Tuesday, January 20, 2015

natal rahu and effects on you

Planet Rahu is not a planet in actuality but is a node of moon .It is well known so no need to go into that .But almost all scriptures have given more importance to rahu ketu than actual planets .Rahu is the head of the demon who had swallowed one drop of nectar –is what ancient myths says…Lord vishnu himself had to come to kill the demon and the head having nectar in the throat was called rahu.the rest of the body is ketu.

It is also said kujwat ketu shani vat rahu I.E. Rahu is like Saturn and ketu is like Mars.Rahu is considered to be a major benefic in 3,6,10,11 upchaya houses and in to 10th it is considered most powerful.can confer all the luxuries of materialistic life.

In –Nakshatra chintamani-C.R.Bhatt writes –“1)Rahu-ketu as agent—rahu or ketu is not alloted the ownership of any sign.It only occupies the sign in a house.so they work as an agent of

(a)    The planet with whom it is in conjuction or aspect

(b)   The owner of the sign in which it is placed

2) They give results firstly,the results of the planets in conj. With it,secondly the result of the planet aspecting it ,thirdly the result of its own star lord,fourthly the result of the ownerof the sign occupied by it .

3)rahu ketu as star lord-If rahu ketu becomes star lod of any planet –the planet will signify the matters of the house occupied by it ;that planet will will indicate the matters of the house owned and occupied by the star lord of rahu-ketu;that planet will denote the matters of the house occupied and owned by the owner of the sign occupied by rahu-ketu.

4)rahu-ketu as significator –rahu-ketu are stronger than any planet ,so if rahu or ketu represents any significator planet ,they should be given first preference as a significator in place of that significator planet.

5)they are not to be treated as retrograde planets as their natural motion is in the opposite direction .

Generally ,when rahu occupies ascendant –it creates a lot of problems for the native –his thought process gets weird first of all.He will be very proudy,will talk of big plans ,will be ready to get into fight anywhere,will always try to show his presence this way or the other.

In dasha,bhukti,antara also when rahu comes –if not well placed –creates a lot of mental tensions ,losses of finance,bad luck.Rahu is the main planet for making a person –HAUNTED- by spirits ,evil,what ever .Black magic is also experienced by ppl having bad rahu in its DBA .Rahu also gives fruitless lossful travels ,It also makes one get irritated by his bad fate to the extreme of commiting suicide,Theft in house,Imprisonment ,Bad married life,Bad character of wife or husband ,abusive language ,dominance,abortions, miscarriges.

Rahu also makes one great devotee of Maa Durga ,It also makes great freedom fighters,Politicians ,Leaders,ppl who live differently think differently .It makes one anti social and unsocial also.It connects with public also ,lower caste people ,it indulges one into prostitution,mating with widows,other`s wives,unnatural sexual habits ,banned drugs seller,Homosexuality..the list is endless.Almost in all the diverted events of life  ,unexpected events some how rahu makes its presence.Rahu makes one believe in black magic and makes one resort to –ghost busters-ppl who deal in spirits,ghosts,etc.

There is one more peculiarity—In DBA of rahu ppl get money in their accounts –unaccounted money-they don’t know from where it came but they do get it –amounts differ .In the hindi version of this article many readers confirmed it .Some body got 20,000 some 10,000 and one native got 1 lac rupees in instalments and I also got 10,000 in my account in pratyantara of rahu.It is still a mystry from where that money came.

When Rahu decides to give –even God Kuber –The lord of wealth-seems small and when it comes on taking –even the last cloth of the native is taken away.

Conjunction of rahu with moon,Mars,Venus,Sun,Saturn is very unauspiscious in natal chart or in navansha.These ppl have strange kind of mental and physical problems which remains till the DBA is there.depending upon the houses.

Following are few date of births –you can see the infuence of rahu in d-1 and/or in d-9

1)31-5-1965/vellore/21:45—house wife of a high rank army official

2)7-2-1973/atarra(u.p.)/9:15 –house wife of a car showroom general manager

3)14-8-1980/6:30/hoshangabad (m.p.)—working in a hospital(The guy who got 1 lac-unaccounted)

4)22-5-1969/3:55/India-Politician and poet(F)

5)25-11-1954/4:30/hyderabd(a.p)-House wife