Friday, July 11, 2014


Transits of slow moving planets are most important ones but these transits of short spans also have their own significance. Let us see what effects can be experienced by the various natives:
1)      ARIES: You may find another love relation blooming up in yout life, married people will be enjoying this time with each other. There will be short travels around for recreation and frolic. Opulent people could be doing lot of long drives.
2)      TAURUS: There will be gain of money, you will buy new things, may invest in GOLD. You will consume more sweets and rich chocolates. Those who are addicted will be increasing their quantity.
3)      GEMINI: A good and happy feel be there beneath all the worldy pressures with you. You will feel romantic and may perform bathroom singing. Your communication with opposite sex will be polite and very graceful.
4)      CANCER: You will spent on lavish living. Expenses will increase due to this. The benefics of Jupiter there with you but in this duration it will be combust so not much will be gained from him. You might go for a leisure trip.
5)      LEO: There will be new female acquaintances, friends will be helpful. You will get things going upto a certain extent. Overall goodness will be there.
6)      VIRGO: The lord of this sign is friend of venus, the 9th lord and 10th lord will be in 10th house creating a good time for professional growth. There will be gain of money and increase in faith towards God and religion.
7)      LIBRA: You ascendant lord will be transiting in 9th house, for this short duration there will be some calm in life, there could be pleasure trips in the name of pilgrimage.
8)      SCORPIO: Problems in personal life are indicated, diseases of the genitals may come up. There could be some incidences realted to your hidden acts getting exposed in public. You will get sudden bad news.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Your ascendant lord and venus are not friendly to each to each other  but being gurus of different cults they don’t harm each other much either. Good time will be going in personal life, you will gain through partners, there will be overall good things happening but you will remain unsatisfied and tensed because of the duality created by venus and combust Jupiter.
10)   CAPRICORN: This transit may infuse thoughts of job change in you, you will be having stomach troubles, you will have loss in speculation and health of children may too suffer.
11)   AQUARIUS: You may indulge in some romantic activity, there will be a tendency to give advise to people no matter they want it or not.  There will be increased interest in entertainment films and music etc and moving with friends.

12)   PISCES: There will be some issues realted to your vehicle, you may take it for servicing and overhauling. Health of elders in the family may be troubling. Atmoshphere in home will be just good jovial during the transit.