Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career horoscope 2016: LEO

You have a benefic planet as your 10th lord, Venus. But in the initial days it will be moving in the 6th 7th and 8th houses and by May it will start going upwards to 9th house. 6th and 10th houses are the prime ones to see for salaried career. Saturn is transiting in your 4th house thus aspecting the 10th house, being the lord of 6th house this is a good sign for career. But Saturn by itself is a delaying planet so it is better that you do not expect much goodness and expect delays even in the sure shot events.
Jupiter is transiting in your ascendant and in august it will move to second house thus aspecting your 10th bhava. It is a good thing for a native, blessing of Jupiter.
Since Saturn is a natural malefic so do not expect it to be doing much good to you, career wise it will be good but you will be confused since other happenings of your life will keep you occupied. But on a larger view the year will be good because benefic Jupiter will be entering your second house in august. Jupiter will mitigate many things for you.
If you are running dasa of Rahu or ketu, then the losses will be more and they will give you mental tensions and material one too. Rahu will afflict your ascendant and Jupiter both so you will have to keep a control on your decision making as you may act like fanatic or cynic at times. Do not think in misappropriate proportions as it will only lead to sadness in the future.
In the initial months your ascendant lord will be downside only and after 3 months it will start moving upward. So expect the months after March April to be better. Those who are running Dasa or antara or Saturn, Rahu, ketu will be having the most negative effects and the ones with Jupiter, Mars. Venus antara will have a better year.
1)    Recite aaditya hriday stotra daily twice.

2)    Recite shree suktam daily.