Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career horoscope for Scorpio-2016

     Career horoscope for Scorpio-2016
Houses 6th and 10th are the major houses to be considered for judging career path. You are a native of fixed ascendant thus your badhaka planet is moon, moon also gets debilitated in this sign of yours.  Mercury is the planet ruling 11th house but also has the lordship of 8th house. Thus struggle and then success is your destiny in general.
Mars, the ruler of this sign will be dwelling between Libra and Scorpio till September because of its direct and retrograde motion. Simply putting, there will be problems from your end in your career like ego, wrong decisions, quarrels etc if you happen to run Mars dasa or antara.
For those with Jupiter dasa or antara this will be a mixed period till august because rahu is afflicting Jupiter there in your tenth house. But all the good results of Jupiter will be there and rahu will only be able to dent a little bit, and in august Jupiter will pass to 11th house and being the lord of 2nd and 5th bhava it will surely give you rise in your career but dasa or antara is required at that time otherwise the results will be less in intensity. You can expect a better paying job this year or increase in your pay scale and responsibilities in the same job.
The problem is Mars, since it will moving to 12th house and then coming back, it may make you do things which may turn out to be real spoil sport.
For those running rahu dasa or antara a change of place or change in Job is very likely in the coming 18 months. If you happen to run Rahu mars or Mars rahu then be careful in this period as you may make a blunder in your professional career. Same goes with Ketu mars or mars ketu. A change of place is quite imminent if you are going through rahu antara or dasa.
If you happen to run Saturn antara in particular and not dasa then there will be many difficulties in your career but they all will be in minor proportions, you will be stressed out and irritated by the circumstances. Those with rahu dasa will feel the irritation in the maximum volumes and pitch since rahu will be giving multiple results this year.
Remedial Measure:
1)    Must recite “devi kawach” from Maa Durga Saptshati of Geeta Press Gorakhpur.
2)    Appease Saturn by reciting “shani stotra”, which ever you like but do at a fixed time daily in the evenings.
3)    Wearing a very fine quality “yellow sapphire” will be very good.