Friday, June 13, 2014


Sun will transit into Gemini on 15th June 2014 and will be transiting in the contellations of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter during this period. We can see following effects on the natives in general, applicable mostly to people having DBA of sun or connection with sun in their DBA:-
1)      ARIES: There will be problems in your communication gadgets, your verbal and non verbal communication will not be much effective for some time, you may have heated arguments with your siblings and neighbors. There will be health risks also and you will have expenses lowering your bank balance. Do not speculate in this time.
2)      TAURUS: Mild headaches, eye problems will be there. You will use foul language for your own people. There will be a break in your romantic life. She/He can go out for some time. There could be some hidden earnings and accomplishments of old tasks in this month.
3)      GEMINI: THERE will be win over opposition, gain from legal matters, your maternal uncle will be having good news. You will be spending upon luxury and your selfish desires. Work front will be good but you will be confused mostly during this period.
4)      CANCER: Shoulders and back may give you trouble, you will be getting popular in your circle of friends, some realtive will be doing help for you. There will be confusion at workplace due to some woman. You will have lesser luck percentage this time.
5)      LEO: You may be fooled by some one, be careful with your dealings with people. You may lose your costly articles somewhere, forgetting to pick them up. You may meet with some unfortunate incident resulting in physical damage.
6)      VIRGO: Fever or bad health patterns will delay your work proceedings. You will have hot head this month, there will be aggravation in your speech and acts. Problem in genitals may lead you to a doctor. Marital life will be normal.
7)      LIBRA: There will be issues realted to personal life, you may look for a Job change also, luck will not be favoring much. You need to keep a calm and cool way of living without much criticism of others and self boasting. Legal matters will be delayed.
8)      SCORPIO: There could be miscarriage, love matters will end abruptly. You will be having good time otherwise, there will be new friends and there will be people to help you out. You will gain money also. You will have irritating month as far as work performance is concerned but with help of seniors you will reach and complete your targets.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: This will be a initial setbacks in romantic life but later all will be well. You will be having lot many things to finish up in this month. You may decide for an abortion also. There will be dissatisfaction from work and personal life.
10)   CAPRICORN: VEHICLE will be giving less mileage, there will be small and irritating problems in it and you will have skin itching and constipation this month.You will be having more sweating even though monsoons are near by. There will  be no love life. You will be feeling lonely and dejected many times this month.
11)   AQUARIUS: There will be rejection of your proposals, your quest for looking for a political or influential source will not come to life, it will be delayed. You may get support from unknown sources though. There will be lot of confusion and indecisiveness going in you. People will not fulfill their commitments they made for you. Some unknown elderly person will prove of much help. But don’t expect much and be happy in whatever you have.

12)   PISCES: Work front will be good, you will have good month, there will be good support from all kind of people. You will have travels and fun with family. Overall looks a good time for you but you need to remain cautious from unknown women folks.