Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WILL/CAN YOU BECOME AN ASTROLOGER? क्या आप ज्योतिषी बन सकते हैं ?

In reader -2 Shree KSK has laid down some points which points towards the profession of astrologer. I will be sharing some horoscopes of astrologers who are doing KP AND NON KP astrology without their names. Some are well renowed ones and some are trying to be like them. This article will help you a lot in deciding about your career options if astrology is one of them. With no offence to anyone, I have found in my journey of life, that there are basically following type of astrologers:
1)      One who know nothing about astrology but just fool people with malefic planets like rahu-ketu, saturn and Mars
2)      Those who know astrology but become stone sellers and earn commissions from it.
3)      Those who know astrology but use it to manipulate things in their favor.
4)      Those who are selflessly doing public service by giving their knowledge freely to one and all and do not cheat people by selling stones, yantras, red-yellow books and live a secluded life without want of name or fame.
It is your own destiny and dasha which takes you to one of these people.As Shree KSK had said in his READER-2 PAGE-54- “God will be always be alert and be giving such wonderful guidance to the astrologer,to predict correctly, if those who consult him would have satisfactorily done virtuous deeds in the previous birth. Only those who had committed serious sins in the last birth will be disappointed in this birth in every walk of life. Even able astrologers will have misguiding facts, which they have to use as the basis, so that their calculation will go wrong and their prediction will fail. Probably the chart given to the astrologer may be casted by a quack and may be incorrect. Or the unluckiest querist would have mentioned 16. The astrologer would have misheard it as 60, worked and offered a prediction which failed finally. Mishearing is God`s action which is due to to the querist`s Karma. Thus in everything the divine force will work. God neither gives proper guidance to him nor allows the astrologer to give correct prediction in his case alone,as he was a great sinner and he has to be disappointed in everything, including the prediction of the expert astrologers.”
“One can consult any astrologer. Only when the native and the astrologer have favorable time, the astrologer will be able to give correct prediction to him. But, if their time is unfavorable, everything will go wrong and the party cannot have peace of mind. Good actions alone will yield desirable results. Thus astrology reminds one to do good alone which will surely offer peace of mind. No where in christian scriptures, astrology is disapproved. No where it is forbidden. But it warns us to its proper use.”
One can be an astrologer, if one`s horoscope satisfies many of the following conditions:
1)      Western scholars are of opinion that saturn and moon give immense appetite to learn astrology especially when they are in 1,3,9 or 10 bhava(house).
2)      Good aspects and connection between Jupiter, Mercury, uranus assist one to consider deeply, judge properly and interpret correctly.
3)      Mars beneficial aspect to those planets gives the astrologer the argumentative faculty, the desire to succeed in the material field and to lead in all pursuits.
4)      Only when Moon and Mercury have harmonious aspects, one can have clear exposition, proper wording, good vocabulary and intution.
5)      Saturn and Mercury forming good aspects in one`s chart give concenterationand depth of thought. The native will be exact, precise and methodical. He will be a good mathematician with competence on calculations.
6)      Venus conjoined with Uranus can give one the desire to learn astrology. A few may have titles conferred on them , if venus and uranus received good aspects from saturn, Moon and Jupiter.
7)      Good aspect to Jupiter from other planets removes worries and allows one to pray to God. One can have the divine grace and intuition.
8)      Lords of 2, 9, 11 forming good aspects mutually among themselves and with the great benefic Jupiter will offer the most desirable results to the astrologer and to the consultant.
9)      Mercury being the significator of angular houses, venus as significator of 5, 9 or 2 and Lord of 2 strongly connected with Mercury or venus.

These are some of the combinations given by shree KSK in his Reader 2 and 3 and now let us take up horoscopes of settled and budding astrologers:

Person is born 1971. He is a well renowed astrologer with many great predictions to his name. Let us see whether he has the aforesaid combinations or not:
1)      Mercury is a very strong significator of 4th cusp.
2)      Lord of 9 and 11 aspecting each other.
3)      Venus is in sign of Mercury and is itself Lord of 2.
4)      Moon, Saturn are aspected by Jupiter.
5)      Mars aspecting Mercury and Moon.
Let us take another horsocpe for consideration:

The native is born in 1946. The native is a well respected astrologer and knows the astrology scriptures deeply.
1)      Jupiter aspecting saturn.
2)      Mars aspecting Jupiter.
3)      Mercury is very strong significator of 1 and 10.
4)      Venus being Lord of 5 aspecting 5th house and is aspected by Jupiter.
5)      Mars aspecting Jupiter.
6)      Lord of two- Moon is in sign of venus.
7)      Saturn aspecting Mercury.
8)      Uranus conjunct Moon.

The native is born in 1978. He is a quack. He fools people in the name of rahu-ketu and mangal shanti but knows basic astrology. His profession is astrology but he does not know much about predicting. He relies on rahu- ketu and Mars dosha for his living.
1)      The benefic aspect of Jupiter is missing to saturn, moon, venus, mercury.
2)      Mercury is not a significator of any angle.
3)      Venus is very strong significator of 12th house.
4)      Saturn aspecting Mercury, mercury in sign of Venus.
5)      Moon in own sign conjunct venus.
Mars not aspecting moon, mercury, Jupiter, venus
The native is born in 1983. He is an excellent KP Astrologer and has many many  successful predictions.
1)      Venus signifying 2,9 houses.
2)      Mercury significator of 10.
3)      Venus himself is Lord of 2 and 9 .
4)      Saturn aspecting Venus.
5)      Moon aspected by Jupiter.
6)      Mars conjunct Mercury.
7)      Uranus conjunct Jupiter.
Native born in 1974. He is a KP Astrologer with many good predictions. Very reserved and secluded person.
1)      Jupiter conjunct moon.
2)      Jupiter aspecting saturn and mercury
3)      Saturn conjunct mercury.
4)      Mars specting Jupiter and Moon.
5)      Uranus aspected by Jupiter and Mars.
6)      Mercury significator of 4,10 houses.
7)      Venus poisted in 2nd cusp, is in sign of Mars.
8)      Venus very strong significator of 2nd cusp.

The native is born in 1991. He is doing astrology unprofessionally. He is a good KP astrologer and Traditional astrologer.
1)      Mutual aspect of Mars and saturn.
2)      Saturn aspecting Mercury.
3)      Mercury significator of 10th
4)      Uranus aspected by jupiter.
5)      Mercury conjunct Mars.
6)      Jupiter conjunct Venus.
Thus, we see that the requisites are fulfilled in almost all the charts to a great extent in above cases. But some are kp, some are traditional, some are quacks. If you have the inner urge to pursue and make astrology as a full time career option then you can check your chart on the given parameters and move ahead in life with will and determination. I have also found that people born in satabhisha -2 are having liking for astorlogy and occult. Whether they are able to pursue it as a career is a different matter. If you do decide to make astrology as a career option then I it is my sincere advice that do it for free or take minimum charges in the beginning and prove your calibre first. Don’t run after money, money will come if it is destined but keep helping people with correct logical and religious bent of mind. Remember -  if you will give wrong advice and start selling stones and performing rahu-ketu, Mars remedies then you are going to land in big trouble in your last days.