Friday, January 16, 2015


 This is a major Hindu festival also called as Sankranti , Bihu, Pongal , etc in different parts of India. Since it is going to come in Capricorn in the evening, some pundits are advising to celebrate it on 15 th January. Sun travels through the constellations of Sun, Moon, and Mars during these days. You will be most affected positively or negatively only if you are running Pratyantara or Antara of Sun or these Lords are in star of Sun.


You will have thoughts to change the job, or you may also be given a better responsibility. In addition to this, you might become aggressive as well as dominant, and ego portion might increase. You will be consulted by your friends also in their times of need; and seniors or people of authority will support you. You will feel good at home during the last phase; but there are chances of mild health issues related to lower body.


Expenses might increase. You will take leave from work and go somewhere. Long travels are indicated; and you will spend on self-pleasantries. You need to stay cool in this month, as you may indulge in physical quarrel. Some of the Taureans will have abroad travels too. There could be chances of hospitalization for few of you. On the contrary, your spouse seems to be gaining wealth during this duration.


Sun will be in your 8 th house. The ruler of third in 8 th may produce some ill effects. Be cautious in your communications with one and all; and be caring towards your younger brothers and sisters. You may have sudden losses. Higher authorities might delay their favors for you. However, there will be good progress in your job sphere.


You will have headaches and a bit of high temperature in the body. You will have gains from spouse. He or she will help in increasing the bank balance. You may also suffer from eye or private organ related problems. Your spouse might get some gains. Kids will have good time altogether. They will do better in studies. Success is seen in competitive exams for your children.


Your marital life might become a bit demanding. There might be issues related to your pets and domestic help also. Your works might get delayed; but as far as job is concerned, this will be a good period. It will take around three months for the things to improve for you. You might have health related problems also, and they will extract much amount from your wallet.


Health of children may get a bit down. You might commit some mistakes by default like taking wrong decisions in investment or assessment of people. There might be many wastages on useless things. Mild gains are predicted, but with losses. If we talk about health, arms and shoulders might become painful due to some reason.


Work will be great. You will have new friends. You will try to work more than usual and will also get a good name at your workplace. The last phase of the transit may give you fever or bad health of some kind. Hence, be cautious during that time.


This will be an overall good time, you will have good times with your family people and will do well at your workplace. Health will also remain good for most of the time. There will be some religious activity done by your parents. Overall, the week looks quite good.


In this time, you may have issues related to left eye. You will think of going to far places. On the other hand, you will have increased expenses; and your kids may have new gadgets from your side too. They may also have viral fever; so be cautious.


You will have good time throughout except minor headaches or pain in the eyes, in the middle of the forehead. Personal life will be a little bit affected, but not much. There will be professional gains and good atmosphere at home in general.


You may face wrath of the responsible people. Stomach might get a little upset. You will have good work progress, but your relations with seniors may get sour. You will see that things are getting delayed for no logical reason. Let them be; as later on, they will fall in line. You will see good things happening in the last phase of the transit when Sun will enter Dhanishtha constellation.


For people seeking jobs, this time will be favourable. You should try your best efforts now. If you want loan, you can get in this month. There will be monetary gains also during this time. You will get loans also if you want them. Your parents will also be benefited by this transit. They will see good things happening for them.