Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career Horoscope 2016- Pisces

10th and 6th house mainly decide about the state of salaried careers, in your case the 10th lord is himself the Lord of ascendant, Jupiter. Sun the royal planet is your 6th house lord. Mercury is the badhaka for as this is a dual ascendant.
Jupiter is transiting in your 6th bhava till august and then it will change to Virgo, your seventh house. Those running Jupiter DBA will get to see good effects in their job front and will have very high chance to get a good job with a better salary, but there will be delay till the last moment so do not lose hope and keep going for interviews and meeting people and placement agencies, Saturn will be aspecting Jupiter and thus there will be delay till august.
People with Saturn dasa will see that they are getting results but things are taking more time and results are not of much use to them. The delaying nature of Saturn is very irritating so please bear in mind that you will get things done but after the due date. Your connection with people in foreign lands will improve and those into EXIM industry will have new professional relations till Saturn is in this house.
Rahu is going to afflict your sixth house for lone time. Rahu is considered to be a benefic in this house but since it is not a planet at all and just a shadow, it gives very varied results depending upon many factors. You will be having the effect of Saturn actually and of sun if you will have DBA of rahu. Rahu will also be in the stars of Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter in the time to come and when it will reach its own star that time will be troubling.
Ketu is the moksha karaka in this 12th house. Thus it is not going to have much to do with your professional career as such. But apart from interest in religion etc ketu may give you insomnia which may affect your work performance.
Remedial Measures:
1)    Recite Shani Stotra daily.
2)    Recite Shree suktam daily.
3)    Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.