Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do you have combinations to acquire diabetes

                                  Do you have combinations to acquire diabetes

Dear readers, India apart from a huge market for many things, is also a big market for pharma -manufacturing drugs and gadgets for diabetes. We are fast growing nation adding up many patients each day mostly due to our negligience and making the doctors richer every month. Still we die and never get any credit from doctors for their big cars and offices which they owe to diabetic patients. And the pervention are so simple, I read somewhere…all we need to do is remain sane and keep doing workout or morning walks and inhale fresh air. Less alchohol is also advised. I will not go into the medical aspect of getting diabetic as it is not my sphere. And I wish that Indian becomes a diabetes free country and the medical bills get lesser. Guruji Shree KSK says 12th house is for defect, 6th disease and 8th danger. KP READER-4 P-100.2006 EDITION.
The 6th cusp sub lord is Mercury, in star of Venus. The ascendant is in star of Mercury and sub of venus. The ascendant is directly connected with 6th cusp and 8th cusp, as Mercury rules 8th cusp. This infant was diagnosed with severe diabetes and is still hospitalised. The 8th cusp sub lord is Jupiter which is own star and sub and is placed in 8th cusp. Venus Antara was prevailing when she was born.

The disease was diagnosed in Venus Mahadasha - Venus Antara. The 6th cusp sub lord is Mercury in sub of Venus. Venus is aspected by Saturn, the 8th lord. Jupiter, the Badhakapti is aspecting Mercury; as for dual ascendant, the 7th house is the Badhakapti. Venus is in star of Jupiter, the Badhakapati and in own sub.

The sixth cuspal sub lord is Jupiter. The sixth cusp is in star of Mars. Ascendant is in star of Venus and sub of Saturn. Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are conjunct. The disease was detected in Rahu Dasa and Bhukti. Rahu is in star sub of Saturn, which is a Maraka planet and is conjunct Venus, which is in star of Mars, the lord of 12th house. 12th house is for hospitalisation apart from other things and the native was hospitalised due to it. Rahu is in sign of Mars, aspected by Saturn. 

The ascendant is in star of Venus, 6th lord and sub of Ketu. The 6th csl is Venus and the star lord is Mars. You will see that Saturn and Venus are conjunct. Saturn is a Maraka for the native. Mars is aspected by Saturn. The native was a diabetic person.

The disease was detected around 5 years back, Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu is conjuncting Venus. Venus is again the 6th lord. Venus is in Jupiter and own sub. The 6th cusp is in star of Mars sub of Saturn. For fixed ascendants, the 9th house lord is Badhakapti, which is Saturn here. Saturn is aspecting Jupiter, the star lord of Venus and Rahu and which is in sub of Rahu himself.

Dear readers, there can be a number of horoscopes, but we found that Venus, Mars, and Saturn are playing the main mischief here. Venus rules over sweets and Jupiter rules over fats. Both cause this disease in their capacities, as lord of malefic houses etc. You can use the brilliant software of AstroSage and judge your horoscope to find out whether you are prone to be afflicted by this disease or not. Lastly, I request the patrons to keep at least 30 mins of busy schedule of your life solely for exercise and inhaling fresh air. Drinks loads of freshwater in the morning. May you never get this disease.