Saturday, July 12, 2014


Ketu will be transiting to pisces on 12th – 13th July 2014. It is said that rahu is the head and ketu is the rest of the body. What can a body do without a head which thinks and what can a head do without a body except thinking only. They are so malefic for some and so good for some that it cannot be described but just felt in personal lives. People curse rahu for being the worst malefic but actually it is ketu which destroys completely many things in a native`s life. When rahu will be in Virgo, in the stars of sun, moon and mars it will transit and ketu will be transiting in stars of Jupiter, saturn, Mercury in pisces in reverse direction ofcourse. Because they are ever retrograde they are taken as direct- just like a dog`s tail. We know it can never be straight but we simply ignore its curve. Same we do with rahu and ketu.  Ketu has a peculiar nature that it borrows significations from other planets very quickly. This borrowing nature of Ketu makes interpretation of Ketu very difficult. It stays in a sign for around 18 months, which is next to Saturn. Thus, the transit of Ketu is very important in natal and mundane astrology. The transit is going to last till February 01, 2016, as per KP Ayanamsa.
Ketu is said to be good in only four houses that are 3, 6, 10, and 11. In rest of the houses, it is malefic.
 Those who are running through the DBA of Ketu or their Dasa Lord is connected with Ketu, they should be most affected by the transit, others will not get affected to that extent.
Even in classical texts there is lot of mention of rahu but not of ketu to that extent. I will not say that our saints didn’t knew about it, it seems it got destroyed in the span of time or they just kept it with themselves. It is the body which can act not the head, thus ketu acts. Where rahu gives mental agonies of many kinds ketu actually gives devastating sorrows to the native and physical damage. In general what happens is that we take many precautions about Rahu and ignore Ketu, when the time comes and things start falling apart then only we know that it was ketu and not rahu which was responsible. But ketu is not always bad, it gives many good things and it is one of the prime karaka for moksha, religion, spirituality which are the real wealth of a native not the paper currency for which people are becoming lesser humans. The possible effects of this transit on various ascendants could be:
1)   ARIES: You may develop some problem in feet, there will be less sleep and you may not enjoy bed pleasures fully.Avoid north direction for business transactions and avoid water beds of any kind like rivers or seas for leisure trips. You will develop a feeling of detachment from material world and will feel that you need to attain moksha. You will be entangled in legal problems by secret enemies. Your kiths and kins may suffer through problems in this transit. There will be some illness or minor bruises to your children. New borns may suffer a lot.You will do a lot of charity. You will lose interest in your profession.
2)   TAURUS: You may have instant losses in business, your friends will not be so helpful as earlier. Your relations with your elders may sour.There could be danger to their health also. Your pets may fall sick frequently. There will be trouble from spouse or partners. There may be seperation from spouse or partner.You may have good time by doing pilgrimmage. One or two of your friends will turn against you and will cause damage to your reputation or finance. Your romantic life will bring you sorrow and deceit.
3)   GEMINI:There is likelyhood of gettingin danger in foreing lands so be careful with that. You may develop severe differences with your elders and father. Your servants can backstab you. There will be short term friendships coming up in this transit. Since 10th house stands for “karma” it will be affected for sure, the extent will depend upon your circle and status. You may get attracted towards married women.
4)   CANCER: Ketu will be in your 9th house, you will spoil your relations with your guru or he may abandon you because of your stubborn attitude. You will perform many rituals and may establish idols of Lord Ganesha in your home or office. Some elder in your family may succumb in foreign lands. Your family and elders will interfere in your personal and professional life. You may develop interest in some other guru or his way of living and become his disciple.
5)   LEO: Ketu will be in 8th house in transit. Some one in your family or friends may succumb by hanging himself/herself. You will develop suicidal tendencies and may think of taking extreme measures. Avoid it and leave all in the feet of God. Your servants may leave the job without intimating you. Your spouse will become rude towards you. You may befriend low category people. Avoid company of strangers and don’t take food offered by unknown people.
6)   VIRGO: Ketu will be in your 7th house, you may be affliected by a chronic disease. Your spouse will try to dominate you over petty things. You will win over enemies and competition. Your spouse may fall sick many times. There could be bad news from grand elders in the family during the transit. You may develop short term business relations with people around and leave them when  they are not needed any more.
7)   LIBRA: You will try to go against set norms of society. There will be loss from enemies as this house is of gain from enemies or competitors. Your kiths and kins may witness a disturbed married life in this transit. Your pets and servants will irritate you by their acts. You may see your kids rebelling against you.
8)   SCORPIO: Ketu will be in 5th house, you may think of settling in foreing lands. You will have very high probability of miscarraige or abortion in this transit. Your spouse may get losses from friends. There could be losses in foreing lands. There will be losses from speculations and trusting others. Your preditions may fail if you are into the field of predicting. Your spiritual progress will be disturbed many times.
9)   SAGITTARIUS: Ketu will change to 4th house, there could be a change of residence. Your family life will be suddenly disturbed to the core. You may change your house to a place where “T” joint is formed. There could be sickness to mother and your mental peace will be disturbed. You may be become a victim of treachery realted to property. There will be development of interests in reading spirituality, astrology, philosophy etc. Your residence may get Haunted.
10) CAPRICORN: Ketu will be in third house, you may have some sufferings during travel, you may lose your gadgets of communication. There could be theft also. You will be doing a lot of last minute travels during this transit. Your attitude will become bold and rough. There is possibility of physical danger to your coborns. There will loss through immovable assets. You may sell too early or may get entangled in a family dispute related to ancestral property. You will spend a lot on your friends and may suffer from black magic or evil eye,”buri nazar” effect occassionally. You may be bitten by a stray dog in this transit. It is very much possible.
11)   AQUARIUS: You will become a spiritual talker and motivator for the time. There will be many problems in the family. You may start using venom instead of words from your mouth at several occassions. You will spend the money on lavishness and there will not be much left due to this for may natives. There will be break in education. Your enemies will become powerful.

12)PISCES: There will be problem of headache, you may suffer from migraine. You will remember what others have said or done for you, good or bad. You will try to act secretly and will hide things from your well wishers. You will have company of lower grade friends and will be harmed from them. You will not speak your heart out to anyone. You will develop self destructive tendencies in you. Your efforts will not yield much fruits.