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शनि का तुला में मार्गी भ्रमण 2014 JULY

शनि का तुला में मार्गी भ्रमण
यह शनि का तुला में अंतिम चरण है और इसके बाद शनि नोवंबर में वृश्चिक में जायेंगे. ये लेख उन्हीं जातकों के लिए लाभ प्रद रहेगा जिनकी शनि की महादशा या अंतर या उनका महादशा या अन्तर स्वामी शनि से किसी प्रकार से जुड़ा हुआ हो .अन्य किसी को भी कोई विचार करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है.
1)      मेष : बाधक गृह मार्गी हो रहा है अतः दिक्कत ही बढ़ाएगा , आपके कुछ रुके कार्य पूर्ण तो होंगे मगर अतिरिक्त प्रयास करना पड़ेगा.
2)      वृषभ : आपके कई कार्य अब संपन्न होंगे , आप धार्मिक यात्रा पर भी जा सकते हैं .
3)      मिथुन : अचानक उत्पन्न व्यवधानों से परेशानी होगी ,निजी जीवन के मुक़दमे परेशान करेंगे.अत्यधिक दबाव बना रहेगा.
4)      कर्क : पत्नी के लिए अच्छा समय है , आपको कई मांगे पूर्ण करनी पड़ेंगी. उनका कार्यक्षेत्र बेहतर होगा.
5)      सिंह : निजी जीवन में दिक्कत आएगी , नौकरी में सम्मान मिलेगा .
6)      कन्या : प्रेम संबंधों को झटका लगेगा. नौकरी कार्य आदि से आय होगी.
7)      तुला : आप चिडचिडे और परेशानी उत्पन्न करने वाले बन सकते हैं, परिवार के लोगों के लिए अच्छा समय है .
8)      वृश्चिक : लम्बी यात्रा कर सके हैं , धन हानि और कार्य हानि हो सकती है. कीमती सामान गम सकता है.
9)      धनु : सट्टे या शेयर से लाभ हो सकता है , खर्चे बढ़ेंगे पर नियंत्रण में रहेंगे.
10)   मकर : रुके हुए कार्य धीरे धीरे आगे खिसकेंगे जैसे गाय चलती है. कार्यक्षेत्र में अच्छा लगेगा और आपको सम्मान भी मिलेगा.
11)   कुम्भ : इस सबसे दुर्भाग्यशाली लग्न के जातकों को कुछ ख़ास नफा नुक्सान नहीं होने वाला. धार्मिकता बढ़ेगी. किन्तु कार्य क्षेत्र थोडा बेहतर होगा.

12)   मीन : आपको कोई धोखा दे सकता है , बहस हो सकती है , मान हानि हो सकती है .

Monday, July 14, 2014


Mars will be coming to Libra once again after getting retrograde, it will stay in Libra till 4th september. Mars will be joining Rahu and saturn for a day and then rahu will be moving back to Virgo. Planets exert their true effects when they return to the sign after getting retrograde. Let us see what it can do to the natives of all the signs:
1)      ARIES: This is the time  when the real problems in perosnal life will surface up, though it is the ascendant lord but will aspect the ascendant and there will be heated discussions and possibility of physical abuse in this period. Work front will be satisfactory but will not be good. There are very high chances of seperation in your marital life.
2)      TAURUS: The seventh lord will be moving to  sixth house showing some differences with the spouse, there will be good work progress and not much to worry about except your personal life. Just stay cool and don’t be bullish.
3)      GEMINI: You can expect some new friends and monetory gains in this period. There could be some gains from speculatios also but not much,invest only when 100% sure. Your psiritual progress will be blocked for some time.
4)      CANCER: Work front will be good but health can give you troubles, particularly blood pressure. Take care of it properly.
5)      LEO: Luck will be with you, you will outperform others, there will be name and fame coming to you. Enemies will be demolished.
6)      VIRGO: You be hit by a sharp object on face or near thighs. That could be a pointed end of a table. You may use foul language and quarrel with family members.
7)      LIBRA: Many of the Librans are going through a rough patch in their personal lives, this time you will get the result of it by november 2nd mostly if legal matters are in progress. Mars, before leaving libra will settle many scores.
8)      SCORPIO: Extra efforts will be required from your side to get things done in time and shape. You will feel dejected many times and will want to throw away it all. But don’t worry and keep working. Some problems in personal life will come but will be negligible.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: You need to control your behaviour in the limits of society. One just cannot do everything by force or shouting. There are good indications as far as work etc are concerned. You may think to change your job.
10)   CAPRICORN:  A good yoga of ascendant lord and 11th lord in 10th house will be formed. It will promote you further in your goals. Saturn will be direct in July itself so you will find many things getting accomplished by september october. Good transit for you.
11)   AQUARIUS: The same good yoga of 10th lord and ascendant lord will be formed in 9th house but it will not be much beneficial, there will be undue expenses and dejection at many fronts because satrun rules the 12th house also. Still it will be better time than what you have been going through till now. There will be inclination towards religion and spirituality.

12)   PISCES: There will be sudden losses and defamation caused by your own lazy attitude. Siblings will give problems to you. There could be some indirect gains through illegal or immoral means.

मंगल का तुला में गोचर

मंगल का तुला में गोचर 
मंगल पुनः तुला में वापस आ रहा है  ऐसा बहुधा देखने में आता है की गृह अपना पूर्ण बल या प्रभाव तभी प्रदर्शित करते हैं जब वे वक्र गति से वापस मार्गी होते हैं. मंगल राहू और शनि के साथ एक दिन रहेगा और फिर राहू कन्या में चला जाएगा. इस गोचर का विभिन्न लग्नों के जातकों पर निम्न प्रभाव हो सकता है :
1)      मेष : यह समय आपके लिए बेहद खराब रह सकता है , आपके वाद विवाद बढ़ सकते हैं और आप हाथापाई भी कर सकते हैं .कार्य क्षेत्र अधिक उत्तम नहीं रहेगा और आपको निराशा रह सकती है. यदि आपके जीवन में पहले से कोई निजी संबंधों को लेकर विवाद चल रहा है तो अलगाव की स्थिति भी बन सकती है.
2)      वृषभ : सप्तमेश अपने से १२ वां होगा इस से निजी जीवन में कुछ खटास आ सकती है, कार्य क्षेत्र अच्छा रहेगा किन्तु पत्नी के साथ सम्बन्ध थोड़े से बिगड़ सकते हैं.
3)      मिथुन : आपको इस समय में नए दोस्त मिल सकते हैं और लाभ हो सकता है. आपको शेयर आदि से थोडा सा लाभ मिल सकता है.आपकी आध्यात्मिक उन्नति पर अवरोध उत्पन्न हो सकता है.
4)      कर्क : कार्य क्षेत्र अच्छा रहेगा किन्तु स्वास्थ्य ख़राब रह सकता है.
5)      सिंह : भाग्य साथ देगा , आप दूसरों से आगे निकलेंगे और शत्रुओं का दमन कर सकेंगे.
6)      कन्या : आपको किसी नुकीली चीज़ से चोट लग सकती है और यह जाघों या चेहरे पर लग सकती है. आपका वाणी पर नियंत्रण बिगड़ सकता है.
7)      तुला : अगर आप किसी कानूनी मसले में फंसे हुए हैं तो २ नवम्बर तक उसका परिणाम आ सकता है, मंगल तुला से निकलने पहले ही कई मुद्दों पर आपको परिणाम दे सकता है.
8)      वृश्चिक : आपको कार्य क्षेत्र में अतिरिक्त म्हणत करनी पड़ेगी तथा आप नैराश्य के शिकार भी हो सकते हैं. आप सब कुछ छोड़ देने की स्थिति में भी आ सकते हैं. निजी जीवन  में भी थोड़ी बहुत परेशानी रह सकती है.
9)      धनु : आपको अपने स्वभाव पर नियंत्रण रखना होगा. हर काम सिर्फ प्रभाव या बल से नहीं करा जाता है.आप नौकरी बदलने के बारे में भी सोच सकते हैं.
10)   मकर लग्नेश और लाभेश की अच्छी युति बनेगी , आपको अधिकाधिक सफलता मिलनी चहिये और इसी माह आपके कई रुके हुई कार्य पूर्ण हो सकते हैं.
11)   कुम्भ : आपकी धार्मिक कार्यों में रूचि बढ़ेगी , धन लाभ अधिक नहीं होगा , खर्चे अधिक होंगे मगर पहले से अच्छा समय इसी माह से शुरू हो जाएगा और उत्तरोत्तर बढ़ता जाएगा.

12)   मीन : आपको अचानक नुक्सान और मानहानि झेलनी पड़ सकती है , भाई बहनों से दिक्कत हो सकती है , गलत मार्ग द्वारा धनलाभ कर सकते हैं.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

राहू केतु का राशि परिवर्तन और मध्य प्रदेश का भविष्य

राहू केतु का राशि परिवर्तन और मध्य प्रदेश का भविष्य
१५ जुलाई को राहू कन्या और केतु मीन राशी में प्रवेश कर जायेंगे. राहू केतु १८ माह तक एक राशि में गोचर करते हैं और शनि के बाद सबसे लम्बा समय येही एक राशि में व्यतीत करते हैं. इसके बाद गुरु आता है जो लगभग १ वर्ष १ राशी में भ्रमण करता है.

वर्तमान सरकार का शपथ ग्रहण १४ दिसम्बर २०१३ को १२:०५ बजे bhopal में हुआ था. मैंने उस समय भी लिखा था की इस सरकार में स्वस्थ्य विभाग को लेकर कुछ घोटाला सामने आ सकता है और कई लोग दल बदल कर भाजापा में आयेंगे. ठीक वैसा ही हुआ , व्यापम घोटाला फर्जी डॉक्टर्स का बड़ा घोटाला सामने आया और बहुत बड़े बड़े नाम इसमें शामिल हुए है तथा जांच चल रही है.
इस सरकार की शुक्र की महादशा चल रही है , शपथ ग्रहण के समय महादशा स्वामी शुक्र प्रत्यक नक्षत्र से गोचर कर रहा था. अन्तर्दशा स्वामी बुध जिसका अंतर २२-३-२०१७ तक चल रहा है अपनी तेज़ गति के कारण अलग अलग नक्षत्रों से भ्रमण करता है अतः इसका दीर्घ प्रभाव नहीं रहता. सरकार अभी बड़े संकट में है क्योंकि उसका बहुत नाम ख़राब हो रहा है. अटकलें चल रही है की मुख्मंत्री जी को भारी नुक्सान उठाना पड़ सकता है.
शपथ ग्रहण कुंडली के परिप्रेक्ष्य में राहू लग्न से अष्टम में आएगा और केतु द्वितीय भाव में चला जाएगा. गुरु अभी छठे भाव में है और नोवेम्बर में शनि वृश्चिक में स्थित हो जायगा जो २.५ वर्षों तक वहीँ रहने वाला है.
कुंडली द्वारा ऐसा प्रतीत होता है की अभी और भी बड़े घोटाले सामने आने वाले हैं जो अनायास ही सामने आयेंगे, जैसे खोजी दल ढूंढ कुछ और रहा होगा किन्तु उसको मिल कुछ और जाएगा और सरकार के लिए एकदम से तकलीफ बढ़ जायेगी. बुध वैसे तो लग्नेश का मित्र है किन्तु अष्टम भाव का स्वामी भी है जो की अपमान पदच्युति और अवरोध का सबसे बड़ा भाव होता है. गुरु छठे भाव में व्यक्ति का बल क्षीण तो कर देता है लेकिन व्यक्ति को कोई गंभीर हानि नहीं होने देता -  यह गुरु की बड़ी विशेषता है.
राहू अष्टम में अचानक हानि देने वाला गृह है, ऐसा प्रतीत होता है की कुछ नामचीन और अतिशक्तिशाली परिवारों में अचानक मृत्यु की घटना भी सामने आ सकती है. उनके यहाँ के सदस्यों द्वारा कुछ ऐसा कृत्य अंजाम दिया जा सकता है जिससे उनकी दीर्घकालिक मानहानि होने की सम्भावना बनती है. कुछ बड़े लोग जेल यात्रा भी अवश्य करेंगे.
लग्नेश शनि रहू – केतु से ग्रस्त चल रहा है किन्तु अब सितम्बर तक शनि मंगल से युति बनाएगा. मंगल शनि की युति सरकार के उच्चतम पदाधिकारी के लिए बहुत अच्छी रहेगी और वे अपने विरोधियों को निश्चित ही ध्वस्त कर सकेंगे. हम देखेंगे की थोड़े दिन में सरकार की तरफ से विरोधियों पर घोर पलटवार करा जाएगा. हमारे प्रदेश में वैसे तो कुछ विरोध बचा नहीं है मगर जो भी है उसका भी दमन सरकार कर देगी बल प्रयोग के द्वारा. दोनों दलों के लोगों में हाथापाई वगेरह भी हो सकती है.
जो अटकलें गर्म चल रही हैं की मुख्यमंत्री महोदय जी को भारी नुक्सान हो सकता है वह मुझे लगता है पूर्णतः निर्मूल हैं. लोग प्रयास करेंगे और निश्चित ही मुख्यमंत्री के विरुद्ध तंत्र मन्त्र का प्रयोग भी करा जाएय्गा इसमें कोई २ मत नहीं है मगर कुछ होने वाला नहीं है. अंत में विजय मुख्यमंत्री महोदय की ही होगी. उनके गुप्त शत्रु दिन पर दिन बढ़ेंगे और मानसिक तनाव उनको बहुत कष्ट देगा. थोड़े दिन में हम देखेंगे की मीठा बोलने वाले यह महोदय के मुख से अचानक ही कुछ अपशब्द सार्वजानिक रूप से सामने आयेंगे जिससे बाद में उनको ही पीढ़ा होगी. यह केतु के द्वितीय भाव में आने के कारण होगा.
स्वास्थ्य को लेकर सभी मंत्री गणों को थोडा सावधान रहना चहिये. कुछ लोगों के साथ गंभीर दुर्घटना हो सकती है. शनि के वृश्चिक में आने पर शनि अपने से दुसरे अर्थात मारक भाव में गोचर करने लगेगा जो की कुंडली का दशम भाव है. धर्म के प्रति लोगों में आस्था बढ़ेगी और स्वास्थ को लेकर चिंता भी बनी रहेगी.
अक्टोबर २०१४ से जुलाई २०१५ तक का समय सरकार के लिए कष्टप्रद हो सकता है. हमारे प्रदेश में आतंकी घंटना अंजाम दी जा सकती हैं. सरकार के कुछ लोगों को पितृ शोक भी हो सकता है. मगर जीवन और मरण प्रकृति का हिस्सा है – जो आया है उसे जाना ही है. प्रदेश में अभी वर्षा मेहरबान नहीं हो रही है किन्तु आने वाले समय में बहुत संभव है की लोग अतिवृष्टि से  परेशान हो जाएँ. यह जुलाई अंत से संभव हो सकता है.
सरकार अपना कार्यकाल न सिर्फ पूर्ण करेगी बल्कि अगले चुनाव में भी सफल रहेगी ऐसा मेरा मानना है. आगे जैसी प्रभु श्री राम की इच्छा.
आचार्य रमन

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Ketu will be transiting to pisces on 12th – 13th July 2014. It is said that rahu is the head and ketu is the rest of the body. What can a body do without a head which thinks and what can a head do without a body except thinking only. They are so malefic for some and so good for some that it cannot be described but just felt in personal lives. People curse rahu for being the worst malefic but actually it is ketu which destroys completely many things in a native`s life. When rahu will be in Virgo, in the stars of sun, moon and mars it will transit and ketu will be transiting in stars of Jupiter, saturn, Mercury in pisces in reverse direction ofcourse. Because they are ever retrograde they are taken as direct- just like a dog`s tail. We know it can never be straight but we simply ignore its curve. Same we do with rahu and ketu.  Ketu has a peculiar nature that it borrows significations from other planets very quickly. This borrowing nature of Ketu makes interpretation of Ketu very difficult. It stays in a sign for around 18 months, which is next to Saturn. Thus, the transit of Ketu is very important in natal and mundane astrology. The transit is going to last till February 01, 2016, as per KP Ayanamsa.
Ketu is said to be good in only four houses that are 3, 6, 10, and 11. In rest of the houses, it is malefic.
 Those who are running through the DBA of Ketu or their Dasa Lord is connected with Ketu, they should be most affected by the transit, others will not get affected to that extent.
Even in classical texts there is lot of mention of rahu but not of ketu to that extent. I will not say that our saints didn’t knew about it, it seems it got destroyed in the span of time or they just kept it with themselves. It is the body which can act not the head, thus ketu acts. Where rahu gives mental agonies of many kinds ketu actually gives devastating sorrows to the native and physical damage. In general what happens is that we take many precautions about Rahu and ignore Ketu, when the time comes and things start falling apart then only we know that it was ketu and not rahu which was responsible. But ketu is not always bad, it gives many good things and it is one of the prime karaka for moksha, religion, spirituality which are the real wealth of a native not the paper currency for which people are becoming lesser humans. The possible effects of this transit on various ascendants could be:
1)   ARIES: You may develop some problem in feet, there will be less sleep and you may not enjoy bed pleasures fully.Avoid north direction for business transactions and avoid water beds of any kind like rivers or seas for leisure trips. You will develop a feeling of detachment from material world and will feel that you need to attain moksha. You will be entangled in legal problems by secret enemies. Your kiths and kins may suffer through problems in this transit. There will be some illness or minor bruises to your children. New borns may suffer a lot.You will do a lot of charity. You will lose interest in your profession.
2)   TAURUS: You may have instant losses in business, your friends will not be so helpful as earlier. Your relations with your elders may sour.There could be danger to their health also. Your pets may fall sick frequently. There will be trouble from spouse or partners. There may be seperation from spouse or partner.You may have good time by doing pilgrimmage. One or two of your friends will turn against you and will cause damage to your reputation or finance. Your romantic life will bring you sorrow and deceit.
3)   GEMINI:There is likelyhood of gettingin danger in foreing lands so be careful with that. You may develop severe differences with your elders and father. Your servants can backstab you. There will be short term friendships coming up in this transit. Since 10th house stands for “karma” it will be affected for sure, the extent will depend upon your circle and status. You may get attracted towards married women.
4)   CANCER: Ketu will be in your 9th house, you will spoil your relations with your guru or he may abandon you because of your stubborn attitude. You will perform many rituals and may establish idols of Lord Ganesha in your home or office. Some elder in your family may succumb in foreign lands. Your family and elders will interfere in your personal and professional life. You may develop interest in some other guru or his way of living and become his disciple.
5)   LEO: Ketu will be in 8th house in transit. Some one in your family or friends may succumb by hanging himself/herself. You will develop suicidal tendencies and may think of taking extreme measures. Avoid it and leave all in the feet of God. Your servants may leave the job without intimating you. Your spouse will become rude towards you. You may befriend low category people. Avoid company of strangers and don’t take food offered by unknown people.
6)   VIRGO: Ketu will be in your 7th house, you may be affliected by a chronic disease. Your spouse will try to dominate you over petty things. You will win over enemies and competition. Your spouse may fall sick many times. There could be bad news from grand elders in the family during the transit. You may develop short term business relations with people around and leave them when  they are not needed any more.
7)   LIBRA: You will try to go against set norms of society. There will be loss from enemies as this house is of gain from enemies or competitors. Your kiths and kins may witness a disturbed married life in this transit. Your pets and servants will irritate you by their acts. You may see your kids rebelling against you.
8)   SCORPIO: Ketu will be in 5th house, you may think of settling in foreing lands. You will have very high probability of miscarraige or abortion in this transit. Your spouse may get losses from friends. There could be losses in foreing lands. There will be losses from speculations and trusting others. Your preditions may fail if you are into the field of predicting. Your spiritual progress will be disturbed many times.
9)   SAGITTARIUS: Ketu will change to 4th house, there could be a change of residence. Your family life will be suddenly disturbed to the core. You may change your house to a place where “T” joint is formed. There could be sickness to mother and your mental peace will be disturbed. You may be become a victim of treachery realted to property. There will be development of interests in reading spirituality, astrology, philosophy etc. Your residence may get Haunted.
10) CAPRICORN: Ketu will be in third house, you may have some sufferings during travel, you may lose your gadgets of communication. There could be theft also. You will be doing a lot of last minute travels during this transit. Your attitude will become bold and rough. There is possibility of physical danger to your coborns. There will loss through immovable assets. You may sell too early or may get entangled in a family dispute related to ancestral property. You will spend a lot on your friends and may suffer from black magic or evil eye,”buri nazar” effect occassionally. You may be bitten by a stray dog in this transit. It is very much possible.
11)   AQUARIUS: You will become a spiritual talker and motivator for the time. There will be many problems in the family. You may start using venom instead of words from your mouth at several occassions. You will spend the money on lavishness and there will not be much left due to this for may natives. There will be break in education. Your enemies will become powerful.

12)PISCES: There will be problem of headache, you may suffer from migraine. You will remember what others have said or done for you, good or bad. You will try to act secretly and will hide things from your well wishers. You will have company of lower grade friends and will be harmed from them. You will not speak your heart out to anyone. You will develop self destructive tendencies in you. Your efforts will not yield much fruits.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Transits of slow moving planets are most important ones but these transits of short spans also have their own significance. Let us see what effects can be experienced by the various natives:
1)      ARIES: You may find another love relation blooming up in yout life, married people will be enjoying this time with each other. There will be short travels around for recreation and frolic. Opulent people could be doing lot of long drives.
2)      TAURUS: There will be gain of money, you will buy new things, may invest in GOLD. You will consume more sweets and rich chocolates. Those who are addicted will be increasing their quantity.
3)      GEMINI: A good and happy feel be there beneath all the worldy pressures with you. You will feel romantic and may perform bathroom singing. Your communication with opposite sex will be polite and very graceful.
4)      CANCER: You will spent on lavish living. Expenses will increase due to this. The benefics of Jupiter there with you but in this duration it will be combust so not much will be gained from him. You might go for a leisure trip.
5)      LEO: There will be new female acquaintances, friends will be helpful. You will get things going upto a certain extent. Overall goodness will be there.
6)      VIRGO: The lord of this sign is friend of venus, the 9th lord and 10th lord will be in 10th house creating a good time for professional growth. There will be gain of money and increase in faith towards God and religion.
7)      LIBRA: You ascendant lord will be transiting in 9th house, for this short duration there will be some calm in life, there could be pleasure trips in the name of pilgrimage.
8)      SCORPIO: Problems in personal life are indicated, diseases of the genitals may come up. There could be some incidences realted to your hidden acts getting exposed in public. You will get sudden bad news.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Your ascendant lord and venus are not friendly to each to each other  but being gurus of different cults they don’t harm each other much either. Good time will be going in personal life, you will gain through partners, there will be overall good things happening but you will remain unsatisfied and tensed because of the duality created by venus and combust Jupiter.
10)   CAPRICORN: This transit may infuse thoughts of job change in you, you will be having stomach troubles, you will have loss in speculation and health of children may too suffer.
11)   AQUARIUS: You may indulge in some romantic activity, there will be a tendency to give advise to people no matter they want it or not.  There will be increased interest in entertainment films and music etc and moving with friends.

12)   PISCES: There will be some issues realted to your vehicle, you may take it for servicing and overhauling. Health of elders in the family may be troubling. Atmoshphere in home will be just good jovial during the transit.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The benefic planet Jupiter will be combust from 10th July to 8th August 2014. It is a planet garlanded with  most praises about its beneficial nature. It is going to combust for a long time. It will affect the predicting abilities of the professionals  running DBA of Jupiter. It is karaka for law, philosophy, religion, truth and morality on the whole. We are witnessing a controversy from 23rd June about the faith of many people in a person whose temples are getting very high donations. This matter may take a ugly shape in this time. Jupiter is exalted and aspected by exalted saturn and rahu, rahu will leave saturn on 14th July but it will be joined by another malefic Mars on 15th july. On 14th all three will be together.Let us see what effects it may have on various ascendants:
1)      ARIES: You will be suddenly lacking  the luck factor, there could be defamation and losses in long journeys. Your father or elder person in the family may have bad health. If you are looking to finalise on a property or vehicle, I suggest you hold it till 15th august.
2)      TAURUS: There is probability of pain in backbone, you may have hot talks with your relatives and you will be feeling proudy for no good reason. The health aspect should be taken care of seriously. Your pending works will be delayed further and will cause irritation in you. Avoid heavy foods.
3)      GEMINI: There will be difference of opinion with seniors, in family small quarrels will begin. Your relation with near and dear ones may fall apart for some time. You may suffer from mouth, throat problems. Don’t consume sweets in excess.
4)      CANCER: You will have lack of self confidence, there will be disharmony in all the important aspects of life, you will make wrong decisions and regret later. You should not indulge in a third party matter and remain aloof from such things.
5)      LEO: Health issues to your children can come up, problems of “kapha” primarily. You will not get relief easily from ailments if you get any. The cure will be delayed. There will be loss in speculation and if you are doing any saadhna etc, it will be hampered.
6)      VIRGO: Personal life will not be good, romantic matters will become bitter. You will lack proper thinking and will thus act unwisely. Health of mother may be affected. Your vehicle may give problems and its mileage may get lower for no apparent reason.
7)      LIBRA: You are having exalted Jupiter in 10th house, be careful at workplace. You will have issues with seniors and management people. You will boast a lot about yourself which will backfire. You may receive legal notice or memo from company regarding your behaviour.
8)      SCORPIO: You may lose money, inflow will decrease, avoid speculation. You should not get short tempered in your delicate relations. Those who are expecting delivery may receive bad news realted to the same. Religious tendencies will decrease in you.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: You may be framed in false allegations, the ascendant lord is exalted but is combust and in 8th house. Your temprament should be cool and accomodative, don’t get too emotional inn this time frame. Don’t be very selfish and egoistic.
10)   CAPRICORN: You should be careful in your written communications. There will be increased expenses and health issues disturbing you. Your travels will be wasteful and resultless. You may have quarrel with your younger siblings.
11)   AQUARIUS: This is not good time to go ahead in legal matters, you may incur losses due to close friends and relatives, there will be some bitter occurances with your friends. Do not depend on them for the time being.

12)   PISCES: There is risk of losing Job or being reprimanded at work place.  You will want to be a good advisor but the result will be just opposite. There will be lack of luck factor in your life. You will feel that you are not being respected properly and people around you should give you more time and attention.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Rahu is the most talked about planet in the astro fraternity because of so many myths and stories attached with him. As per KP ayanansha the change will come on 15th July, but two three days hardly matter. Rahu is the planet which has been feeding many astrologer`s families since ages now by the fear and myth created about him. The funny thing is, recently an ex minister of Madhya Pradesh was arrested and he was quoted in a national news paper as saying “ I am going through rahu mahadasha this is why all this is happening” . It was in the national news also for some time. So we see from the top brass to bottom enders – all are afraid of rahu usually for the reasons which do not exist in actuality.
Virgo is a sign ruled by mercury, it is a an earthy dual sign which makes it quite complex.  Its ruler mercury is supposed to be a prince in the planetary parliament. He is a person who will always be prince and is also a eunuch. It is mentioned in some classical texts of astrology. Virgo consists of stars of Sun, Moon and Mars. Rahu is a planet which is non existant, which has no shape or size like Jupiter or Saturn or Sun. It becomes the first executor of the incident which was supposed to be done by the sign lord of rahu, star lord of rahu, planets aspecting Rahu, planets is close conjunction with rahu. Thus it is very difficult to understand. It stations in a sign for around 18 months which is next to saturn. Thus the transit of rahu is very important in natal and mundane horoscopy. The transit is going to long till 1st february 2016 as per KP ayanansha.
Those who think that Rahu is the worst malefic, it is not so – It is actually ketu which is the worst of all.
Rahu is said to good in only four houses which are 3,6,10,11. In the rest of the houses it is malefic.Those who are running the DBA of rahu or their dasa lord is connected with Rahu they should be most affected by the transit, others will not to that extent. Let us see what it might bring to the natives of the twelve ascendants:
1) ARIES : You will be having good time as this transit will be going in your sixth house. You will win over opposition, dominate your enemies and you will see increase in your enmity from others towards you. You will fall prey to bad eating habits and there will be scuffles with lower category people but you will overcome one and all. The daring factor will increase in you thus you need to be very careful and cooled.
2) TAURUS: Rahu will be transiting in your 5th house, it is very likely that you will face a lot of problems if you have decided to become parents. You will lose money in speculation, Gambling, Womanising, and all the available bad deeds under the sun- if you are habitual to any of them. Your intellect will betray you and there will be lack of concenteration. Many small kids may behave strangely in this period for some time or the other. The children and elders will get bad dreams about snakes, dark shadows, strange people. So don’t be afraid, it will be and indicator that rahu is doing his work diligently.
3) GEMINI: You will be having rahu in 4th house from the ascendant. This is a very bad position of rahu or ketu, there will be change in the residence. Your tenants will vacate and you will have to find new ones. Those in real estate will lose dearly. Remember, this will apply only if DBA of rahu is running. Your mother will fall sick and there could be problems related to indigestion, lungs etc to her. You may face legal issues related to your accomodation. There will be more dirt and dust in your home than earlier and servants may leave to make things worse. You will get myraid dreams and there will increased palpitation in the heart valves. You will see more insects and reptiles making a party in your home. There could be negligible incidents generating smoke in your living place due to short circuit or fire. Vehicle too will be behaving improperly and you may hit dark ugly looking old person unknowingly.
4) CANCER: Rahu will be in yout third house, rahu is a natural enemy of moon and they have never ever till date had a good feeling towards each other. Thus the house is good but the ascendant Lord is not good for rahu and vice versa. There will be mixed results, you will get more popular but not for the right reasons or for the reasons you wanted to be. Third house rules over communication thus vocal chords, throat, cell phone, internet, etc will be affected. You will see that there is sluggishness in your internet speed. Your throat will give problems at many times, you may place your cell or laptop somewhere and forget it in hurry. There will be increased self confidence but you will not be able to use it in the right place a the right time. Be careful with written communications and don’t sign papers in trust.
5) LEO: Rahu will be in your second house, sun falling on rahu-ketu axis causes “grahan dosha” which feeds many quack pandits of religious cities of this nation like ujjain, trayambakeshwar etc. You may develop the habit of chewing or smoking tobacco, you will be cheated for sure in this time period and theft in home is also not ruled out. You will feel that you are not properly understood and to make it happen you will use foul language or force and will be labelled as rebellious or a cynic. Your eyesight will give problems if you are older person. You will do frequent quarrels in home and will taunt a lot others. Women of this ascendant should be really careful because you will be having a very bad transit, saturn in fourth after 2nd november, Jupiter in 12th till july next year and ketu in 8th house. There could be a seperation or divorce proceedings coming in your life if you lose your temper and became swelled with ego and false pride.
6) VIRGO: Rahu will be in the ascendant , I have seen so many people with Rahu in ascendant with such strange attitude and life style that I cannot describe in a book also. You may have pimples on your face, you may lose or gain weight suddenly. You will feel greatly about yourself and there will be a fixed feeling during the transit that you are the most genuine person in the world and best of all. You will also feel fear of something, which you will never be able to guess. You will suspect everyone aound you and will try to win in a conversation by any means. You skin colour may fade though winters are not far. You may have black stretches below your eyes and upper cheek. Your sleep will be disturbed. You will be boastful and think yourself as a maverick but will feel empty from inside, lack in self confidence or will become very overconfident and fall flat at wrong places which will cause defamation. There will be an inclination towards occult and blackmagicians. You will feel that you can learn it all and earn bigtime through it.
7) LIBRA: Rahu will be in your 12th house. It is said that person becomes color blind many times when such house gets afflicted by rahu though I have not yet seen such thing. What I have observed is that it will cause you become sleepless. There will be sudden losses and expenses. You will become afraid of dieng soon. Bad dreams will haunt you. You will feel lethargic. You will be inclined towards bad deeds and bad habits. You friend circle will not be much supportive. Your attempts will fail one by one and you may also get suicidal tendencies. There could be theft while travel. There could be sudden ailments to the elders in the family. Your whole sleep schedule will move ahead by an hour or three and you will be wake till late hours.
8) SCORPIO: Rahu will transit in your eleventh house, there will be sudden success coming to you. You will indulge in all ways good or bad to get your things done and will get them done. You will have a new friend circle which will be proving bad for you in the long run. You will develop a liking towards someone from the opposite sex and may face humiliation due to it. You will try to become a public speaker and you ego will give rise to many hidden enemies. Health will be giving you little tremors now and then. Even if you are labelled as a “kind” personality, still there will be opposition against you.
9) SAGITTARIUS: Rahu will be in your 10th house, you will change job in this time. You may face many problems at work but the plus point of this transit is that you will be moving ahead though many of your ideas will not work. You will be frustrated to the core and will feel bad about everyone around you. There will be a feeling of jealousy creeping in you slowly slowly towards your co workers. You will make new relations and for those who are in politics, this will be very beneficial. Those who are in Job will face many hurdles in the time to come. Rahu will make you public figure in your circle, small or large whatever it is. You will gain favors from bad people. You will be constantly having new ideas about improvement in your profile and results but none will work. It will establsih you as a very hardworking individual.  Earnings will keep coming as and when you will have the need. You will borrow and repay. You may try to find more means of income which may not be genuine ones.
10) CAPRICORN: 9th house stands for Faith, Wisdom, Meditation, Law, Arbritation etc apart from many other things. Rahu in this house will hamper all these things. You will have lesser faith in God, your will and faith may deviate towards other systems of religion. Your father may become your critic. You will have problems in thighs, stomach etc. Luck will forget you for some time. You may become rebellious against your own gurus and start teaching them new things. There could be demise of elders in family. Your servants may meet with theft. There will be interest in occult practices. Rahu is the prime karaka for all occult happenings and frauds. Your pilgrimage plans will fail for some or other hiccups. There could be loss in legal proceedings. Higher education will become difficult to accomplish but will happen with some delay.
11) AQUARIUS: Rahu will come into the 8th house, this is the worst house in a horoscope in general as it stands for longevity and mode of death apart from other things. You should be extremely careful if you are going through rahu antardasa or pratyantara, for natives with rahu mahadasha it is not going to affect much. The good thins for aquarius is that sign lord of rahu also rules the 5th house and rahu will have to give the effects of both the houses, also saturn will move in 10th house in november and Jupiter is in 6th house which is a good indication. After 2nd November 2014, many of the problems will ease off slowly. In 8th house rahu gives death to the elderly member of the family in many cases. You will have sudden problems coming up and you will be completely bewildered -  how this happened? If you are going to fight a legal battle , better begin from november 2014. 8th house is also the house of secret sexual acts and sexual behaviours. You may develop tendencies to indulge in abnormal sexual acts, prostitution and some may opt for having sex with the same gender people. You will think to destroy youe enemies by using black magic and will indulge in such acts. You may develop sexual relations with widows, elderly ladies, women of another religion etc in this transit as saturn will also aspect 7th house from november. Saturn will be in scorpio which is the natural 8th house in kaal purush chart and stands for hidden sex organs and anus etc.

12) PISCES: If divorce proceedings are in process, they will be finalised in this transit. Rahu in 7th house will bring Ketu in ascendant. Destroying 1-7 axis fully. There will be marital discord in other cases. There will be break in romantic stories permanently. There will be betrayal from business partners. There will be diseases of genitals and irregular menstruation in men and women respectively. Inlaws will be disturbed because of your acts. There will be tendency to cheat partners or oversmart them but the reverse will happen. You may fall in love with a cheat. There will be more friends of other religion increasing in your list. Your works will be delayed and there will lesser profits. Sudden bad news will come and you will be mentally tensed through this transit.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WILL/CAN YOU BECOME AN ASTROLOGER? क्या आप ज्योतिषी बन सकते हैं ?

In reader -2 Shree KSK has laid down some points which points towards the profession of astrologer. I will be sharing some horoscopes of astrologers who are doing KP AND NON KP astrology without their names. Some are well renowed ones and some are trying to be like them. This article will help you a lot in deciding about your career options if astrology is one of them. With no offence to anyone, I have found in my journey of life, that there are basically following type of astrologers:
1)      One who know nothing about astrology but just fool people with malefic planets like rahu-ketu, saturn and Mars
2)      Those who know astrology but become stone sellers and earn commissions from it.
3)      Those who know astrology but use it to manipulate things in their favor.
4)      Those who are selflessly doing public service by giving their knowledge freely to one and all and do not cheat people by selling stones, yantras, red-yellow books and live a secluded life without want of name or fame.
It is your own destiny and dasha which takes you to one of these people.As Shree KSK had said in his READER-2 PAGE-54- “God will be always be alert and be giving such wonderful guidance to the astrologer,to predict correctly, if those who consult him would have satisfactorily done virtuous deeds in the previous birth. Only those who had committed serious sins in the last birth will be disappointed in this birth in every walk of life. Even able astrologers will have misguiding facts, which they have to use as the basis, so that their calculation will go wrong and their prediction will fail. Probably the chart given to the astrologer may be casted by a quack and may be incorrect. Or the unluckiest querist would have mentioned 16. The astrologer would have misheard it as 60, worked and offered a prediction which failed finally. Mishearing is God`s action which is due to to the querist`s Karma. Thus in everything the divine force will work. God neither gives proper guidance to him nor allows the astrologer to give correct prediction in his case alone,as he was a great sinner and he has to be disappointed in everything, including the prediction of the expert astrologers.”
“One can consult any astrologer. Only when the native and the astrologer have favorable time, the astrologer will be able to give correct prediction to him. But, if their time is unfavorable, everything will go wrong and the party cannot have peace of mind. Good actions alone will yield desirable results. Thus astrology reminds one to do good alone which will surely offer peace of mind. No where in christian scriptures, astrology is disapproved. No where it is forbidden. But it warns us to its proper use.”
One can be an astrologer, if one`s horoscope satisfies many of the following conditions:
1)      Western scholars are of opinion that saturn and moon give immense appetite to learn astrology especially when they are in 1,3,9 or 10 bhava(house).
2)      Good aspects and connection between Jupiter, Mercury, uranus assist one to consider deeply, judge properly and interpret correctly.
3)      Mars beneficial aspect to those planets gives the astrologer the argumentative faculty, the desire to succeed in the material field and to lead in all pursuits.
4)      Only when Moon and Mercury have harmonious aspects, one can have clear exposition, proper wording, good vocabulary and intution.
5)      Saturn and Mercury forming good aspects in one`s chart give concenterationand depth of thought. The native will be exact, precise and methodical. He will be a good mathematician with competence on calculations.
6)      Venus conjoined with Uranus can give one the desire to learn astrology. A few may have titles conferred on them , if venus and uranus received good aspects from saturn, Moon and Jupiter.
7)      Good aspect to Jupiter from other planets removes worries and allows one to pray to God. One can have the divine grace and intuition.
8)      Lords of 2, 9, 11 forming good aspects mutually among themselves and with the great benefic Jupiter will offer the most desirable results to the astrologer and to the consultant.
9)      Mercury being the significator of angular houses, venus as significator of 5, 9 or 2 and Lord of 2 strongly connected with Mercury or venus.

These are some of the combinations given by shree KSK in his Reader 2 and 3 and now let us take up horoscopes of settled and budding astrologers:

Person is born 1971. He is a well renowed astrologer with many great predictions to his name. Let us see whether he has the aforesaid combinations or not:
1)      Mercury is a very strong significator of 4th cusp.
2)      Lord of 9 and 11 aspecting each other.
3)      Venus is in sign of Mercury and is itself Lord of 2.
4)      Moon, Saturn are aspected by Jupiter.
5)      Mars aspecting Mercury and Moon.
Let us take another horsocpe for consideration:

The native is born in 1946. The native is a well respected astrologer and knows the astrology scriptures deeply.
1)      Jupiter aspecting saturn.
2)      Mars aspecting Jupiter.
3)      Mercury is very strong significator of 1 and 10.
4)      Venus being Lord of 5 aspecting 5th house and is aspected by Jupiter.
5)      Mars aspecting Jupiter.
6)      Lord of two- Moon is in sign of venus.
7)      Saturn aspecting Mercury.
8)      Uranus conjunct Moon.

The native is born in 1978. He is a quack. He fools people in the name of rahu-ketu and mangal shanti but knows basic astrology. His profession is astrology but he does not know much about predicting. He relies on rahu- ketu and Mars dosha for his living.
1)      The benefic aspect of Jupiter is missing to saturn, moon, venus, mercury.
2)      Mercury is not a significator of any angle.
3)      Venus is very strong significator of 12th house.
4)      Saturn aspecting Mercury, mercury in sign of Venus.
5)      Moon in own sign conjunct venus.
Mars not aspecting moon, mercury, Jupiter, venus
The native is born in 1983. He is an excellent KP Astrologer and has many many  successful predictions.
1)      Venus signifying 2,9 houses.
2)      Mercury significator of 10.
3)      Venus himself is Lord of 2 and 9 .
4)      Saturn aspecting Venus.
5)      Moon aspected by Jupiter.
6)      Mars conjunct Mercury.
7)      Uranus conjunct Jupiter.
Native born in 1974. He is a KP Astrologer with many good predictions. Very reserved and secluded person.
1)      Jupiter conjunct moon.
2)      Jupiter aspecting saturn and mercury
3)      Saturn conjunct mercury.
4)      Mars specting Jupiter and Moon.
5)      Uranus aspected by Jupiter and Mars.
6)      Mercury significator of 4,10 houses.
7)      Venus poisted in 2nd cusp, is in sign of Mars.
8)      Venus very strong significator of 2nd cusp.

The native is born in 1991. He is doing astrology unprofessionally. He is a good KP astrologer and Traditional astrologer.
1)      Mutual aspect of Mars and saturn.
2)      Saturn aspecting Mercury.
3)      Mercury significator of 10th
4)      Uranus aspected by jupiter.
5)      Mercury conjunct Mars.
6)      Jupiter conjunct Venus.
Thus, we see that the requisites are fulfilled in almost all the charts to a great extent in above cases. But some are kp, some are traditional, some are quacks. If you have the inner urge to pursue and make astrology as a full time career option then you can check your chart on the given parameters and move ahead in life with will and determination. I have also found that people born in satabhisha -2 are having liking for astorlogy and occult. Whether they are able to pursue it as a career is a different matter. If you do decide to make astrology as a career option then I it is my sincere advice that do it for free or take minimum charges in the beginning and prove your calibre first. Don’t run after money, money will come if it is destined but keep helping people with correct logical and religious bent of mind. Remember -  if you will give wrong advice and start selling stones and performing rahu-ketu, Mars remedies then you are going to land in big trouble in your last days.