Thursday, February 5, 2015

Who Will Win Delhi Elections 2015?

In the last assembly elections, I had predicted the victory of Arvind Kejriwal (AAP) over Sheila Dixit (Congress) and by God's grace, it came true. Also, my prediction about President’s rule was true, but after 49 days of AAP. Again the people of Delhi will be voting, but it seems that the scenario has changed altogether; or may be not! Who knows? We are not gods or possess the third eye like Lord Shiva. We are just humans with limited knowledge.
So again, the buzz is on and the main parties are BJP, AAP, and CONGRESS. Let’s see who wins this time.

The participating parties are:
1) BJP
2) AAP
Date : 13-1-2015
Time : 19:48:10
Place : New Delhi
Ascendant Lord : Cancer = 4
Moon Star Lord : Mars = 9
Moon Sign Lord : Venus = 9
Day Lord : Tuesday = Mars = 9
But, we are having Jupiter in ascendant and it is retrograde. This is confusing as retrograde planets are not taken into account, but planets featuring in the ascendant have more to say than the ascendant itself. But going by the book, I will omit Jupiter.
Now, we get the total = 31, which totals to 4. Thus, the remaining is 1. And we have BJP at number 1.
Conclusion : BJP will win this time, but could be some problem in forming the government again like last time because Retrograde Jupiter will pose some problems for sure, and on the voting day Jupiter and Mercury both will be retrograde. It may be possible that the decision for the CM will be one of the issues or there will be some other administrative issue cropping up with the party as there are various news clippings regarding the unrest due to Kiran Bedi, the now CM candidate for Delhi.