Thursday, August 7, 2014

Venus transit in cancer

Venus will transit in cancer in the stars of jupiter saturn and mercury. Saturn will be aspecting this sign and also Jupiter ,venus,sun,mercury for some time till sun and mercury leave cancer. We are seeing religious nonsense since the day jupiter entered cancer in its exaltation. There is worldwide increase in wars killings due to religious issues. Muslim world is worst affected.
This will definitely not be a good result giving transit.This may be helpful for the natives running jupiter,venus antara or pratyantara or the dasha lord is conencted with venus in some way. The possible effects on various natives could be :
1)      ARIES: There will be turmoil in personal life, most likely due to misunderstandings and ego problems. Eye problems, expenses, deciet are the things which you face in this time. your some of the works will be accomplsihed and you may also face legal issues or negative progress in them.
2)      TAURUS: THERE will be initial failure in interviews or meetings but later success will come. You may spend lavishly to show off. There may be high investments in gold or shares. There are big gains promised but will be delayed for long.
3)      GEMINI: PROBLEMS at work place, bad relations with seniors, kids will irritate. Sudden obstacles will come. Love may endup on a bad note. There will loss in financial doings. Love will not fill the gaps anymore.
4)      CANCER: You will remain confused till the month end. Some time you will want to follow your dreamsand some times you will just sit and relax and let things happen. The bad thing is, this will be completely incongruent. When you should have taken a step you will sit and vice versa and you will regret later. Personal life will be disturbing.
5)      LEO: Efforts will not yield much results. Eyes will give troubles . Love life will be affected. You may contract short term genital disease. There will be dissatisfaction on many fronts.
6)      VIRGO: There will good income to father, if he is still in business. You will have good work performance. Love life will suffer. You may take credit from some one known. You will have good incomes and relations overall in this time.
7)      LIBRA: Some hurdles will come in your work due to your own doings. You will have some issues with superiors. Your spouse will gain in this time. you may be benefited from him/her. You may look for a job change because of dissatisfaction.
8)      SCORPIO: Love life will be great, if alone then try to propose as very high chances for getting a yes. Your works will be appreciated. If you are in threatre, media etc you will shine. You will show your religious hunger in this time. you will gain goodwill from people around you.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Though this is the eighth house but when venus will transit in own subs he will give you positive outputs it the dasha is connected or if its own. You will gain money and publicity for which you crave a lot. At times you will feel stuck but that wont last for more than few days.
10)   CAPRICORN: You will have increased expenses. You will travel to far places in this time. there will be good times in the family and you will enjoy this period from all respects. You will also have good support from your friends and acquaintances. In the last phase though there will be some hurdles.
11)   AQUARIUS: You will get good news as far as friends and romance etc is concerned. There could be long travels. Your father may have difference of opinion with you. There could be sudden loss of position. You may take money from some one as loan. Marital life will not be good.

12)   PISCES:  You will have more or less good time. there will be good atmosphere in the family and you will enjoy time with kids. Though kids may get ill or sick but that wont hamper the goodness much. Health is the prime area of concern for you.