Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career horoscope 2016- Libra

In the end of January rahu-ketu will come to your 5-11 axis. Jupiter will move to 12th house in august and Saturn will continue to be in your second house in 2016. 6th and 10th house are major parameters to judge the job status for any native. Mercury is your lord of luck but also the badhaka planet for you. Moon is the tenth house lord and Jupiter is the 6th house lord.
Those running the dasa or antara or Jupiter will face minor problems from the beginning itself because of the affliction of rahu with Jupiter. The problem will be with your seniors, your ego level will be high and intolerable at many times. But it will not be much so need not worry too much; largely it will be good till august. Keep control on your daily behavior and everything will be fine. Those running Jupiter dasa wil have good chances of salary hikes and promotions; you may complete a pending course and get a degree also this year.
Those with dasa of Saturn will be having problems in their career path due to domestic disturbances. Saturn is a benefic for you are per Vedic astrology but it is a natural malefic planet and in second house it is not at all good. It will aspect your 11th bhava thus delaying gains and delaying fulfillment of desires. You should be prepared for a later outcome in all your professional deals and efforts. Patience is the keyword for you. There will be differences with authoritative figures and you may feel the heat in the months when sun will come in the aspect of Saturn.
Those with dasa or antara of rahu or ketu will also see problems but with ketu there will be more troubles and you will not be able to focus clearly on your goals and targets. In august Jupiter will leave for next house leaving rahu-ketu alone and they will further increase their mischievousness.
Remedial measure:
1)    You should recite shree hanuman chalisa daily twice.
2)    Visit Hanumanji temple and recite “ram raksha stotra” there only daily.
3)    Recite “shree suktam” daily.
4)    Wear a good and natural pearl ring or pendant and ruby only if sun is not a significator of 4, 6, 8, 12 houses in your chart.