Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lal Kitaab Horoscope 2017

Aries :
The more you work hard, the more luckier you will be in the year 2017 ! You will have to put in more efforts but you will be rewarded also . Challenges of life will become thing of past from 26th January . Improvement in health will be felt .
Transfers to better locations and promotions are in the offing . Travels will yield good results . You get divine help in times of trouble. You and your spouse will have differences on opinions on many aspects . Your opponents will try to spread false rumors about you . Take care of your eyes . Infection or vision problem is possible.
Visiting your ophthalmologist once in a six months is a good idea Pregnant ladies should take utmost care . Check on diet , regular medical check ups and movements is necessary . Much awaited professional success will be witnessed .
Increase in bank balance and harmony in the family will make you feel good .  Beware of headaches , stress and fever between March and Mid-April. Worship Hanuman to ward off negative events . You need to be cautious regarding your reputation , finances and health between  21st June to 26th October .You will develop interest in donating your money , time and energy in various acts of charities .
 Remedies and suggestions – 
  • Perform marriage rituals again with your spouse at an auspicious muhurata
  • Talk politely with the servants , juniors , drivers and labourers
  • Feed the hens & cocks
  • Avoid wearing blue clothes
You need to be cautious while driving & investing your hard earned money after 26th January. Meeting with an accident or getting admitted in a hospital is quite possible. Worship Shani Dev every Saturday to ward off negative events . Your opponents will come on back foot after 21st June . Professional sluggishness will be felt . Delays in achieving results on professional front may frustrate you .
You need to meditate daily to have a better control on your emotions & stresses . Saturn’s transit position in your horoscope wants you to learn patience . Difficult times will also come to an end, remaining optimistic is better than remaining pessimistic . Jupiter will grant your wishes and fulfill your desires.
Read Taurus daily Horoscope to plan your day accordingly. 
Make the best use of Jupiter’s favorable aspects on the house of destiny. Try to finalist pending deals before 21st September. Unmarried have good chances of getting married this year . People connected with politics and holding high profile posts need to be cautioned against string operations.Locking horns with influential persons / higher officials will lead to losses & insults ,hence be calm always.
Deal with difficult situations diplomatically rather than confronting directly with the seniors and elders . February on wards you may develop a sense of fear / insecurity in life . Remember challenges brings out the best from us .
Remedies and suggestions : 
  • Do not change the position & location of temple in house/office
  • Feed the crows
  • Don’t be rude with the helpers
  • Avoid wearing black clothes
You should not trust anybody blindly without verifying the facts yourself else you may become victim of frauds and cheatings . Keeping your eyes and ears open all the time will help you not falling in the traps . Pilgrimages and long distance travels is on the cards .You will get plenty of opportunities to grow independently .
Improved financial position will keep you relaxed and happy. Your many of unfulfilled realistic wishes have fairly bright chances to get  fulfilled. Helping others will further shine your luck. If by stroke of luck , you get sudden unexpected wealth then deposit in FFD account immediately.
Your opponents or mischievous persons may try to trap you in uncomfortable positions, be alert & stay away from temporary temptations . Your courage will see new heights this year. With elated confidence , there are strong chances to get selected in job interviews  . Students will fare well in viva-voce . Your hard work will yield good results .Your opponents will not able to harm you and will stay weak. Politicians will enjoy victory over opponents . Developing the habit of leaving unfinished work / assignments will destroy the good results of benefic planets . Make sure to complete the work in hand. Long distance travels for work / pilgrimage is in the offing .
Remedies and suggestions – 
  • Be pure vegetarian and not to have alcohol
  • Do not share your financial problems with others
  • Do not sell / mortgage gold
  • Feed a cow daily
You need to remain careful while travelling this year . Bad health or theft during the travels can spoil the mood . As far as possible , avoid joining new job till mid-September . All unnecessary travels must be avoided . Feeding any street dog daily will boost your luck . You will play important role in the family matters and you will be appreciated as well . Chanting Gayatri mantra daily will keep your health in good order .Someone may try to tarnish your image, hence be careful.
You will develop your intuitive powers and your interest in spirituality will grow further . Your professional skills will improve . Going on pilgrimage in March will yield very good spiritual experiences and you will be saved from health and money matters. The more you take interest in religious activities , the more your fortunes will increase.
Your daughter / sister may not do well this year . Worshiping Durga daily will help in this regard . Health wise , tooth problems may trouble you . As far as possible , all financial and business transactions should be done by way of cheque / post dated cheques only . The malefic planets may create situations that will spoil your relations with brothers , friends and blood relatives . Maintain harmonious relations with them nevertheless .
Remedies and suggestions – 
  • Do not get trapped in any kind of greed.
  • Do not talk excess, have control over your speech.
  • Respect your spouse.
  • Every Thursday pour water onto the roots of  a Peepal tree.
This is a challenging year for the students . Pregnant ladies must take care of their diet and health. They should avoid unnecessary travels .Stress in family matters in the month of March may be witnessed. Try to maintain emotional balance to have harmony in family life.Healthwise you may feel pain in the legs.
Your heart will be inclined towards peoples’ sufferings. You will receive name and fame in society. You will be inclined towards charitable work. There can be rift between you and your subordinates. Regular communications is the way to bridge the gap. You will be benefited from your clients & elders only through a sweet nature. Possessing an offensive nature can be harmful to you. Behaving politely will help you in gaining progress in life. Be extra careful in April and try not to take any important decisions.
Your health may also suffer. Falling in the trap of illicit relationships will surely spoil your social reputation. Helping the needy is good but giving unsolicited advises to others is injurious to your repute. Trading in gold will not result in profits. Someone will push you to stand guarantee for him, avoid at any cost else you will get trapped. There may be obstructions in your progress due to laziness. There are chances of going abroad.
Remedies and suggestions –
  • Do not take anything free from anybody
  • Driving carefully and eating right diet will help you a lot in avoiding unwanted problems .
  • Give proper respect to your guests.
  • Respect your spouse.
Jupiter’s position is very positive for you . Many achievements on many fronts are indicated provided you remain humble and grounded . Arrogance is your biggest enemy . Prosperity will run to your door this year . Many new chapters in life’s book will be opened . You will get a chance to forget the past and to move on , avail the opportunity . You will develop new influential contacts.
Those who are in teaching , preaching , mentor-ship and consultancy business , will flare well. If you are not in teaching line then you will have to share your experience and knowledge with others . Health of mother or mother like ladies will cause concern . Do not initiate any legal action against anybody.
Try to solve the matter amicably with the help of an elderly person . There is a fear of getting involved in accident / operation from March to mid-April . Take utmost care while driving . Talk politely and softly during this period.
Students will shine as their concentration will increase . Politicians and cine actors will get name and fame in their fields . Unmarried have chances to get married . Your expenditure will increase . You need to make a budget and follow that religiously . You will think big and try to achieve more . Think realistically about your plans and ambitions . Practicing meditation daily will get rid you of many emotional & physical health related issues . .
Remedies and suggestions –
  • Every Thursday donate bananas in the temples.
  • Not to wear green colour clothes
  • Apply a tilakam of yellow turmeric powder on your forehead
  • Do not share your plans with others
This the year of introspection for you .The more you look into inside , the better you will act outside! You will pass through challenges in flying colors during the crucial decision making process . Make sure you don’t get irritated and short tempered . You will be introduced to influential senior officials this year.
After May , the chances of enjoying luxuries are bright . New associates will prove to be helpful . Belief in God and interest in religion will grow . Gods will keep coming to your home in the form of guests . April month may see dip in your income and students deviating from studies due to interest in other affairs.
Health wise eyes and chest problems can disturb your peace .Politicians have good scope for getting important posts and they will do justice to the extra responsibilities thrust upon them. Professionals working from home will flare well. They will earn much money with their hard work. Students will do well due to improved memory & concentration .
Students of law, logic , accounts and mathematics will show good results. A word of caution! Saturn’s position may disturb your personal & professional prospects .
Remedies and suggestions – 
  • Keep gifting sweets to your sister , daughter and sister in-law.
  • Do not keep dry flowers in house.
  • Do not grow cactus in house.
  • Not to tell lies.
You will get tremendous help , support and mentorship in terms of learning as well as earning this year . Living and working in joint family / joint business will be fruitful to you .Leaving joint family especially this year will prove to be a wrong decision. Faith in religion and your progress , both will increase .
Get your eyes’ vision tested regularly .You will be quite happy this year . Work conditions & earnings will improve. Substantial gains in trading are also possible. Family atmosphere will also be satisfactory. You will make strenuous efforts to surmount your obstructions and crush your opponents. Your confidence will be par excellence & will be fearless . Your public appearances will increase .
Your public speaking skills will attract more and more clients & followers . By dint of labour and hard work business/trade prospects will be on positive side. Your relationship with seniors/authorities will be very cordial and at the same time your business circle will also increase. An expected journey shall bring good results. You will be able to overcome competition and will prevail over opponents. A sound state of health is also indicated ,  you will feel energetic and lively.  Ladies desirous of motherhood may have to wait .
Remedies and suggestions
  • Not to wear black coloured clothes.
  • Do not trust others blindly
  • Respect the widows
  • Wear gold on body
Saturn’s position will effect your courage , profession and marital life . Refraining from alcohol and non-veg food will help you having peace in above mentioned fronts . As Saturn denotes hard work and labour , the harder you work the better results you will get . Health & financial position will improve after September .
You may find yourself not meeting your co-borns this year due to distance or busyness .There may be ups & down in your life and sometimes you may remain tense. Deal diplomatically and politely with colleagues and assistances .
Venus planet may try to deviate you towards flirtatious tendencies but it is in your interest to stay away from such acts . Students need to pay more attention and to stay focused . Any illegal activity may cause you trouble . Keep driving license and other necessarily required documents with you while driving .
Your spouse’s maiden family may have some kind of problems . Helping and maintaining good relations with your brothers & sisters will attract lady luck towards you . There may be obstructions on going to pilgrimage.  Beware there can be minor incidents related to fire / cuts/injuries etc . A confidante may conspire against you .
Do not trust anyone blindly . Healthwise pains in the legs etc is possible . Pouring water onto the roots of Neem tree daily will save you from many problems
Remedies and suggestions –
  • Discuss important matters with your elders before taking any important decision
  • Respect your spouse
  • Worship Hanuman daily
  • Participate in religious ceremonies
Due to malefic position of Saturn , Expenditures may rise after January on not so constructive activities . Destiny will show slow results till September . You just cant depend upon the luck factor alone for progress. Self grooming & skill development will be needed for growth .Financially speaking , making a budget and acting as per the budget only will prove to be a suitable strategy .
You will earn good amount but will face challenges in saving the money and growing it prudently .Do not invest blindly on anyone’s advise . Parking money in safe instruments like bank FD , post office PPF and Govt bonds is advisable .
You need to take care of your temperament . Your anger can spoil good results of benefic planets .Your interest in religion and participation in religious activities will help you overcome many obstacles .Your spouse may behave aggressively .
If you also behave in similar manner then there will be no peace at home . Differences of opinions in any relation can be solved by communicating openly about the grievances and expectations . Talking politely and listening more to your partner is the key to successful relationship . Do not use harsh words . The deepest wounds aren’t the ones we get from other people hurting us. They are the wounds we give ourselves when we hurt other people
 Remedies & Astro-suggestions – 
  • Keep visiting holy places and temples
  • Be pure vegetarian & don’t take alcoholoiy
  • Respect your spouse.
  • Help the poor
Say BIG NO to any kind of speculative activities this year ! Investing for long term in safe instruments is Ok but not to do intraday or short term trading in stock market .  Health wise , you will not face any big challenges , only teeth & eyes need extra care. Your energy and stamina will help you achieving new milestones . You just need to take care of your health during the change of season .
Long distance journeys will be fruitful & satisfying . Students need to focus on their studies and practice meditation daily to have more concentration . You will get guidance of experienced mentor , under whose mentor ship you will grow more .
There can be some misunderstandings with your business partner . Talk less and listen more – with this mantra you will remain in beneficial position . At home also , you may feel not-so-satisfactory relations with spouse .
Do not keep bed sheets of blue color to avoid any conflict of interest . Chances to go abroad and to earn good money from there are quite bright. Your skill to make easy money will improve . Promotion is indicated for the working people. Your bosses and seniors will have faith in your abilities . Your professional reputation will be par excellence .
Remedies and astro-suggestions – 
  • Avoid wearing blue clothes
  • Worship Maha lakshmi every Friday
  • Donate dried solid turmeric in any temple every Thursday
  • Feed the poor
The planets are all set to bless you this year with professional and financial success . Rahu will make you invincible and Ketu will help you making profitable travels . Accept out of court settlements if you are going through any legal battle.
Politicians have very bright chances to win favors from the leaders as well as from the public . If you are looking for a job change for better prospects then you are likely to get success in this matter . Start up ventures initiated with the help, support and guidance of experienced elders are likely to have a successful take off.
You need to be careful regarding financial planning. Don’t go out of the way to help others . You need to control the habit of donations over the budget . You will be inclined to spiritual matters .
Your seniors will appreciate your work and will assign you more responsibilities. Someone may lure you towards speculative games and gambling activities , better you stay away from all these things as you will get only losses.
Your relations with your brother may became not-so-sweet .Try to maintain a balance and not to expect help from anybody . A word of caution – Venus can spoil peace & harmony in your personal life .
Remedies and astro-suggestions – 
  • Don’t indulge in business related to electrical & electronics
  • Every Tuesday donate sweet prasadam at Hanuman temple
  • Not to grow broad leaves plants at home / office
  • Do not wear any kind of beads around your neck