Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pointers to profession by navansha lord of 10th house lord .

This is not be judged as it is as there are many other factors affecting the profession(s) of a native .

1)If SUN be the d-9(wil be used for navanasha lord)lord  of 10th lord of d-1 the possible vocations could be –dealing in gold ,works in gold mines ,buy sale of wollen clothes,medicines,doctors,medical shop,minister to a CM or PM ,secretary to a minister,contractorship.This native either works for government or works on his own usually.

2)If MOON – dealing in precious gem stones ,agriculture,garments shop,water manufacturing and sales,relations ship with a female giving money .

3)If MARS – dealing in metals,fire arms,mechanica parts,machines,works involving fire ,engineer,overseer,police,military,surgeon,dacoity,loot,computer hardware

4)If MERCURY – Poet,mathematician,astrologer,preacher,mantrik,software,painter.

5) If JUPITER – works releated to LAW,Religion,history,Surveyor of religious monuments,organisations

6)If VENUS – Jeweller,milk-butter sales purchase,dairies,vehicle sale purchase,premium liquor sales purchase,hotel industry,sales of flowers,Relation with rich women usually illicit ones.

7)If SATURN – sale of wooden articles,menial labour,head of labours,labour contractor,lawyer,lower type of works .