Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career horoscope 2016 -Cancer

          Mars is your 10th house lord and this year it will be dwelling a lot between Libra and Scorpio, almost till September it will be having such motion. Jupiter is your 6th lord and for job or salaried career houses 6 and 10 play pivotal role. Also Jupiter will be aspecting 6th and 10th houses till august. All these are good goings if you are running mahadasha of Mars or Jupiter, for cancer natives I have seen Saturn doing severe problems in its mahadasha but for some it had proven to be a good boy also. So depending upon your chart you may or may not get to good fruits of Saturn.
Venus will be transiting in the lower areas of your horoscope and it will reach your 11th house on May 20th, so you can expect good things in the month of April, May, June and till august you can have good time in your job or career.
If you happen to run the dasa of rahu or ketu then you can be in real troubles, rahu will be giving the result of Saturn – the 8th lord and ketu will give multiple results. You may face some real hardships due to ketu and rahu in this year.      You will see that your relations with your seniors are getting bad and there will be useless tensions in your work life which will affect your married or love life too. You may be trapped in a plot by others and may have to leave present occupation. 
Overall this will be a good transit for most of you people so there is not much to be worried about. I have mentioned, who has to remain careful. Do not get too emotional and try to mix with strangers too so that you keep yourself occupied, try to indulge in family life.
1)    Recite dashrath krat shani stotra daily.
2)    Recite mahalaxmi stotra daily.
3)    Wear white clothes and have a white pillow cover.
4)    Keep a purple or yellow handkerchief.
5)    A pearl ring or pendant will be very good for you.