Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Effect of MARS on you in day to day life

In vedic astrology there is a arrangement of governmental structure of planets ….Mars represents Commander In chief.He controls all the valour power etc.Mars is a very inflicting planet ..whether It is death or wealth or women or accidents.

Those who are familiar with character of phantom ,mandrake,gaarth etc ..Mars is totally GAARTH ..in behaviour attitude and character.In the End Garth always saved some beautiful women..so did my favourite James Bond …And Tom Cruise in MI series…Arnold schwarzenegger can also be said to be very close to what mars can do ….Part-1 of terminator was negative mars ..rest two were positive ones.

What does generally soldiers do when there is no war ….They drink ,eat and sleep with women of their choice generally ..not applicablle to all.And when there is a war soldiers and commanders are most ruthless in using the powers they have .They leave no stone unturned to get result in their favour .

The birth of mars is supposedly in UJJAIN ,MADHYA PRADESH INDIA ….

Mars deals in things which are big …armys ,lands ,police ,machines ,vehicles etc.Accidents and injury on head and forehead are most favourite to mars .You will see many Arians having a mark on their forehead ..or stitches on head .Even being the ascendant lord it happens because mars rules over the eight house also .

Mars owns Aries and Scorpio.He owns mrigshira,chitra ,and dhanishtha constellations.He also has a big role in developing attitude of a person .He affects not only the house where he is situated but also where he aspects .4,7,8 are his aspects .

There is a dosha encashed quite generously called as Mangal Dosha …which says if mars is in 12,1,4,7,8 then the person is mangli and he/she may be widowed .So the remedy is to marry a martian to a martian(mangli to a mangli)which cancels such dosha.It is not entirely true .In my small experience .the reason being simple …there are 8 more planets ..only one cannot do everything on its own .

Mars represnts true valour of a soldier and of a common man and of a rowdy..depending upon its condition in a natives chart.Mars even if is debilitated can give thunderous results to a human.Mars gives Ego mainly Flase ego to a native that too in abundance …but not as much as SUN .Mars dominated people are also music lovers ..many scorpians are good guitarists…music dance women sex power are all mainly done by mars.venus has a big role in arousing sexual urge but the act of fulfilment is done by Mars.

Mar also makes doctors…surgeons mainly who deal in cutting the body.

Mars when is posited well can make one a big builder,property broker,Industrialist,surgeaon but when he is bad in a horoscope he produces rapists ,dacoits,smugglers,local goons,drunkards,addicts, Serial killers etc.

Women and Men behave equally according to the postion of mars in their charts and it is very simple to know whether a person is a martian or not.It doesn not depends upon the ascendant lordship at all.Mars shows himself when ever he is strong .