Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career horoscope 2016- Capricorn

Career horoscope 2016- Capricorn
It very rarely happens that only good happens with a human and no one is exception. When ascendant lord is posited in the 11th bhava in natal chart it is a happy go lucky situation and almost the same happens when the same planet is transiting in 11th bhava. Your ascendant and second house lord Saturn is transiting in the 11th bhava and it is going to be there till 2017 beginning so make the most of it IF you are running DBA of Saturn in your natal horoscope. Many good things are ready to happen if the dasa is of Saturn.
Though Jupiter is a malefic for you just like mercury is for cancer natives, but it is transiting in 8th bhava and though it is bound to give more problems but rest assured there will be sudden good happenings too if you are having Jupiter DBA. That may not be directly linked with your career but other things of life may get better.
Ketu is the culprit for coming 18 months, Jupiter will move to 9th house in august, but ketu transit in this house is always doing something bad for the native. You will see that your relations in office are not getting good but are getting bad after January. But in any case, it won’t be able to do much harm because of the aspect of the ascendant lord on the ascendant. Those with ketu antara should remain cautious as they may hear bad news any time regarding their profession. The way to negate it is do not be carried away in your ego of being a knowledgeable person and be polite to all. You will have to listen to others more and talk lesser and talk better. Keep control on your official communications whether they are verbal or electronic or print. Remember, it will be some wrong decision or behavior of yours which will create problem for you.
Though Rahu is also going to create issues but those will be negated by Jupiter and Saturn.
1)    Wear a locket of Goddess “Kali”
2)    Wearing a good Blue sapphire or neelam will be good.
3)    Recite “ganapati atharvsheersh stotra daily” or “ kanakdhaara stotra”