Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career Horoscope 2016- Gemini

The houses 10th and 6th denote the state of job for a person. Jupiter is your 10th house lord and it is also the badhaka planet for you. For movable ascendants, the 7th lord is a badhaka planet. Saturn is transiting in your 6th bhava and Jupiter in third. Though the third bhava is incremental but Jupiter will give good results only  if you are running the DBA of Jupiter and that too till august and not beyond.
The wishes of an individual are fulfilled by the blessings of 11th house lord, here in your case it is Mars and it is going to transit in detrimental houses in 2016 and will be retrograde too for a long time. Thus it is obvious that you may start many things or apply for many jobs or look for increase in salary or promotion etc but mars will be taking a lot of time to approve it and in many cases it is going to cancel the matter for a long time.
Saturn will remain in mercury star for a while and then it will fall back to its own star and both are not beneficial for you. Those who have 10 -12 years left in Saturn mahadasha, they will have to be very patient for the coming 7.5 years because Saturn will be moving in the downward areas of the chart, this has nothing to do with shani sade sati etc. Those who do not have Saturn mahadasha should not worry much. The retrogression of Saturn will be another drawback for you and it will be wise not to change jobs when it is retrograde or start anything new in the period of its retrogression.
Natives with ketu mahadasha will also have to bear the wrath of ill luck as it will be afflicting 9th house of luck after January.
1)    Wear red clothes or keep a red handkerchief with you. Keep a red or orange pillow cover.
2)    Recite mangal beej mantra- “ॐ अम अंगारकाय नमः” 108 times daily.
3)    Wear a locket of Hanumanji and keep it clean and hygienic.
4)    Avoid black clothes as much as possible.