Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career horoscope 2016 –Sagittarius

Your 10th house lord is Mercury and 6th house lord is Venus. Mercury is the badhaka planet for you. Houses 6th and 10th are required to assess the professional salaried careerscape.
Saturn is transiting in your 12th house. This is not good in general and in your case Saturn is the lord of 2, 3 house thus it will surely help in creating problems to job. You will have problems in maintaining relationships with people and your behavior will be lethargic. Your day to day official communication may get erratic and you may miss important mails frequently. There will be cancellation of many required projects and you may lag behind others in performance. There will be a tendency to drag things in you which will affect your career graph to some extent. Some of you may change the job and some may be forced to do so.
The natives with Jupiter dasa or the antara will have a good year as far as the professional front is concerned. From august things will get much better but till august too, you just have to take control of yourself and things will be nice with you. There are good chances of better job, promotions, transfer to place of your choice etc this year. Foreign assignments also will be coming to you and your professional contacts will be universal this year. There will be good amount of accolades you will get this year and possibly some awards or rewards too.
Rahu is going to be in your 9th house which may trigger change of place, this rahu will be aspected by Saturn all the year so it will be giving adverse results most likely, and it is advised to take corrective measures to negate the effects of rahu. Though ketu will not be as bad as these both are considered good in 3,6,11 houses if they are alone and not have any malefic connection.
1)    Recite “devi kawach” from Maa durga Saptshati of geeta press Gorakhpur.
2)    Recite ram raksha stotra daily.
3)    Wear a good Yellow sapphire till Jupiter crosses Libra.