Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career horoscope 2016 Virgo

For job houses 10th and 6th are judged, whether in a natal or in a transit horoscope. Your 10th lord is Mercury himself who is the ascendant lord. Your 11th lord is moon. The badhaka planet for you is Jupiter which is your 7th house lord. Jupiter is transiting in your 12th house for the time being and it will be so till august. Thus there will be a certain amount of betterment after august if you happen to run antara or dasa of Jupiter.
Saturn is going to be in your third house thus people with Saturn dasa will have good results as Saturn is supposed to be good in this house. It will aspect its own sign in the 5th house and is himself the lord of sixth house.
You will get support from opposite sex natives off and on; your communication skills will be sharpened. Rahu-ketu will afflict your 6-12 axis thus there will be problem in career for those who are going through the dasa or the antara of any of these two.
The worst can be experienced by the ones who are passing Rahu-ketu period in their dasa bhukti. There is a need to be careful in your day to day activities and professional relationships otherwise you may be defamed and wrongly accused of something you don’t even know about.
For those who are running Saturn or mars dasa, mars will be roaming a lot in your second and third houses almost till September and by virtue or vice of its 8th house lordship it will cause a lot of problems in your professional career, problems will be like loss of temper, harsh language, not cooperating with your seniors etc and that may lead to a very bad PR for you in your company and out too. This might lead to a resignation.
So it is better to keep your cool and use mild and amicable words in your speech.
1)    It will be good to wear a pearl in ring or pendant.
2)    It will good to use emerald if mercury is a benefic for you in stellar view.
3)    Recite Vishnu sahastranaam daily twice.
4)    Recite Bajrang baan twice daily.