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Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017

Saturn is going to transit to Sagittarius on 26th January 2017. Saturn stays in a sign for almost two and half years. It will be in Sagittarius till 23rd January 2020 and then move into its own sign Capricorn. We are seeing since long that Saturn`s transit has a real impact on human`s life. You, if start observing, will feel the changes automatically. The same hold good for Jupiter and North-south nodes. I as an astrologer am experiencing it for the past 15 years in mine and your lives and I am describing Saturn transit in Sagittarius 2017 and how it will effect on your horoscope
Jupiter is not a friendly planet for Saturn but they are neutral towards each other. Although in practical life I have seen that they are quite the opposite of each other. The best thing is to treat them as two people who do not think positive about each other. Saturn will transit in star of Ketu, Venus and Sun. Only venus is friendly to him and rest two are not. Sun is a natural enemy of Saturn. Sagittarius is a fiery dual sign and this duality aspect.
Sade Sati for Libra will end, Scorpio will reach its last phase, For Sagittarius it will be in second phase and for Capricorn it will begin. Saturn will aspect Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo. Thus these natives will also have some or other changes in their lives according to many factors related to position of Saturn I their natal horoscopes. Performing “shanti homam” for Saturn will be a good thing to do.
How the natives of all the signs will be affected, let us see:
Aries : Your lord of 10th house and 11th house – The two most important houses of a horoscope- will enter in 9th Since long you have been going through many troubles and mental agonies but this is the time to rejoice because the lord of gains has decided to give you the wishes you have been longing for. But remember that Saturn likes to do things slowly and thus you will be getting things but in a very slow manner, even a snail can be proud of her speed than your luck.
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It will be creating a rajayoga in transit by being lord of 10, 11 in 9th house of luck. There will be gains from elders and your teachers; you will be benefited by your friends who are at far off places. This looks very lucrative from the outside but every coin has two sides, Saturn will be in the star of ketu, Venus, and Sun. Thus results will be varied in the journey through these three stars.
The results will vary also when Saturn will change its sub in a star. Ketu is transiting in your 11th house and will be there till 18th August 2017 and it will be aspected by Saturn in that time period. Thus I suggest that if you are a big industrialist and planning for major expansion and collaborations or setting up a manufacturing unit then do it when Saturn is in ketu star Mool and Saturn is in direct motion. Although many will disagree with my opinion but time will tell.
The Ketu will transit in your 10th house which is still good but not as 11th house transit. Then Saturn will transit into Venus star which is the lord of your 2nd and 7th houses and a maraka planet too for you. In this span on the transit you will see good things happening professionally and in your love life married life but health could become a issue so be careful with your health.
Take things slowly and you will see that native of opposite sex of other caste or religion are getting attracted towards you more than usual. You will have to decide then how to go about it. I will suggest that make use of the opportunity to the maximum. This period will be good for business people but for people into Jobs this will not be bringing much other than onsite travels for software professionals and promotions. Then it will be transiting in the star of Sun. Sun is your 5th house lord and gets exalted in your ascendant or in Aries sign. But this will be a period for change in Jobs for salaried people.
You will get good opportunities if you are going through the DBA of Saturn. People with DBA of Jupiter and ketu will also have good options for job change and progress. There is no need to do any remedy but reciting Shree Hanuman Chalisa daily twice of thrice will be very advantageous for you.
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Taurus : This does not seem to be a good and rejuvenating period for you. Saturn is the lord of your 9th and 10th house and it will be transiting in your 8th bhava- The worst house of the chart. Saturn is said to be the karaka of this house and as per the dictum “karako bhaav nashyati” it will be spoiling the traits of the house whatever good is there for you.
The lord of luck will be in 8th and also the lord of the 10th bhava which is the prime house of your karma. Thus there will be hindrances and oppositions from all quarters. You have to be prepared mentally and financially for the coming time. There will be sudden blows without prior intimation. Do not panic if such things arise and have faith in the almighty.
Many of you are going to lose your current job and face a dry period for the coming time. Prepare before the calamity happens. Again, it is not like all will be bad only, Saturn will transit in the star of Ketu, Venus and Sun. When it will be in ketu star, there will be problems if you are having Ketu DBA and vice versa if you are having Saturn DBA.
Saturn will be aspecting the 10th house thus rest assured there will be some or other arrangement for your livelihood. Your things will be done but it will take time to accomplish. Even small things will take a lot of time and there will be unwanted stress on your mind and body.
In the star of Venus you will be having health related issues and you may pay back some of your debts. You may also get loans from bank through illegal ways like by forging the papers. Enemies will be disturbing you more than often. Avoid share market or be ready for heavy losses.
Do not gamble. In the star of Sun, depending upon the stellar significations of your natal horoscopes you will either get some paternal or maternal property or you might lose it forever. I personally suggest that do not make any property related matters move ahead. Do not purchase black things at all like shoes. Pants, Car, Mobile and avoid black color everywhere in your life.
Do recite Shree Hanuman Chalisa with full dedication and devotion. Do not forget to offer “chola” to Shree Hanumanji for continuous three months every fortnight or every week on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Donate to crippled people as much as you can.
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Read Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 for Gemini sign natives. How it will effect their life during this transit.
Gemini : Saturn as the lord of 9th in 7th will be good but as lord of 8th in 7th will be very bad for your married life and business partnerships. This is the only planet which rules two simultaneous houses and thus gives good and bad both to almost all the ascendant and even to which he himself is the lord e.g. Aquarius.
Saturn is supposed to inculcate fear of God, discipline and maturity in a person. It also makes the native understand the true colors of life and test his or her friends and relatives. You are also going to see the changes in the people who are very close to you if you are going through the DBA of Saturn.
Largely it is going to give negative effects only and you will learn a lot in this transit. Health issues are the things you should be more worried than other things. Those who are elderly may see an end of their life partner or severe disease inflicting them. Mool, Poorvashadha, Uttarshadha are the stars in which Saturn is going to transit.
In the star of ketu, Saturn will be creating problems with your elders, platonic conflicts with father, failure in higher education of less than expected scores, fraud from online companies based offshore because Ketu does not have a good reputation in 9th You may suffer from pain in the spinal cord. You may fall from bed and inflict your spine or may be hit by a vehicle. The pain in thighs is also possible.
People with Jupiter DBA will have a good time. So even if you are passing through Saturn DBA, choose Thursdays for your ventures or days when moon is in star of Jupiter or Saturn is in sub of Jupiter. It will move ahead into Venus star which is your 12th house lord and 5th house lord. This will be bringing expenses on your offspring’s and may also deny progeny. Also avoid speculative earning trades and avoid concept selling ventures. They all will be fruitless for you. Your spouse may leave you for some days on any common context which may or may not be a good incident for you depending upon your relation. The next destination is uttarashadha the star of Sun which is your 3ed house lord.
Saturn connecting 7 and 3 will encourage partnerships and agreements and people into online trading, internet, content writing companies, bloggers, anchors, media persons may find a better time ahead. You should be very firm and decisive no matter what happens because you will tend to be dubious and lethargic. So keep active and perform your tasks with positive spirit even if you are having losses or failures in them. It happens with everyone at some point of time and no one is the exception. Visit any “siddh” temple of lord Hanumana and offer ladoos and bananas there. Do charity as per your capacity on Saturdays. Visit Saturn temple and offer prayers. Never disrespect any handicapped person and offer your help to them as and when required.
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Read Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 for Cancer sign natives. How it will effect their life during this transit.
Cancer : The natives of cancer are really going to suffer this transit and the bad times are not going to be over till coming 7 and half years, I am not talking about sade sati but the transit of this Saturn which will be in 6,7,8 houses in the coming 7 and half years. Thus the road is very long and full of hardships for them.
Marital life is going to be severely affected and may result in separation or divorce of many people, though cancer people are very family oriented and tolerate a lot to maintain the family still they are now going to see things unusually disturbing. The ongoing love matters may abruptly end. You may feel completely dry and emotionless towards your love partner. Although many say that Saturn in 6th house proves good but I do not agree to this lore especially for Cancer and Leo because of its lordship of 7th.
Any planet 12th to its sign will give unwanted results for the sign. Mental trauma is another thing which is going to come from all sources which were giving peace of mind till now.  Be it Rahu or Ketu, their connection with 8th bhava is never good. Ketu is transiting in your 8th house in sign of Saturn but it will not lose its malefic intentions and Saturn being the Mool will prove hazardous for many of you.
Food poisoning, sudden health breakdowns, hospitalization, frauds, false blames, Legal proceedings and also may be jail is not ruled out but it will all depend upon your natal horoscope how planets are positioned there and then the transit will give its results. Very testing time waits ahead. After ketu it will enter the star of Venus and it will some relief but the connectivity with 6th house will remain. Thus you may enjoy a good career progression but no relief in marital life and also business people will not be able to enjoy healthy partnerships and cheating may happen between partnerships.
Cheating from a known person or family member is very likely so do not lend money to anyone. Even when it will be in star of Venus, It is not recommended to start new things like businesses or factories. Please avoid any huge investment till Saturn reaches your 9th house and that will be after 7.5 years almost. But surely the period of transit when it will be in Venus star will be good for salaried people.
The natives who are having Jupiter DBA will usually have a good time only. After Venus it is Sun in whose star uttarashadha Saturn will enter. It is the lord of second house which is a maraka bhaav and Saturn is a maraka planet for you. It is also the house for bank balance. The connectivity of 2,6 houses may get you money through loans or you may borrow money from your relative or friends. But remember that asking for money and getting money is easy but paying it back is a lot painful than you think. For coming 7-8 years religiously follow the sayings of Ramayana and recite the shree Raam Stuti by Atri Muni (Sage Atri) given in Shree Raam Charit Manas daily twice.
Keep yourself away from jealousy, hatred, ill planning for others, greed, over sex, over eating and over relying on others particularly on your own friends and relatives.  If you are going through the Saturn mahadasha and it is still left for more than 10 years then do also recite Hanuman Chalisa daily thrice and Visit Hanumanji temple daily in the evening and light a lamp there, a temple which is not frequented much and is usually empty in the late hours.
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Read Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 for Leo sign natives. How it will effect their life during this transit.
Leo: Saturn rules your 6th and 7th house and so it is not as bad as it is for Cancer natives. In my 15 years of astrological journey I have not seen many happy cancerian couples. Anyways, talking about Leo, this transit is not at all going to be much bad like I have predicted for Cancer natives. But all that glitters is not gold.
Leo natives born in this time with Saturn in ketu star will have a very troubled life when they will have Saturn mahadasha after 28 years of age. Saturn will make sure that enemies do not trouble you much but being 6th lord in 5th will also make your Job life miserable and you may quit your job.
You will get well soon as it will be 12th from the house of disease but then you will not get loans easily for the same reason. Your pets will be irritating you for one or other reasons. Your religious moods will get fluctuations and focus will be lost to a good extent. You will have to bear losses in speculation.
Saturn will be in ketu star for a long time and Ketu is in your 7th Saturn is a maraka planet for you and will be in star of a planet transiting in your 7th bhava, thus it is very likely that you may suffer from some sudden disease and the same is likely to happen with your spouse. You may be cheated by your partner. Though this is not very strongly indicated but a possibility is existing.
Ketu will give problems in marital life and sex life will be disturbed and thus Saturn will be doing the same for you, but every night has a day so wait for Saturn to enter in Venus star and then you will see better days. When Saturn will enter in Venus star it will give a tendency in you to change the job, your writing skills will get mature and your internet use will be many fold. You will have a lot of time being used up in internet.
Your relations with natives of opposite sex will get better and with them you will have more comfortable conversations. You may change your residence and do some improvement in your vehicle.
Your liquor intake with friends will increase. Your relations with siblings will get better. And then it will enter into the star of Sun which is your ascendant Lord but a platonic enemy. Your relations with people in power or with power may improve and you may be consulted much often for your opinion or reviews but you may have idealistic problems with your father and his health issues may surface.
Do not leave the blessings of Lord Rama and recite Hanuman chalisa always. You should also recite “aadityahriday stotra” daily at sunrise after offering water to Sun. Offer chola to Lord Hanuman ji for 11 Tuesdays regularly without fail.
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Read Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 for Virgo sign natives. How it will effect their life during this transit.
Virgo : Saturn is the ruler of 5th and 6th house in your ascendant. It will be here for 2 and half years. Being 12th to 5th it will promote disharmony between you and your lover, children, delay progeny if you are going through the dasha of Saturn. For those natives with dasha of ketu also should expect the same because ketu is in the sign of Saturn and will show the effects of Saturn. As lord of 6th it will be aspecting the 6th house and this is a good thing happening for you.
You may get loans for your needs; you will have an edge over your enemies. But this will also give rise in health problems and you will have to see hospital more often or go to a doctor. The direct aspect will be on your 10th house and it will cause mixed results for your professional life. For those who have a benefic Saturn in their natal horoscopes – they will get a career boost because it is the; lord of 6th – the house of job but it will give loss of job or change of job otherwise.
It will aspect the ascendant and it will cause more confusions in your mind though you are an earthy ascendant but Saturn`s aspect from a dual fiery sign will create more confusions and irritations in your mind. It will be wise to keep your cool and do not express yourself in a negative way. Your 1,6,10 houses will be under aspect of Saturn. 10th house happens to be the most important. Saturn will be in the stars of Ketu, Venus and Sun respectively.
Ketu will be in your 6th house till 18th August and will change to your 5th house then. There will be problems due to it. If you are going through the periods of ketu or Saturn then after August 18th you will have issues related to stomach. A miscarriage is surely not ruled out. Saturn ketu or Saturn rahu connection is termed as “Vish yoga” in traditional astrology and it may give such effects. Hyper acidity or acute pains in your stomach and hyper-gastritis may lead you to a nearby hospital for short time.
These are all possibilities and will depend mainly on your natal horoscope but transits do exert their effects to some or great extent. Loss in speculation and end of love affairs are the other consequences which you may face. In the star of Venus it will be misunderstandings with your seniors and possibly with your parents. You will see your opposition have a gain above you.
Your expenses will be on your real estate assets and vehicles. You may buy a second hand vehicle or you may have an accident with your newly purchased vehicle. Luck may desert you suddenly when you need it the most. Your maternal uncle may visit you or go to a far off place for pleasure trip.
It will then move to star of Sun and will increase your expenses. You may have to see hospital due to Viral or some other infectious fever. There will be unwanted purchases and you will regret them later or donate to some one needier. Your efforts will not yield desired results and there will be frustrations and restlessness in your mind.
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Read Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 for Libra sign natives. How it will effect their life during this transit.
Libra : For Librans Saturn is supposed to be a yogakaraka planet because of being lord of Kendra and trikona but actually this Kendra and trikona are more favorable to the seventh house i.e. the opponent of the native because they are 10th and 11th house of the opponent. Still, Saturn rules these houses and signifies assets, mother, children, wit, vehicles, artistic inclination of the native because he is the lord. Saturn will be in the 3ed house of the Librans and this house is supposed to be good for cruel planets, thus this will be a good transit for the Libra natives to some extent.
A planet gives not only one but many-fold result because it has to give the result of the house in which it is transiting, the houses it rules and the houses which are signifies by its star lord and the house in which that star lord is transiting. So it is very difficult to pinpoint just by a transit that what exactly is going to happen because main thing depends upon the natal horoscope of the native. Still, there can be problems to your mother, you may have some dispute with your siblings, and your vehicle may start malfunctioning without any damage. Your crops may not yield as expected.
In the star of Ketu, you will have problems related to your love life, Problems in attaining focus of mind, you will make errors in your financial decisions and you will incur losses. Stomach related problems are also bound to happen but not to s severe level because Saturn will be aspecting its own house.
This aspect on own house will facilitate progeny with operation and pains but will not deny it. Keep in mind that whenever Saturn will be in sub of Venus and Venus will be in incremental houses you will have gains or least losses. In the star of Venus it will give you courage to move forward and will be creating obstacles himself. You will have support from people to accomplish things but in the end there will be some or other negligence on your part.
You will have to be very systematic in your approach towards your profession and job when Saturn will transit in the star of Venus. Your sexual drive may get hampered or you may lose interest in physical pleasures to some extent. You may have bad communication and suffer due to it, this I am specifically saying for people into media, performing arts, teaching, Bloggers, Internet marketers, Journalists and anchors. In the star of Sun it will bestow its good effects whenever Sun will be in good houses and Saturn will be in Sub of Sun. So the bad phase of the transit will end when Saturn will enter the star of Sun. You will get better opportunities in Job; Business people will see growth in their endeavors. Wear a ruby at that time and remove it when Saturn leaves Sun star. You may have light fevers at that time but that will not a thing much to worry about.
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Read Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 for Scorpio sign natives. How it will effect their life during this transit.
Scorpio : Saturn is your 3rd and 4th house Lord. Saturn is the prime factor for your success because it rules the house of courage and also heart. Scorpions do not have a big heart but are hard workers and one of the reasons is this apart from others. Saturn is a malefic planet and it is so malefic that it does not excuse its own ascendant i.e. Aquarius from its ill effects. This is going to transit in your 2nd bhava for 2 and half years and will be 12th to its own house the 3rd but it will aspect the 4th house where ketu is posited till 18th august and then ketu will shift to 3rd This transit is going to prove good and bad both for you, if you are passing through the period of Saturn this year then you will have troubles from your siblings, they will become a source of mental tensions for you. You will perform very poor if you are into media or performing arts activities or if you run a printing press or are into print media. If you are a commission agent then also your performance will be nosediving for the time to come. Saturn is aspecting your 3,8,11 houses in transit, although it is not of much importance but if you are going through period of Saturn or of a planet which is in star of Saturn in your horoscope then this will become significant.
Ketu is afflicting your 4th house and is acting like an agent of Saturn by being In the sign of Saturn, and it will be doing it for 36 months as it will go into another sign of Saturn in august. You may have health issues related to heart, lings, drugs abuse, over drinking, jealousy, heart burns and there is good possibility that your mother may develop some disease.
Be careful while you are driving and do not make decisions in haste or hurry. You will face upsets in your work life and there can be unwanted hassles. You may face defamation or conspiracy against you. Married people will face deadlock in their married life when this planet will enter Venus star, there can be harsh quarrels between the couples. The counting factor will be that the dasha of Saturn should be operating. You will have health related issues and sex organs may have some weakness or disease.
Spends will be on costly things. You may consume high grade liquor if you are an alcoholic or finest toxic drugs may be used by you if you are a drug addict. There could be some problem on your face or teeth, some scar may develop on your thigh. Onsite placement is also a good possibility for software developers but it will be temporary and you will not be enjoying this displacement much. It will then enter into Sun star.
It will get connected with your 10th house. It is stationed in your 2nd bhava and will make a 2-10 connection. This is a good combination for any native for his overall career and financial progress. Whenever Saturn will be in sub of sun and sun will be in incremental houses you will see success without much efforts, otherwise also this period will make you work harder for your goals. You will move ahead in your career and will achieve new benchmarks.
You will get better job opportunities. If you do feel the heat due to this transit then perform some remedies like Visiting Hanumanji Temple every day. You should offer chola to Hanumanji for 21 weeks. Recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times daily for 21 days.
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Read Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 for Sagittarius sign natives. How it will effect their life during this transit.
Sagittarius : 1,2,3,6,7,10,11,9 will be the houses which will see the effect of this transit provided the dasa of Saturn or ketu is operational. Saturn rules 2,3 bhavas and gets placed in the ascendant which is 12th to 2nd 2nd house is not only for kutumb, but for bank balance, teeth, tongue, face, elementary education etc and when the lord of the said house will get posited into 12th to its sign then there will be some or other discrepancy in the results thus offered.
The mockery here is the third house rules siblings and second house rules family members, how can we distinguish between the two as India still is a country of joint family. There will be mixed relations with your family members and sometimes things will go to intolerable levels.
You should not worry much and just keep your cool. The thing on which you should focus more on is that do not say to proposals which are coming for financial increase or increase in the size of family. It is very likely that you may reject a good proposal of your son`s or daughter`s marriage and regret later, also it is very likely that you may refuse to do a job which is very lucrative and promising.
There are good chances that you will have bad relations with your extended family, neighbors etc. The thing on which you should focus more is that this ketu will change in august to your 2nd bhava and will create more problems than you will be having till august. So keep that in mind and after August take a chill pill so that things do not get out of hands with in the family members.
Keep doing your efforts and you will see success till August, though there will be unwanted delays and hindrances but you will get ahead of all. You will see your marriage efforts getting delayed and also there will be sluggishness in your business. You may have to face deceit from your business partner. You will get good job opportunities when it will enter Venus star and Venus sub and Venus will be transiting in incremental houses.
There will be promotions, career expansions and all goodness when this dasa will operate. You will have happiness on your face but some minor health issues will be there. But this period may see your love affairs sink deep below and some heart breaks are also likely. You will have some marital life problems in this period.
In the star of sun you may have to travel a lot and you may have to go to places far away from your residence. You may do some travels related to your religion. You will establish offshore connections, your pending works in other countries or cities may get a boost in this time. You may get to visit foreign lands for works and pleasure both.
After august you are very likely to become a victim of cheating by your own known people, you may have theft or you may keep and forget things and thus the loss may occur.
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Capricorn: Saturn does not excuse its own ruled ascendants and this transit will prove it so well in the coming two and half years. Saturn will be in 12th It will make your progress slow. There will be increase in your expenses and you will see your hard efforts drained and someone else taking the praises. You will fall to the depth of depression and many of you may have death wish also those who are into teens and are having heartbreaks or career failures – they may go through this mental state. But even that effort will be unsuccessful!! This is what Saturn can do to a person.
Go for suicide on a railway track and train will get cancelled and instead a dog will bite you and you will blame God. There will be lack of confidence and you will be gloomy mostly if you are going through the DBA of Saturn. You may have theft in your home or you may get some costly item stolen by your own negligence. Luck will not be so smooth and you will face the whiplash of ill fate from time to time.
Things will be delayed to a good extent and you will feel very irritated and dejected. There will be three stars into which Saturn will move in this journey ruled by Ketu, Venus and Sun. In the star of ketu it will be giving malefic results and you will have to be cautious when this period operates. You may see adversities with your own family member and there can be fights off and on, you will lose money in wrong investments and there is fair chance of getting cheated. You may remain sick for some time and there could be problems in your food pipe. Do not eat stale food otherwise there can be stomach issues. Avoid excess liquor and try to be polite and understanding. Do not lose temper for stupid and meaningless things.
The second house ketu sometimes gives sudden wealth to many but in this case when the sign lord is transiting in 12th bhava it does not seem likely. The reverse is more likely. It will then enter Venus star which is the lord of your 5, 10 houses and the problems will arise in your love life and professional front. You will see that you are making good efforts in your Job or business but things are not shaping as you want them to be. You may have foreign trips in this period but for short spans and they will be proving not very useful in the long run. Your relations in your workplace will get deteriorated with co workers. You will feel lack of trust between you and your romance partner and relationship might end or get a crack which will lead to a break for ever.
Stock traders will suffer losses, People into media or performing arts will see a downfall in their career graph. Commission agents will also see a downtrend in their profits. It will then move into the star of Sun which is the lord of the 8th bhava which is the bhava of all obstacles and hindrances. In this period you feel get fevers and health issues, your old disease may get chronic. You may face defamation, but in this period you may return the money you have borrowed in installments to the lenders. You may be reprimanded for the same reason. This period will make you see the real faces of people around you and will teach some bitter lessons. You should recite "Hanuman Chalisa" and wear a locket of Hanumanji for protection from evil forces – visible and invisible. You should fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays and offer prayers in Hanuman ji temple and Lord Shani temple. Offer help to poor people and those who are handicapped.
Aquarius: The coming two and half years will be progressive because Saturn will be transiting in your 11th bhava and this will happen next after 30 years. You should make the most of this transit as this is going to give you all kind of gains and benefits you have been longing for. Your career will rise, you will get more profits in business and you will have good relations with people around you. You will make good money and connections. There will be new friends from foreign lands and far off places in your homeland. It will aspect your ascendant and 5th house and 8th bhava where Jupiter is residing till 12th of September. This aspect on Jupiter in 8th bhava will make some betterment to those who are passing through the dasa of Jupiter and there will be a connection of 1-11 lord in 8th house, thus expect some unexpected gains in this time. Saturn will aspect ketu and being the ascendant lord and Aquarius being its mool trikona rashi, it will definitely bring some reduction in the ille-ffects of Ketu. Ketu`s traumatic experiments will continue till August 2017. It will be in Ketu star for a long time and this is the only period when you should remain much cautious but whenever Saturn will enter into its own sub, things will be getting better for you. Try to do things only when Saturn is in Sub of either Venus or in its own Sub. Avoid competitions in this time and make sure your behavior does not get rude to anyone. It will then enter into the star of Venus and this will be good for your overall betterment. Venus being you lord of Luck and 4th house will make Saturn fulfill your desires related to these houses. If you are looking to buy a car or a house the some positive progress will be seen by you in this regard. There will be some problems to your mother but not of much importance. You will get some good news when it will enter into star of Sun and it will be related to your business, family, marital life etc. You will get gains from people in government and influential places. You will visit far off places and possibly foreign lands in both Sun and Venus star. You will get gains from your spouse. There is not much remedial measures to be taken and it will be good if you keep reciting Hanuman chalisa daily and When Saturn is in Ketu star or you are going through the dasa of ketu then recite devei kawach from Maa Durga saptshati of Geeta press Gorakhpur. Hoist a white flag on your roof top with Goddess  Kali embroidered on it.
Pisces: Saturn owns the two houses of gains and losses for your ascendant. On one side it is creating very good yoga in transit by being the lord of 11th in 10th and on the other side it is also the lord of 12th house in 10th. The moral is if you feel good vibes and start getting good things happening then do not get over excited because all that can vanish in a moment.
This is how Saturn punishes those who allow ego rule over them. In a night life changes. The coming 5 years are going to be boon for those who are going through the dasa of Saturn if Saturn is not connected with 6,8,12 at stellar level. You will see that things are getting done before time. You will be sometimes getting amazed on how people helped you in making you reach your goals.
Even in the government sector the lower grade employees will cooperate with you. But you should be careful because remember it has to give the results of 12th house thus there will be unforeseen hindrances and obstacles where you will be expecting smooth operations. So be prepared for a ride of your life for these 5 years and make the most of it. Saturn will enter into ketu star and then into Venus and then Sun.
Ketu will change in august and till then it will be in your 12th house thus the results of 12th house will be more prominent but along with you will get some good news off and on. Do not panic when life goes haywire because it will automatically get into the right course. It will then come to your 11th house and then good times will start for you if you are passing through the dasa of Saturn or Ketu. In this period you will get some dramatic gains from unknown people and those into betting or other illegal speculative trades will earn some good amounts.
The 12th house will be into play always and there will be always chance to lose all the earnings. Depends upon your natal horoscope. Health will be a concern and people with even slight bad Saturn will face hospitalization or hefty expenses on their cure. It will get into Venus star which is the ruler of your 3rd and 8th Being in the 10th house it will promote goodness and will create hurdles because 8th house will be involved but when Venus will transit in the 6th or 11th house and Saturn will be in the sub of Venus then good news will be there for people passing through Saturn dasa.
You should find out that time and start things only then if transit allows it. The next star will be of Sun which is the ruler of planetary kingdom. When Sun will be in the 11th house in transit and Saturn will be in the sub of Sun then things will get good for you. Overall this will be a good transit for you if Saturn is not afflicted at stellar level.
This is the complete Saturn transit in Sagittarius which is going to be on 26th January 2017. So you should read according to your Horoscope.