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ऋण भाव स्वामी का अन्य भावों में फल

ऋण भाव स्वामी का अन्य भावों में फल क्या होगा अगर छठे घर का स्वामी पहले दुसरे तीसरे आठवें बारहवें आदि घरों में बैठा हो

पंचमेश संतान भाव स्वामी का अन्य भावों में फल Fifth lord in other houses

पंचमेश (संतान भाव के स्वामी ) के विभिन्न भावों में होने का फल क्या होता है , निस्संतान रह सकते हैं या होंगे बहुपुत्रशाली , कैसा रहेगा आपका जीवन और धन की स्थिति कैसी रहेगी जानिये सब इस विडियो में ,... 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Effect of fourth house lord in other houses चौथे भाव (मातृ भाव, वाहन भाव,भूमि ,भवन ) स्वामी का विभिन्न भावों में फल


The benefic Jupiter will be transiting to Libra which is the sign of its idealistic enemy Venus, ironically Venus gets exaltation in Pisces the sign ruled by Jupiter and Pisces is supposed to be the sign of moksha or salvation. One can also think that ultimately it is knowledge which leads to freedom and not the materialistic wishes of humans. Jupiter is not able to do anything good in dual signs usually but in movable or fixed signs it does given an impact of its presence to the world. In-fact in dual signs it many times acts as a malefic planet. Libra is a sign which is considered as the sign of balance but truly speaking I have seen most instability in natives with Libra ascendant almost lunatic many times so I do not personally feel Libra to be a sign of balance, the other reason is that it is an airy sign and there can be no balance in the air itself. I am at utter loss to understand why it is said to be the sign of balance, in-fact what the symbol actually is meaning is try to be in balance and do not be wavering here and there just like pendulum. In India, when Saturn got exalted, it gave rise to a big cartoon which people thought will change their lives and he simply fooled one and all and is still doing it. Libra is a sign ruled by Venus and so it is a materialistic sign and promotes lust for worldly success. They make good business people and Jupiter is more kind of religious, Knowledgeable and Social worker kind of a person. Obviously they both can match if only there is gain of money in knowledge, social works, religion etc and this is how NGO`S evolved. Business in the name of social work is NGO. Jupiter will be transiting in the stars of Mars, Rahu and own star. Rahu is not a friend of Jupiter and obviously it will cause harm only when it will be in Swati constellation. Let us see how it is going to affect the natives of all the 12 ascendants:
1)    Aries: The seventh house is the house of marriage, partnerships, foreign travels, business, legal agreements etc. Jupiter in seventh house will bring peace to mind of many natives because Arians are hot headed people by birth if they are not born with ascendant in Venus star. Jupiter will travel in stars of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter itself. Those who are married will not have peace in their married life and there will be disturbances but they will sail through. There is possibility of gain of weight so be careful with your eating habits. Mental peace is the only good thing that will happen with you in this transit. When in Mars star, you will have issues in married life in the initial stages and relations with spouse will be very sore. You will not be having good progress in your business and business partners will not be very cooperating with you. When in Rahu star, you will be having problems related to health. Sexual disorders are also likely. When it will come in own star then it will be causing your expenses to sky rocket on long travels, costly purchases and donations to religious organizations. Platonic love may bloom in the beginning but later you will end up in making it a sexual relationship with someone older to you. Martians don’t believe in anything platonic and they want to just do it then and there. Jupiter won`t be able to help much here. Business people will make new relations and contacts with people from far off places. New and good friends are sure to come in your life. Some of you will be getting married.
2)    Taurus: This is a fixed sign owned by Venus. Jupiter will be in the sixth house and here it is supposed to give win over enemies. There will be protection from theft. You may have issues related to your stomach. You will have travels, expenses will rise, there will be gain of money and you will even gain from your enemies. In other words, you will make friends with your enemies. You will have good career progress and job changes are also on the cards. Jupiter transit 2017 also suggests that you will be making some expensive purchases.  Married life will be disturbed for many people; there could be separation between some of you. Your health front will be disturbing when Jupiter will be in own star but on the other hand for your career it is going to be very good. You may get a hike in salary or a better paying Job. You will be doing travels; your relations with your brothers may get bitter for some time. You will be saddened at times when your dream job will go away from you but job will be there. You will be getting some sudden unexpected income during this Jupiter transit 2017. Business people will not get many gains but gains will be there. Your expectations will remain expectations only, is a different thing.
3)    Gemini: The fifth house has a deep relationship with Jupiter, it is the house of Sun in kaal purusha Horoscope which is very good friend of Jupiter. The fifth house also comprises of mantra shastra and intellect overall which again is the domain of Jupiter along with Mercury. Transiting planets have to deliver a lot many things and they keep differing not only as per the ascendants but also with each and every horoscope. The lagna lord Mercury does not consider him as a friend still Jupiter bestows goodness whenever it can. Love matters may begin to start, your relation with your spouse will get better, and you will become more adaptive and understanding towards each other. If love matters are not there till now then they can begin if you wish to initiate. Success in mantra siddhi is also possibility and profits from stocks are also there. You will be pleased by the performance of your children in their studies. You are going to change your job in the coming one year. You will at times become very harsh in your speech and will suffer from teeth pains. You may also have acne on your face. You may make some bad investment on the advice of someone close to you. You will change job or lose it but still luck will be favoring you at times.
4)    Cancer: For you Jupiter will be coming in the fourth house. In cancer there are stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Jupiter will be blessing you being the lord of 9th house in 4th. There will be release of pressure from matters or disputes related to immovable assets, relations with the family members and relatives will improve. There could be renovation in your home; you may take loan for restructuring your home or for expanding it. If you are having heart disease then be careful as problems may increase. Never be in the impression that Jupiter will be benefic always.  You will have good career progress because Jupiter will have direct aspect on your 10th bhava. You will have increased expenses and you will be wasting money. You may buy a better vehicle for yourself. You will feel a sense of peace in your mind even at aggravated situations. There will be inclination towards religion and philosophy. You will be doing long travels but for spiritual gains and not for business or work.  In the star of Saturn you will be having problems in married life, there will be problems in your love affair, you will be getting depressed and disheartened due to falling career graph. There will be delays and health issues. In the star of mercury it will make you spend on gadgets which will be useless later on. You may subscribe to news magazines etc.
5)    Leo: Jupiter will be giving peace in your married life for the coming year; issues will come up but will be resolved also. You will be making good progress in your career and there will be new connections and contacts in the making for you. You will have good inner force to move ahead in your career goals. All this will be happening when Jupiter will be in the star of Jupiter but when it will change its star to Saturn then there will be thoughts of changing your residence. You may purchase a refurbished house. You will have delays in your works and later the same Jupiter will be giving you disturbances in married life when Saturn will again move to Sagittarius. Third house rules siblings, neighbors, communications, media, internet etc so if you are into media then you are going to get busy till Jupiter will be in own star and then in tsar of mercury you will become famous, if you are having an issue with your brothers or people around you then it is going to increase only because Jupiter is an expansion giving planet. You will have to be careful only when Jupiter will be in the star of Saturn otherwise there is not much to worry in this transit of Jupiter 2017 for you.
6)    Virgo: Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all three are good for you, only Saturn has a slight malefic attribute by its 6th house ownership. So, for you Jupiter will be able to give its true colors. Money is going to come to you in some or the other way, bank balance is going to increase and the intensity will depend upon your own natal horoscopes. People looking for increase in family members can get it through marriage or by getting a baby in the family. Health problems will increase if you are already suffering from them. Celebrations will take place in your family. Your social status will increase depending upon your own personal horoscope in this Jupiter transit 2017. Career progress will be there, you will gain weight by over eating and thyroid problem could come. Some old disease may get cured or you may find a person who can cure it in a given time span. Avoid ego and rude behavior with your family and friends. Virgo people are polite usually but this time you need to be careful in Jupiter transit 2017.
7)    Libra: Jupiter is natural enemy of your ascendant lord and vice versa. Still good people show goodness even in opposite circumstances. That is why world follows them. Married life will get better for some and some may decide to part ways legally and this will depend upon your natal horoscope. Both the results are possible. Though Jupiter transit 2017 will give you peace of mind and patience. Your shaky attitude will be at rest for a good amount of time. You will be focusing on growth and stability in life and many of you will be able to achieve it also. You will be able to move ahead with ease and confidence. The stars will be of Jupiter itself and Saturn and then Mercury, in Jupiter star you will get the most of the juice of the transit if you are passing through the period of Jupiter himself in Bhukti or pratyantara. You will get promotion or better offers than at present as far as jobs are concerned, you will have a winning attitude. You will face some issues with your landlord if you are living in a rented accommodation and may change it, some will sell their properties to make money. You will do many travels to nearby places for your work related issues. Jupiter transit 2017 will enable you to get the favor from luck and also do abroad travels in the last phase.
8)    Scorpio: Let us see, as a planet what it is going to offer then we will take a look about what this Jupiter transit 2017 is going to deliver. Then we will look for its stellar results. Being the lord of 2nd house in 12th you will see increase in your expenses and drain in your pockets. It also rules 5th house for you so failures in love matters and losses in speculation will be there. Your mental abilities will be not so sharp as they should be and there will be wrong decisions taken by you because your own intuition will misguide you. You may have strife with family members and you will be disappointed with your kid`s studies. It will also bring some difficulty in your married life. These significations will be exaggerated when it will be in own star and then it will step into the star of Saturn which will trigger short journeys and you will be having sour relations with your younger siblings. There will be delays in your endeavors and the expected date of completion will be postponed more than thrice at many times. You may change your residence or city or country. You will later get good results and in the star of mercury on one side you will be having health issues and on the other side there will be monetary gains   and good contacts will be developed.
9)    Sagittarius: Sagittarius people will enjoy this transit a lot; there is nothing better than ascendant lord getting in the 11th house which is the house of gains. Jupiter transit 2017 will be very good for you when it will be in own star and you will see yourself that things are getting done without much pressure. You will be having good relations with friends; some of you will have extramarital relations successfully and enjoy it for the coming year. You should be careful when Jupiter will enter in Saturn star because that will be the time when you will be getting caught in your immoral acts. Your personal connect with people will increase many fold and you will become a popular figure in your circle, whatever it may be. This will be very good for people who are into media, politics, mass communications, religious guru`s and preachers. In the star of Saturn you will make financial losses yourself due to your ego or otherwise. You will have conflicts with your family members and there will be continuous problems from all the circles. The good thing is that you will be getting at par with everything with the help of your friends and will be sailing smooth I this Jupiter 2017 transit. The transit in the star of mercury will be most rewarding personally and professionally because of the significations of the 7th and 10th house and their connection with 11th house. You will earn more than expected if you are a business person and others too will have their own share of benefits. Overall this is going to be a happy transit for you.
10)                       Capricorn: For this ascendant also Jupiter will have dual roles to play i.e. to show its benefic nature and then the lordship of 12th house. So this Jupiter transit 2017 is going to give you problems initially when it will be in its own star and you will face issues related to your career. You will have frequent travels and hectic word schedules, the travels will be national and international both. You will be having expenses getting out of reach. You will become popular in your circle but there will be no materialistic gain as far as Jupiter is in own star. When Jupiter will enter into the star of Saturn then things will deteriorate further because now Jupiter will act as a very strong agent for the 12th bhava because Saturn will be posited there. Your efforts will start to fade away gradually and things you thought were easy as butter will turn rock solid to accomplish. You will get frustrated and irritated about how things suddenly are starting to turn against you but there will be nothing to avoid it. Both Saturn and Jupiter will be giving you reverse results even though Saturn is your ascendant Lord. So be ready for severe hardships in this year when Jupiter will be in Star of Saturn. Some mildly and sometimes unexpectedly good phases will be there when Saturn will be retrograde. Later it will be in the star of Mercury and Mercury owns the houses 6th and 9th. You will get some betterment in your life and there will be good news to people into jobs. The chances of better job prospects will be reaching you. You will have the favor of luck from time to time. You will be getting better in your performance and you will make new contacts. You will be doing religious donations and may also visit Lord Vishnu`s temples like “tirupati balaji” in south India.
11)                       Aquarius: After a year of problems now you will have relief from what all had been going on in the past transit in Virgo. Jupiter is a ruler of 9th bhava in the kaal purusha horoscope and it is always a good thing to have him in the 9th house. The good thing with this Jupiter is that it rules the two most benefic houses the 2nd and the 11th. So if you are going through the DBA of Jupiter then things are going to be really good for him. Even if not, you will have goodness overall. Things will get better, your health is going to improve and your connections with elders in the family will get better. You will be doing religious deeds and you will surely meet very old friends and make some very good new friends. Those into business of religion, occult, astrology etc will garner a good name for themselves. In own star Jupiter will be giving you good name and fame in your respective fields. Teachers, philosophers, religious heads will be in the lime light. There will be spiritual gains for those who seek it. In the star of Saturn things will be very good and there will be unexpected gains to people running the DBA of Jupiter or Saturn. There will be good inflow of money and wealth will be in the making. You will get rich as per your social strata. You will develop interest in mantra siddhi and those of you born in the satabhisha star will have some out of the world experiences. The possibility of having a affair is also there which will not last long. The entry of Jupiter in the Mercury star will further enhance your spiritual experiences but there will be health hazards also coming in the baggage. So be careful of your health in this period and avoid anything beyond limits. Overall this is going to be a very good period for you and if you are running Jupiter DBA then coming three years are going to be wonderful for you from many aspects.

12)                       Pisces: You will be the most suffered of all the 12 signs because the ascendant lord will be transiting in the eighth house. It will transit in the stars of Saturn and mercury along with its own star.  Those into the industry of research, occult, astrology will gain more knowledge but there will be a barrier to your progress as far as career is concerned. Jupiter in own star will be giving you many hurdles at many fronts. Later Jupiter will enter in the star of Saturn which is Transiting in your tenth house, you will have mixed results in this period and from the entry of Jupiter in star of Saturn – you will initially get good news for some time but later you will see that things are taking different shapes. You will   see delays in your all endeavors and things will be frustrating at many times. Saturn will be giving the result of not only 10th house but also of the 11th and 12th house. Thus this Jupiter transit 2017 will be a mixed bag in the journey and then it will enter in to the star of mercury. This will the period when many of you will face married life issues and there is likelihood of temporary separation. You will face losses in business; speculation etc and health will also be a concern throughout this transit. So do not neglect the health aspect primarily, other things can be managed but health once gone will take a lot of time to regenerate to normalcy.

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Know your life span and plan your life accordingly

Know Your longevity with the help of #vedicastrology and you can plan your life in a better way then you do now, investing in #shares #policies#mutualfunds #PF #PPF #GOVERNMENTBONDS and still are not aware how long will be there on this planet so why not take the right step and get an idea of approximate life span of yours?

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Know your longevity जानिए जीवन को कैसे और बेहतर प्लान कर सकते हैं

जानिए जीवन को कैसे और बेहतर प्लान कर सकते हैं , दोस्तों आजकल के कम्पटीशन के युग में जीवन में आपाधापी बहुत हो गयी है । आज हर आदमी अपने भविष्य की प्लानिंग कर रहा है किन्तु उसको यही नहीं पता की उसकी ज़िन्दगी कितनी है । वैदिक ज्योतिष इतना संपन्न है की इसकी मदद से आप जान सकते हैं की आपकी संभावित आयु कितनी है और अगर आपको पता चल जाए की आपकी आयु लगभग कितनी है तो जीवन के बहुत सारे निर्णय आप इसके अनुसार ले सकते हैं जैसे की कोई पालिसी में निवेश , म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड आदि में निवेश , किसान विकास पत्र आदि में निवेश , तो जब आप इतने सारे निवेश करने ही वाले वह भी यह जाने बिना की आखिर आप इनका लाभ ले भी पाएंगे की नहीं तो बेहतर है की ज्योतिष की सहायता ली जाय और अपनी संभावित आयु का ज्ञान कर लिया जाय ।  #mylife #living #life #lifeplanning #longevity

जानिये कौन सा मोबाइल नंबर है लकी आपके लिए your lucky mobile number

जानिये कौन सा मोबाइल नंबर है लकी आपके लिए , क्या आपको पता था की जैसे आपके मोबाइल सेट से रेडिएशन उत्सर्जित होता है वैसे ही आपके मोबाइल नंबर से भी वाइब्रेशन्स निकलती हैं , इस धरती पर सब कुछ एक ऊर्ज़ा का उत्सर्जन कर रहा है और अंकों में विशिष्ट तरंगें होती हैं और अगर आपके औरा से मैच नहीं करतीं तो आपको मानसिक परेशानियों का सामना तो करना ही पड़ सकता है, आपके कार्यों में भी अनावश्यक विघ्न आते हैं और आप दोष ग्रहों अथवा भूत प्रेतों को दे देते हैं जबकि समस्या आपके फ़ोन में रहती है । तो इस विडियो से आप जान सकते हैं की किस नंबर को आपको चुनना है और किस से बचना है #cellnumber #mobilenumber #ussdcode #luck#luckynumber

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Rahu transit in cancer 20th august 2017

कुंडली दिखाने के लिए मिलने अथवा फ़ोन पर बात करने के लिए कॉल कीजिये 011-49054820

Rahu will travel to Cancer on twentieth August 2017 alongside ketu which will travel to Capricorn. Rahu is lasting adversary of the master of the sign Cancer which is moon. Moon too is constantly perplexed of Rahu as said in the old writings. In this way moon rahu conjunction gives mental clutters commonly and ordinarily irregular considerations in the local and ordinarily it makes one characterless.

It is not that Rahu is dependably a terrible planet but rather it has the ability to tilt the destiny either in support or against the local in a small amount of time. It will remain till sixth March 2019 and after that it will move into Gemini. In the outline of India, Rahu will travel into the third house where it is really expected to be great.

You are perusing Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017

Rahu is viewed as great in the houses 3, 6, 10, 11. The travel of rahu will happen over natal Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Moon of Indian Independence diagram. It is unquestionably going to bring extraordinary episodes on the grounds that rahu`s travel over benefics brings miserable occurrences. We will see a noteworthy national political figure pass on in this travel might be of Leo sign or ascendant.

A noteworthy Brahmin Hindu pioneer could be killed. In film world there will be numerous outrages and abominations on ladies will increment. A noteworthy female figure may endure physically and surrender or will be in media for her wrong demonstrations. Indians will make a name in games rivalries. Corrosive assault cases may ascend in this period. Number of patients of mental issue will increment all around and there will be a precarious increment in abhor violations and suicides. Water could turn into the wellspring of mass passings; Oil boats may sink and dirty the ocean. Concoction fighting can be utilized by fear mongers. Islamic fear will reach to its tallness which will end up being the reason for their annihilation in 2020. India may have war with its neighbors in 2017 and will win it as well. Rahu will be in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in this travel. To comprehend the conceivable outcomes of occasions in Rahu or Ketu travels is an extremely troublesome assignment in view of their shadowy nature still the most conceivable things which may happen with locals of the 12 ascendants are given underneath:

Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Aries 

Aries: Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, For Aries, Rahu will be in your fourth You will have issues identified with lungs, breathing and so on so on the off chance that you are a smoker then be standard in your wellbeing checkups or diminish it. Your home may burst into flames because of electrical shortcircuits or in festivities. Change of habitation is likewise extremely conceivable. Understudies won't have the capacity to perform well in their exams. The strength of your mom likewise could be at hazard to some degree. On the off chance that she is excessively old then take appropriate care of her. In the event that you are into land or deal buy of vehicles then be cautious of fakes. Arrive proprietors won't have great products. You may not perform well in your profession or organizations and misfortunes may happen now and again. You will make companions from far away places and will do broad long separation voyaging. In the center stage you will make great picks up and will get to be distinctly famous. Your will strike great a minute ago arrangements on the off chance that you are into organizations and those into programming will get nearby open doors. To the extent lawful matters and rivalries are concerned then you will be at misfortune and should chomp tidy in 2018-2019 when rahu will be in star of mercury. Your mate will gain great profession ground and employment changes will be there. There will be wellbeing dangers to the father of your mate.

Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Taurus 

Taurus: There will be great advance in your vocation; whatever it is. You will push forward with extraordinary speeds and becoming well known. Those into the calling of consultancy, web, correspondences, games, and valor will indicate exceptional advance. You may have question with your more youthful kiths and kinfolk. There could be serious contrasts between your folks. Your state of mind will be a reason for inconvenience for yourself so it is something which you ought to be cautious about. You will attempt to make fast bucks illicitly. There can be damage or bone disengagement in your shoulder. Your maternal uncle will get sudden accomplishment in his attempts. Your mate won't be so fortunate and she/he will be reliant on her/his endeavors more than the gift of luckiness. Your dad in law may quit fooling around medical problems. Your tablet, versatile and so on could be stolen or you may overlook them in the wake of keeping at a sheltered place. Indeed, even after numerous disappointments you won't lose your heart and will proceed onward and will prevail in your arrangements. Arrangements will be to support you if at all they are required. You will have the capacity to control individuals towards your cause.

Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Gemini 

Gemini: This is one of the most exceedingly terrible spots for Rahu or ketu– the second bhava in which it will stay for long. Your funds will diminish a ton; you will make numerous pointless costs and later toss the things you obtained. You will have issues in your eyes and teeth. Root waterway method will be embraced by a considerable lot of you and a large number of your will experience eye surgeries. Not all is awful; the individuals who are unmarried could get hitched in this travel in the underlying stage itself. In the mid stage in the Saturn star you will confront issues of various kinds. There will be medical problems, there will be aggravation in your wedded life and your business accomplices may cheat you. You may procure a considerable measure by offering your unflinching resources. Understudies will be not having the capacity to concentrate on their reviews and their evaluations will fall. Scars may fly up all over. Vision issues may come in your correct eye. Soundness of your life partner will be awful and there will be vocation catastrophe to him/her. Your dad will win over his foes however experience the ill effects of stomach issue. The profession or business of your mom will be exceptionally dynamic. This could turn out to be the last real travel your dad in law will witness. Individuals won't reimburse in the wake of obtaining from you and lawful activity will be required to recover your own particular cash. You might be bamboozled by your own particular relatives. You will utilize oppressive dialect now and again and you ought to put a keep an eye on it.

Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Gemini

Tumor: Cancer locals who are experiencing the Rahu antara will be most influenced because of this travel and after that those with Rahu mahadasha, generally likewise when rahu will possess your ascendant you will feel it day in and out. Those negative emotions and doubt for everybody will abruptly fly up from no place and possess your outlook. You will brag about your tentative arrangements and how incredible your little attempts will shape. The stories of clothes to newfound wealth will abruptly be loved and told by you. You will build up a noiseless dread for practically everything and feel a nearness of sorts when you are distant from everyone else. Shadow will have its impact. You will be out of line with your mate, with your business accomplices and will be desirous of any individual who is accomplishing something positive and great. Moon is a desirous planet and rahu will include the qualities. You will have parcel of trust in doing absurd things and individuals will deride you in the face of your good faith. You will break the doors without being welcomed ordinarily and will surmise that you are doing a shrewd thing. Family life will be most influenced in this. Rahu will change its belongings now and again and in all the three stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury it will give distinctive outcomes and above all else of it will rely on what DBA you are experiencing and what are they connoting in your introduction to the world graph. Rahu travel 2017 will sad to you when it will be in the star of Saturn since Saturn is set in your sixth house amid the coming time. It will without a doubt give partitions and separations to many couples worldwide and issues will be extremely trivial. Adore matters will blur away and there will passionate power outage. Look out for the time when Rahu will move into star of Saturn and play with your protruding feelings. There are constantly great and awful sides to all stories yet here it appears the opposite side won't have the capacity to appear much. In the star of Jupiter which it will enter before Saturn`s star, it will sneer you goes here and there, your place of living arrangement could change and for some it will change the city or the nation itself. Keep in mind water is continually streaming. For a few, after September homecoming might be praised. Mercury is a planet having hostility towards moon and along these lines it is granted with the twelfth house lordship for this ascendant and rahu`s section in star of Mercury will make things crazy for you. Your costs will expand; medical problems will exasperate you. You will be rationally annoyed as far as possible. Be that as it may, recall this will depend more on your introduction to the world graph as opposed to travel since travel is the exact opposite thing to be considered so on the off chance that you have great arrangements of planets in birth diagram then very little to stress over for you or any one. Sexual sicknesses are probably going to your life partner, loss of cash and companions is additionally a probability. Your family older folks may have some unlawful connections and misfortunes in theory. Your father`s occupation might be lost or changed. Your relative may have heart issues or asthma. Your inlaws might be duped in a land bargain. Your maternal uncle may confront extreme maligning and loss of notoriety. Some fatal infection may exact him. The profession of your mom will prosper if in Job or business will compensate. Your senior sibling will have great achievement proportion in every one of his endeavors.

Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Leo

Leo: Rahu will be in your 12th Leo natives who are going through the DBA of rahu will be most afflicted due to this transit. The 12th bhava is a bad bhava and Rahu will further make the scenario worse, you will have sleepless nights because sleep disorders will start to popup. You will have blackening below your eyes and people may ask whether you have become anemic etc. These are possibilities and probabilities, it will happen as such with those who have a very bad rahu but not with everyone. The intensity will differ for sure. You will lack concentration in your day to day works and will make silly mistakes. Financial liabilities will be a major factor in increasing your mental tensions. You will become less tolerant and some people will term you as very irritating personality. You will become suspicious of people around you. Your food habits will change and stale food will be more in your plate. You will not get proper diet. Health problems will be there and there will be issues related to nerves, aches, intestines. Your daily habits will lack proper hygiene and cleanliness. Rahu will be in stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Thus it will change its significations from time to time. Waste foreign travels are there i.e. you will go with a purpose and come empty handed. You may change your residence and some may change their city. Illicit relations will be done. Myriad and weird thoughts will occupy your mainstream time. You may sell your house or buy a haunted house. Love matters will be saddening and their end is very likely. Married life will be full of harshness and complexity. Separation for some time is also possible from your spouse. Friends will not be supportive and people will commit and forget so do not rely on commitments made by others. Profits will turn into losses, things will be cancelled at the last moment and many of you will be hand-to-mouth. Things will simply not work for you and you will visit countless healers and occultists. It will be of no use. Someone can do black magic on you. You will have to spend on your spouse`s health too and on your in-laws.  Some of you will be able to pay your debts. Losses in betting are sure so avoid them.
Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Virgo

कुंडली दिखाने के लिए मिलने अथवा फ़ोन पर बात करने के लिए कॉल कीजिये 011-49054820

Virgo: Coming three years will be boon for you. You will be making sudden success; friends and people in the circle will be supportive. Marriages will be celebrated. Love matters will be ending but new ones will be taking their place. There will be change of place, new jobs will be acquired, if you are an opulent person you may start new venture which will be very successful. New things will be happening in your life and help will be coming from unknown quarters. Bank balance is sure to become obese. Real estate deals will be fruitful. People into jobs may start something more in their part time for extra money. Physical pleasures with other than legal partners will also be there. Those looking for second marriages after divorce will get their chance too. You may get rich suddenly and the source could be a lottery ticket, shares, old policies or will of some relative. Overall goodtime is here for you. Your mother may suffer from chronic disease, the career graph of your father will be on rise, your maternal uncle will have stomach related serious issues, your mother in law will have financial losses and problems of teeth, eyes and theft is also likely. Father in law will not get full support from luck. He will be wandering a lot with no gains and possibly losses and defamation.
Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Libra

Libra: Be ready for a change of place for sure, rented houses will be changed and also people will be moving to other cities and countries for want of work and money. Illicit relations are in waiting for those who seek them, you may enjoy company of a widow or a divorcee for the time to come but it will not stay for long. You will be doing great progress in your career, business and other things. You will become very popular in your work place and will be the life of office time. Your social circle will get wider and it is suggested that you use Social media and internet facilities to spread yourself globally and there will be benefits in the time to come. Business people will be very active and will have good gains. Ego clash with your peers is a very possible outcome which I suggest you a hold on to. This will lead in your career decline which no one likes. Things are going to be positive so not much to worry as far as you are concerned as a identity. Looking at the other aspects, your mother in law will have mental issues, she may acquire some disease of brain, and someone may do black magic on her. She may become hysteriastic. Your father will face ill luck and health issues will be there. Your younger brother will suffer losses. Your parents will not be able to gel well with each other and quarrels can take place. Heart or lung disease is a possibility to your mother.  Your maternal uncle may decide to abort his child or there could be miscarriage in his family. This could be the last transit of Rahu which your elder brother will witness if he is in those ages.
Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Scorpio

Scorpio: Rahu will be coming to your 9th 9th house signifies many things and this rahu will be carrying many significations of its own, so you will be seeing a lot of puzzled things in the coming time. There will be many strangers you will be meeting and some will be benefic but most of them are likely to cause you harm only. Luck will be deceptive as rahu does not allow luck factor to progress when it occupies the 9th bhava. You will be having serious differences with your father and you will be disregarding your teachers and elders in the family. Rahu will be transiting in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Your expenses will be on rise and out of control many times. You will be devoid of mental peace and happiness. You will see that things are suddenly reversing at the last moment and events you were certain of happening will not take off in the first place. You will be doing some bad deeds and behind the back things for others. The feeling of jealousy and anger will continue to grow in you and later frustration will also creep in your mindset. There will be lot of travels and most of them will be useless. There can be incidents of fire in your home. You may not be able to inherit your ancestral property which you were earlier sure to get. Some hurdle may come in. Your mother in law will have problems of insomnia and other sleep disorders. She might require a medical help. Your father will have stressed attitude and he may take some weird decisions and there could be career slump because of it. Your mother may have stomach related serious issues. Your maternal uncle may invest in a disputed or haunted property. Business deals will not be materialized and legal matters also will be causing you troubles. You will suffer from pain in the back and after many medications also the relief will come very late. Your reputation in your work or business will not remain the same and it will come down to some extent.
Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Sagittarius

Sagittarius: In this Ascendant rahu will be coming in the 8th bhava, as done in mathematics minus multiplied by minus turns out to be a plus, in the same way a malefic and in a bad house may trigger some good events too in your life. The goodness will be of very negligible quantum but the bad effects will be more prominent for you. You may acquire serious disease and get a lot of trouble for yourself. There are chances of sudden gains of money but more prominent chances are of losses. You will be prone to do bad deeds and that could include having sex with low class people. You will be cheating your spouse. You may suffer from piles. Your interest will increase in occult and you may try to learn it to get your evil thoughts take material shape. The health of your father will be in question and it will be wise to get proper medical help in minor cases too. Your spouse will be harsh towards you. You will be having some gains when it will be transiting in star of Jupiter and help from strangers will also be there. Divine protection will help you from some big trouble but such things do not happen again and in the star of Saturn you will be wasting money on your lower urges and finances will be a problem for you and your family. Foreign travels will be there but will prove to a bad decision only. Career progress will be hampered to a good level when it will be in the star of mercury which will happen in the very beginning itself as rahu ketu are always in reverse motion so the good things will be happening very late and the worst will come first.
Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Capricorn

Capricorn: Rahu will be occupying your seventh bhava which is a maraka bhaav but also very crucial one too for life because it stands for marriage and partnerships. You will be having problems in your married lfie and there will be disturbances in your business activities. Your spouse will get more suspicious and it will be the main cause of your mental problems. Health problems will be there and you may have problems of urinary bladder, genitals etc. Things will be good for you when it will be transiting in the star of mercury and you will get things favoring your side. But at the same time married life disturbances will continue. Change in the job is also on the cards at this time and then in the star of Saturn you will be very lucky in life as 11th house will be signified strongly along with 1st and 2nd This is a good indication of making money and friends. You will see growth in all your endeavors whether job or business but when it will reach the star of Jupiter in the end of transit then you will start getting bad news from all quarters. There will be losses, travels will be there due to work and stress levels will increase. At this juncture your personal life will also fall apart. You will do many hard work but will not get anywhere with it.
Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Aquarius

Aquarius: Rahu will be in your 6th house, in this house it is supposed to be doing well for you and will destroy your enemies. You will come victorious only if you are going through the DBA of Rahu. There is very possibility of suffering because of intestinal ulcers and piles are also likely. Rahu will be in the star of mercury and it will end your love matters, you will have health issues and skin itching is possible. Speculative losses are very likely keep away from share market etc. You will suffer from gastric issues and some people will have severe stomach ailments like ulcers and other things which may require surgery. Your spiritual progress will be hampered and mind will be more inclined towards materialistic and sexual pleasures. In Saturn star things will get better and you will get a better job change if you are looking for it. You will make good progress in your career but alongside the count of people who are jealous from you will be increasing. You may be victimized for something you have not done. The good thing is that you will be moving ahead only in this duration and foreign travels and travels for work will be there for you. The journey in star of Jupiter will also be very fruitful for you. Seeing over all, this is going to be the best for you only and not for other ascendants or rashi people. Your maternal uncle may have serious problems in his married life. He may sometimes become very harsh and egoistic. Career growth of your father will be very good and he will reach new heights in his hob or business. He will win over enemies and will become very popular. Health of your spouse will be affected from time to time. There could be death of someone in your in laws family. Your mother will be becoming more determined and rigid in her views about everything. She will be dominating the family from time to time. Your father in law will face wrath of misfortune. He will be getting less and will be working more. He may be cheated and his relations will get sour from people related to knowledge and religion.
Rahu Transit in Cancer 2017, Effects on Pisces

कुंडली दिखाने के लिए मिलने अथवा फ़ोन पर बात करने के लिए कॉल कीजिये 011-49054820

Pisces: If you have natal rahu in your 5th bhava then forget about investing till 2020. There will be miscarriage or you may decide to abort a child. Your children will not be able to focus properly on their studies. Their grades will be disappointing you. You will be facing more issues till 2018 because your lagna lord Jupiter will be in 8th Thus it will be double trouble for you in the first year. You will do many bad deeds or at least you will think of doing many bad things to people and have union with many of opposite sex natives. You may get inclined towards black magic and start learning it. You will try to make quick bucks through it. Do not buy lotteries etc as it will be pure waste of money. Your father will have ill luck and many of his endeavors will not be fulfilled as desired by him. There is possibility of long travels done by him. You parents will have from harsh conversations from time to time. Your mother in law will have serious health issues and could be hospitalized. Your father in law will have good career progress. There is possibility of love affairs with natives of other religion. You may have physical relations with separated, divorced or widowed natives. In Saturn star the effects will be mixed and you will have gains some times and sudden losses or unexpected end to your projects at some times. There will be new friends coming in your life and strangers will play a positive role. In star of Jupiter, Rahu is going to give you many obstacles and hurdles. Defamation is also likely and piles is also not ruled out. Some old disease may also come up again.

#numerolgoy श्री नरेंद्र मोदी और आमिर खान का अंक ज्योतिष प्रेम love of numbers by Shree Modi ji and Aamir Khan

श्री नरेंद्र मोदी और आमिर खान का अंक ज्योतिष प्रेम : मित्रों आपने पहले भी सुना होगा की बड़ी बड़ी हस्तियां अपने सभी कार्य ज्योतिष के आधार पर ही करते हैं , खिलाडी लोगों में भी अंक को लेकर बहुत जिज्ञासा होती और हर बड़ा खिलाडी एक ख़ास अंक को ही अधिक पसंद करता है , हमारे आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री भी अंक ८ के दीवाने लगते हैं और साथ ही मिस्टर परफेक्शनिस्ट आमिर खान १, ३ , ७ को अधिक पसंद करते हुए दीखते हैं , देखिये इन दोनों का अपने अपने पसंदीदा अंकों से प्रेम कैसे जग जाहिर हो रहा है और साथ ही दंगल की भविष्वाणी भी जान लीजिये #AAMIRKHAN #NAMO #PMMODI #dangal  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

Third house lord in other houses :पराक्रम भाव स्वामी का अन्य भावों में फल

पराक्रम भाव  स्वामी का अन्य भावों में फल क्या होता है जानिए इस विडियो द्वारा , पराक्रमेश  किस स्थिति में होता है लाभप्रद और कब होता है हानिकारक - यह सब कुछ जानिये इस विडियो में और अपनी कुंडली  के बारे में अधिक जानिये।  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

Effects of second house lord in other housesधन भाव स्वामी का अन्य भावों में फल

धन भाव स्वामी का अन्य भावों में फल क्या होता है जानिए इस विडियो द्वारा , धनेश किस स्थिति में होता है लाभप्रद और कब होता है हानिकारक - यह सब कुछ जानिये इस विडियो में और अपनी कुंडली  के बारे में अधिक जानिये।  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Effect of bhava lord in houses:first house lord लग्न स्वामी का दुसरे घरों में फल

lagnesh athva first house lord ke doosre bhaavon mein hone se kya fal hota hai jaaniye जानिये लग्नेश प्रथम भाव पहले घर के स्वामी के के दुसरे भावोनो में होने से क्या फल मिलता है और क्या क्या संभावनाएं रहती हैं ...जानिये सबकुछ और अपने ज्योतिष के ज्ञान को वैदिक ज्योतिष के प्राचीन ज्ञान द्वारा और उन्नत कीजिये .  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

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where to invest in 2017 २०१७ में कहाँ करें अपना निवेश #investmentguide2017

जल्द ही आने वाला है वर्ष २०१७, आगर आप एक निवेशक हैं तो जानिये आपकी राशी के अनुसार कहाँ करना ठीक होगा अपना निवेश, किस सेक्टर से रहना है दूर और किस में लगान चाहिए अपना धन | जानिये सब कुछ अपनी राशी के अनुसार शेयर मार्किट के दिग्गज ज्योतिषाचार्य राजीव के खट्टर द्वारा | पूरा विडियो ध्यान से देखिये और बनाइये अपने नववर्ष २०१७ को लाभ से भरपूर | कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

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transit mars in pisces 20 JAN to 2ND MARCH 2017

Know the effects of Mars transit in Pisces on you. For all 12 the ascendants the effects are here. कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

मंगल का मीन में गोचर फल २० जनवरी से २ मार्च २०१७

जानिये मंगल का मीन में गोचर आपके लिए कैसा रहेगा |  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

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क्या आपका विवाह एक कुंवारे जातक से होगा ? आपके जीवन साथी का संभावित चरित्र

क्या आपका विवाह एक कुंवारे जातक से होगा ? आपके जीवन साथी का संभावित चरित्र कैसा रहेगा जानिये सब कुछ जो ज्योतिषीय ज्ञान के सीमा में आपको पता होना चाहिए जिससे आपका भावी जीवन सुखद रहे .  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

Wealth giving excellent yoga:LAKSHMI YOGA

Wealth giving excellent yoga, this yoga can make one richer than lord himself if placed with full strength in the horoscope. do you also have it?  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

Yoga in chart which can make you beggar. Do you have it?

Yoga in chart which can make you beggar. Do you have it in your horoscope?  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

yoga which is must to reach stardom in movies, music art. do you have it?

yoga which is must to reach stardom in movies, music art. do you have it?  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

Yoga in your chart which gives poverty

Do you also have that yoga or combination which can make you hands to mouth. daridra yoga.  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

December monthly horoscope

December monthly horooscope. click here to know.

जानिये कब आपकी नौकरी चली जायेगी

जानिये कब आपकी नौकरी चली जायेगी , कभी न कभी आप नौकरी बदलते हैं बहुत बार आपको दूसरी जिम्मेदारी दे दी जाती है और बहुत बार आपको टर्मिनेट कर दिया जाता है - ऐसा कब कब हो सकता है जानिये इस विडियो में ....  कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

आपको अकूत धन सम्पदा देने वाला योग

जानिये आपकी कुंडली में यह विशेष युग है की नहीं जो बना सकता है आपको साक्षात धन कुबेर !!! अखंड सम्पाती सम्पदा का स्वामी . कुंडली विश्लेषण के लिए मिलने अथवा बात करने के लिए  कॉल कीजिये 011 49054820 

कुंडली का यह योग जो आपको बना सकता है भिखारी

कुंडली का यह योग जो आपको बना सकता है भिखारी !!! जानिये अभी की कहीं आपकी कुंडली  में तो  नहीं है यह मौजूद ? यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये 

क्या है आपकी कुंडली में यह महान योग ? शिव योग

क्या है आपकी कुंडली  में यह महान योग ? शिव योग . यहाँ क्लिक करें और जाने 

आपको फिल्मों संगीत कला में भेजने वाला महान योग

आपको प्रसिद्धि नाम शौहरत देने वाला महान योग क्या है आपकी कुंडली में ? क्या चाहते हैं कला संगीत फिल्मों में जाना ? जानिये आपकी कुंडली में योग है भी की नहीं ? यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये 

आपको गरीब बनाने वाला योग : दरिद्र योग

जानिये कहीं आप भी तो गरीबी का शिकार नहीं होने वाले ? यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये 

आपको नौकरी करनी चहिये या बिज़नस ?

आपको नौकरी करनी चहिये या बिज़नस ? यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये और जानिए 

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आपका प्रेम विवाह होगा की नहीं ?

आपका प्रेम विवाह होगा की नहीं जानने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये   

दिसम्बर माह का राशिफल

मंगल का कुम्भ में गोचर फल

jayalalitha death prediction

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