Wednesday, September 24, 2014


                                                                 MERCURY IN LIBRA 
Planet mercury has arrived in libra. The sign ruler is his friend and the conjunction is with saturn which is his another friend. Mercury will remain in Libra till 24th november 2014. This is a long time because in between it will get retrograde and move back to Virgo. Generally mercury moves in to another sign in 15-16 days as it is a very fast moving planet. Some people will have loss of cellphones, some will have whistles in the ear, itching in the skin. Some will have sudden damage of memory cards. Some will have very disturbed internet speeds. There will be a problem in speech to some and may utter wrong words in hurry. Some will have quarrel with friends and some will buy new cells and laptops.
The effects on various nativities will be:
1)      ARIES:  Personal life will be good. You will enjoy the time. you will have success through communication in business and meetings. THERE could be some legal problems which will fade off in the time to come.
2)      TAURUS: Love matters will end, with hope of rejuvenating later on. There could be miscarriage to some. There will be personal discords. Medication may eat up expenses. There could be change in job.
3)      GEMINI: Artistic flavours will flourish in your mind. Some platonic relationship with aged person may develop. There could be defamation due to this. You may have trouble in continuing your spiritual progress.
4)      CANCER: Your vehicle may give lesser mileage. Health of mother may become a matter of concern. Expenses will increase abruptly.
5)      LEO: You may develop some intimate relationship with someone in the family related to your kiths and kins. There will be some misunderstandings in the larger family. There are gains also from your relations. So play safe.
6)      VIRGO: There will be sudden gains from speculative acts. Love will grow more. You may finalise the candidate. Work place will give popularity, rewards. Minor health issues may trouble.
7)      LIBRA: Take care of your expenses, long travels as you may have losses. This is high time you fall in love with someone and find your soulmate. You may find a younger native for the purpose.
8)      SCORPIO: You will have losses and delays in your endevors. Some windfall gains are also indicated to some natives. Keep cool and stay calm. Take care of health. You may have to move away from your native place.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: You will gain good friends and will have news of success. Good period for you. You will have some conspiracies against you but will not be shadowed due to them. There will be good family atmosphere and new purchases are also indicated.
10)   CAPRICORN: There will be religious intent in mind. Overall a good period. Don’t be carried away because of your emotions. Socialize more and more and meet people to know their point of view also. Work place will be positive and rewarding.
11)   AQUARIUS: Chances of romatic afflictions are on so if you wish you can try your hand though you are too shy to go for it usually. You will have some good dreams also during this transit. Some old friends etc can meet up. Beware of any acts after intoxication of anykind as it may land you in bigtime trouble.
12)   PISCES: Time will not be favorable though some hidden agendas may be fulfilled. It is better to be cautious. You will have disturbed personal life. But there is nothing to worry as it will be over soon. Be careful with the health of your elders.