Sunday, December 27, 2015

Career Horoscope 2016- Aquarius

10th and 6th houses are seen for career or salaried professionals. You are going to have a good time till coming 4-5 years as Saturn is presently transiting your 10th bhava and then it will go to 11th bhava, a place which is best for ascendant lord to be in, but all this will be good only if your are running mahadasha of Saturn or antara otherwise the good effects will be less and you will not be able to jump to high positions like those who are having Saturn period in their charts. Even when Saturn will transit to 12th bhava it will be his own sign so the troubles will not be much.
Venus is the badhaka planet though it is the planet having luck in his designation, mars is the lord of tenth house and this year mars will be troubled himself because of its retrogression and in return it is going to create good and bad incidents for you. Moon owns the sixth bhava and is a natural benefic but having a malefic ownership. Mars will move to Sagittarius in September and till then it will be roaming between Scorpio and Libra thus your 9th and 10th house will have activity this year.
Those with Jupiter dasa will not gain much because it is going to 8th house in august, even till august it will be afflicted with rahu, though rahu will not be able to do much harm still there will be uncertainty in your mind regarding your future career and the outcomes of your inputs. Rahu is an expert in troubling mind and thought process.
Ketu will be in ascendant itself so it will represent Saturn and 10 bhava along with 2 and 11 houses, rahu too will represent these houses due to aspect of Saturn on 7th house but it will show its adverse effects on other parts of your life and also on professional front. Ketu will be giving health issues and not much if adverse has to be reckoned. So more or less there is not much to worry.
It will be a smooth sail for most of the natives.
1)    Hanuman chalisa is must for you, recite morning and evening without fail.
2)    Recite Bajrang baan daily.
3)    Recite shani stotra.
4)    Wear yellow shirts; keep a yellow handkerchief with you.