rest in the last phase. There will be some delays but you will get things done lately.
4)      CANCER: Personal life will be affected to an extent. Otherwise there will be good things only happening for you. Work front will be good too. You may think to change the job. Business people will have good going largely.
5)      LEO: There will be good and aggressive progress in works. You may have difference of opinion with family and friends. People looking for own shelter may finalize during this time.
6)      VIRGO: Media people will come into light. There will be a duality constantly going in your mind related to various pending decisions. You may take some wrong decisions. Speculative trades will give short profits.
7)      LIBRA: You will have better personal relations for a short period. You will have to control the vocabulary you use. There may be some wound on lower abdomen or face may meet with some scratch.
8)      SCORPIO: You will have good time mostly. There will be gain of money. All you need is to remain calm and think wisely not emotionally. There will be short travels and good times with friends.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Romantic life will be disturbed and there will be speculative losses. There will be minor scuffles in the family between the co-born. At work also there will be problems.
10)   CAPRICORN: This will be very favorable to you as the 11th lord will be resting in 11th house creating a good yoga for you. But there will be increased expenses in the beginning and later there will be gains also. You will have better financial times during this duration.
11)   AQUARIUS: There will be popularity for most of you. Work progress will be there. You will have new friends and favors from seniors. Some new streams of work may come in pipeline. But matters of romance may come to a standstill.

12)   PISCES: THERE will be some long travels and health of elders in the family may suffer for a while. There will be expenses and gains in the mild form happening for you. Overall it will not be harmful to you and in the end you will be on the profits side till 18th October 2014. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

क्या आपके जीवन साथी के विवाहेतर सम्बन्ध हैं

क्या आपके जीवन साथी के विवाहेतर सम्बन्ध हैं

प्रिय ज्योतिष प्रेमियों , यद्यपि यह गंभीर विषय है मगर आप रोज़ मर्रा के जीवन में देखेंगे तो हमें ऐसा बहुत सुनने को मिलता है की अमुक महिला का अमुक व्यक्ति से गुप्त प्रेम सम्बन्ध है और दोनों ही विबाहित भी हो सकते हैं या कोई एक नहीं भी सकता है. यह बहुत आम चर्चा रहती है और ऐसा होता भी है ....समाज में हो रहे कई परिवर्तन इसके कारण हैं. और यह कई कारणों से हो सकता है ...पति की नपुंसकता , पत्नी का दुर्व्यवहार , समय का अभाव , आपसी समझ का अभाव , वगेरह वगेरह . हमको इसके सामाजिक और मनोवैज्ञानिक तथ्यों से कोई मतलब नहीं है अपितु इसके ज्योतिषीय कारणों की चर्चा ज़रूर करेंगे Spy camera aaj hi ghar mein lagwaiye.
श्री कृष्णमूर्ति जी ने –स्वच्छ पत्नी – के विषय में कहा है ---यदि सप्तम का उपनक्ष्त्र मंगल , शुक्र, शनि ना हो , और वह उपनक्ष्त्र स्वामी इन ग्रहों के नक्षत्र में न हो तथा ना ही इनकी राशि में हो तब यह पक्का है की महिला स्वच्छ होगी – स्वच्छ से यहाँ तात्पर्य विवाह पूर्व शारीरिक सम्बन्ध के विषय में है . kp रीडर -४ , १९९६ संस्करण , पृष्ट -१०० .

सुधि पाठक पूर्ण अवगत हैं की शुक्र काम का कारक है , मंगल उत्प्रेरक है और शनि छुपाने वाला और नैसर्गिक बुरा गृह है Spy camera aaj hi ghar mein lagwaiye .
सिर्फ कृष्णमूर्ति ज्योतिष ही एकमात्र ज्योतिष है जिसे वैश्विक रूप से सफलता के साथ इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है.
आइये पहले देखते हैं की श्री बी.वी. रमन ने इस सम्बन्ध में क्या कहा है :मैं संक्षिप्त में ही बताऊंगा
यदि सप्तमेश
1)      तीसरे घर में हो : बहुत ज्यादा पाप प्रभाव में हो, तब व्यक्ति के उसके भाई की पत्नी के साथ अथवा महिला के उसकी बहिन के पति के साथ सम्बन्ध हो सकते हैं किन्तु वह बहुत पाप प्रभाव में होना चहिये Spy camera aaj hi ghar mein lagwaiye.
2)      चतुर्थ भाव में हो : और राहू – केतु के साथ हो तब जातक की पति / पत्नी के चाल चलन पर शक किया जा सकता है.
3)      पंचम भाव में हो  : और बहुत अधिक पीड़ित हो तो जातक की पत्नी किसी और के शिशु को जन्म दे सकती है.
4)      छठे भाव में हो : और बहुत पीढित हो तो व्यक्ति नपुंसक भी हो सकता है , साथ ही शुक्र भी बहुत कमजोर होना चहिये तथा उसका विवाह ऐसी महिला के साथ हो सकता है जो बीमार होगी तथा व्यक्ति को विवाहित जीवन का आनंद नहीं लेने देग Spy camera aaj hi ghar mein lagwaiyeी.
5)      एकादश भाव में हो : तो व्यक्ति के अनेक सम्बन्ध हो सकते हैं अता दो शादियाँ कर सकता है.
सप्तम भाव में गृह :
1)      सूर्य : जातक नैतिक रूप से पतित हो सकता है तथा स्त्रीयों के कारण अपमानित भी हो सकता है और उसकी पत्नी का आचरण संदेहास्पद हो सकता हैMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
2)      चन्द्र : व्यक्ति बहुत ही कामुक , ईर्ष्यालु होगा . उसकी पत्नी सुंदर होगी मगर वह दुसरे की पत्नियों में अधिक रूचि रखेगा.
3)      केतु : जातक पापी आचरण वाला होगा और उसकी रूचि विधवा स्त्रीयों में होगी .
श्री कृष्णमूर्ति जी के अनुसार , उसी पुस्तक के पृष्ट ८२ से Let us see what Shree Ksk has said about plurality of partners: page-82 same book.
1)      शुक्र और यूरेनस का ख़राब द्रष्टि सम्बन्ध शादी के लिए तैयार लड़कियों से सुख के पूर्ती करवाता है .
2)      चन्द्र का शुक्र के साथ खराब सम्बन्ध दुसरे की पत्नियों से सुख दिलवाता है.
3)      शुक्र चन्द्र यूरेनस नेप्तून यदि १,२,५,७,११,में हों तो दुसरे के साथ आनंद प्राप्त करता है.शनि से गोपनीयता बनी रहती है , मंगल से इच्छा को कर्म में परिवर्तित करने की ऊर्जा आती है ,गुरु का अच्छा प्रभाव हो तो सब कुछ ठीक चलता रहता है किन्तु विपरीत प्रभाव हुआ तो शिशु का जन्म हो सकता है और सामने वाली जातक कानून का सहारा ले सकती है और व्यक्ति को बहुत नुक्सान दे सकती हैMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
ऐसे बहुत से गृह और नक्षत्र संयोग उनके द्वारा बताये गए जिनको आप स्वयं उस पुस्तक से पढ़ सकते हैं.
अब हम कुछ कुंडलियों को इन सबकी कसौटी पर रख कर देखते हैं :

सप्तम का उपनक्ष्त्र स्वामी बुध है जो की शुक्र की राशि में है और मंगल तथा सूर्य से जुड़ा हुआ है.सप्तमेश चंद्र राहू – केतु के अक्ष पर है और शुक्र से युति कर रहा है. इस जातक के कई विवाह पूर्व तथा पश्चात सम्बन्ध हैं . इनका एक बहुत लम्बा प्रणय सम्बन्ध भी था जो विफल हो गया.चंद्रमा शनि के नक्षत्र में है , शुक्र मंगल की राही में है , बुध राहू के नक्षत्र में है जो शुक्र से युति कर रहा है.अतः श्री कृष्णमूर्ति और रमन जी की बात इस कुंडली पर पूर्ण सत्य है Male Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..

सप्तमेश सूर्य है तथा शनि के नक्षत्र में है और मंगल की राशी में है. वह बुध के साथ है. शुक्र पर शनि और मंगल दोनों की द्रष्टि है तथा वक्री गुरु की द्रष्टि है. इस जातक के द्वारा एक महिला गर्भवती हुई और पुलिस में चली गयी. इसका तलाक हुआ क्योंकि इसके जिससे शादी हुई थी उसका पहले से ही कहीं प्रेम सम्बन्ध था. और फिर इसकी दूसरी शादी हुई.
सप्तम का उपनक्ष्त्र स्वामी स्वयं मंगल है , वह सूर्य के नक्षत्र में है जो शुक्र से युति कर रहा है. शनि की मंगल पर द्रष्टि है. सप्तमेश राहू – केतु अक्ष पर है.इनका अभी एक विवाहेतर सम्बन्ध चल रहा हैMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now. .
इस जातक का सप्तमेश शुक्र लाभ में है और मंगल से युति कर रहा है और शनि तथा गुरु से द्रष्ट है.इसका एक विजातीय प्रणय हुआ जो विवाह में बदला और अब यह दुसरे में असक्त है.अधिक जानकारी नहीं है.

इनका सप्तम भाव का उपनक्ष्त्र स्वामी राहू है जो सूर्य के नक्षत्र और शुक्र के उपनक्ष्त्र में है और द्विस्वभाव राशि में है. सूर्य पर शनि की द्रष्टि है.सूर्य शुक्र के नक्षत्र में है जो की सीधा सप्तम भाव को देख रहा है .जातक के कई महिलाओं से विवाह पश्चात शारीरिक सम्बन्ध हैं.
वैसे तो मैं और भी कुण्डलियाँ प्रस्तुत कर सकता हूँ मगर बात इतने ही साफ़ होनी चहिये. तो आपने देखा की हमारे महान ज्योतिषियों श्री रमन और श्री कृष्णमूर्ति जी कितने सटीक हैं , ज्योतिष में संदेह की कोई जगह नहीं होती विशेषकर कृष्णमूर्ति पद्धति में जो की सबसे वैज्ञानिक और तार्किक हैMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..

यह कुंडलियाँ समाज के अलग अलग तबके के स्त्री पुरुषों की हैं और इनके बारे में कोई भी डिटेल मैं प्रदान नहीं कर पाउँगा. यदि आपके पति या पत्नी ऐसे हैं तो आपको उनको ऐसा अनैतिक कृत्य करने से रोकना चहियेMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..



Dear readers, we have witnessed so many incidents in our life about a person being fooled cheated by his/her partner. Here the word cheating is used here for a wife or husband cheating their spouse and having another person in their lives and so on which we say extramarital affair. I also understand that this is a sensitive issue but as usual, astrosage has always given you the content of the class and this is my effort for the same. How do we define cheating is already I have told, the prime house for marriage is the seventh house which is also a house for legal agreementMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
Let us read first what Shree Ksk said about a “chaste wife”—if the sub lord of the seventh cusp is neither mars nor venus nor Saturn and if the sub lord of the seven is not deposited in the constellation of mars, venus,Saturn or occupying one of the signs belonging to Mars, Venus or Saturn then the girl will be chaste. KP Reader-4, 1996 edition page 100Male Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
Our readers know already that venus controls sex, mars gives the power of initiation and Saturn is a separative planet and a natural malefic by nature though KP System does not entertain traditional Vedic astrology in many respects. It simply says that any the planet which is in a benefic form will give benefits and vice versa, to the particular native.
KP System is the only system which is applicable universally and which works on fixed rules.
Aren`t there many instances when we hear that the wife or husband of a native is having secret relations with an x male or a female. Why does it happen? Sociologically, there can be many reasons innumerate like lack of time and lacking, extra sex desire of the native, one not able to fully understand the physical needs of the partner and so on. Bad behaviour of any of the partner. These are sociological stuff but we are interested herewith is the astrological parameter of it and you can use astrosage brilliant software to judge yourself on the horoscopes which you have or the people you have knownMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
Let us see what is said by the great Lt Shree B.V.Raman about the same, extramarital affair with keeping the seventh house in focus. I will be giving selected inferences,
Seventh Lord in:
1)      Third House: If afflicted, then the native may have relations with the wife of his brother or with the husband of her sister. Kindly note, they should be heavily afflictedMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
2)      Fourth House: If the seventh lord is afflicted by nodes then the character of the spouse may be suspicious.
3)      Fifth House: If afflicted, then the wife of the native may deliver some others child. This combination also gives love marriage.
4)      Sixth House: If afflicted, and venus is also weak then the native may be an Impotent a person who will marry a jealous and sickly wife who will deny him the marital pleasures.
5)      Eleventh House: May marry twice or may have a plurality in relations.
Planets in Seventh House:
1)      Sun: The native will be morally degraded, his spouse may be of a dubious character and he will have losses due to women.
2)      Moon: The native will be oversexed, jealous. He will beget a beautiful wife but will like other`s wives.
3)      Ketu: The native will be an evildoer, will have an attraction towards widows.
Let us see what Shree Ksk has said about a plurality of partners: page-82 same book.
1)      Venus and Uranus forming evil aspects gives pleasure with girls to be married.
2)      Moon forming bad aspect with venus – pleasure with other`s partners.
3)      Moon Venus Uranus Neptune in 1,2,5,7,11 – enjoys with others. Saturn keeps it confidential, Mars mercury threatens that one will carry on without delicacy or fear even though it is an open secret. If Jupiter forms good aspect, there is no complication but if Jupiter forms evil aspect – the child may be born and another party may take law in her hands, drag the person to court, pleasure ending in pains.
And so on, there are many combinations given by these greats of Astrology. But when do they fructify? Even a beggar is born with raja yogas and millionaires are born with no yoga at all. The superstar of the Millennium, Amitabh Bachchan – when he was born – it is a must that in the same hospital there must be at least one person born and many must have born worldwide but only he became what he is today. We don’t know who were the others, I agree that the cusp sub lord will change creating a change in the destiny of people born at different places but what about in the same room same time? on the next bed which is just a meter awayMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now.?
The answer lies in the Hindu theory of karma and rebirth. We reap what we sow. As Ksk said- karma comes first, God comes next. None can dodge fate. Readers may refer KP Reader-4 for the same.
It was only Amitabh Bachchan destined to be what he is, there will be none other. There will be no other Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Lata Mangeshkar. The same theory applies to one and all living organisms. If you have done bad deeds then you will reap bad. Don’t expect good after committing sins.
This is the reason people get such partners who cheat them and fool them and make them suffer the most painful thing…breach of trust. Married life is supposed to be heaven but is it? In our day to day life, we come across so many gossips about affairs of surrounding people. Most of them may be false but some are true also.
When will it happen- is another question. When the dasha related to such acts operates then the person performs such deeds and after the dasha is gone – the acts are stopped. Dasha is the most important factor, one may have the yogas to become a prime minister but someone else becomes because the former didn’t get the right dasha at the right time. The classical example is the outcome of the Lok Sabha polls of 2014 of India. This is what is destinyMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
Let us now take a few charts to substantiate the words of the two greats:

The seventh csl is mercury, it is in the sign of Venus, conjunct Mars and Moon and Venus both are afflicted by Rahu- Ketu axis. The native had lot many affairs before and after marriage. He also had a failed love affair which was for a very long time. The seventh lord Moon is in the star of Saturn. Venus is in the sign of Mars. Mercury is in the star of Rahu which is conjunct Venus and in sign of MARS. Thus this horoscope is confirming the sayings of Shree B.V.Raman and Shree Ksk.

The seventh csl is the Sun. It is in the star of Saturn. It is in the sign of Mars. It is conjunct Mercury. Venus is aspected by Saturn and mars both. It is also aspected by retrograde Jupiter. This native actually had a child from her one of the girlfriends and was taken to police and the matter was settled by social forces. He married twice as his wife was having an affair prior to her marriage with him. As said earlier, you get what you sow.
The seventh csl is marred himself. It is the star of the sun which is conjunct Venus in the sign of Mars. Saturn is aspecting Mars. The seventh lord Saturn is on the axis of Rahu – Ketu. The native had extramarital affair from Venus- Saturn period and is continued in sun dasa too. Venus in aries in 3,10,11 houses many times gives such incidents in its dasa, bhukti Antara. I am not aware of earlier incidentsMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..
The seventh lord venus is in 11th house conjunct mars and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter both. The native had an affair with another religion person and married and now wants to come out of the marriage on grounds better known to him/her only.

The seventh csl is Rahu. It is in a dual sign.  It is in the star of sun sub of venus. Sun is aspected by Saturn. Sun is deposited in the sign of Venus and Venus is having a direct aspect at the seventh house. The native is married and has an excess of plurality in relationships.
Thus we see that many of the combinations are fulfilled and the natives are doing as said by the greats of astrology. I have used charts of males and females both form different sects of society. For obvious reasons, the birth details cannot be disclosed as they are a confidential matter.

The whole point in writing this article was to show that you don’t think that only you are the smartest, it is the fate which is the smartest and fair to one and all equally. These natives had many extramarital and premarital relations and got wedded to only such type of people. As I said, the most important factor is dasa which they had in their prime time and thus were indulged in such type of acts. One should live a morally ethically correct life not only for the happiness of present but for the next birth alsoMale Stamina and Vitality Boosters. Buy now..

Bhava Lords in Houses